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Loakes Shoes 10% off Entire Order: Goodyear Welted Full Leather Shoes from $159 + Shipping, Free Shipping over $200


My first post here!

A friend of mine wanted some good leather shoes, I advised him Loake Shoes and actually found out that the code they gave me months ago is still working! So I'm sharing with you folks!

A 10% Discount code on the entire order with the code: LOAKETEN (I do not know when it will be deactivated though..)

Some stock available directly from Australia (Quick Delivery take 2-3 days) and some ordered directly from the UK factory (2-3 weeks delivery).

Also, they have some discount / discontinued styles there: https://www.loakeshoes.com.au/collections/clearance and this 10% works on it! Means that you can have some beauty as low as chips!

A bit about Loake:

Loakes are an old English shoe brand, and make Goodyear Welted shoes which, other than being higher quality, allow your shoes to be re-soled time and again letting one pair of shoes to last literally decades, in true OzB style.

I would advise the collections 1880 and Shoemakers because they are from Englands, it looks like others are made in India?

Anyway, these are awesome shoes. I have been looking for GYW shoes but their price range is usually 450-800$ which I cannot afford.

I have 3 pairs at home and started to buy last year.

Cheers !!

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  • Damn just bought a pair of the Ledburys on Saturday, needed them for a wedding though so wouldn't have been able to wait.

    I've heard the same thing re: 1880 and Shoemaker lines. Also if you're looking for some well reviewed goodyear-welted shoes and don't mind waiting then check out www.meermin.es , not bought any of their shoes personally but heard they are outstanding quality for the price.

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      Meermin makes beautiful shoes and offers the best price to quality ratio. However I find Loake 1880 range calf is softer compared to Meermin but they are more expensive.

    • Do Meermin have a particular line for their quality stuff (like 1880s) or are they all about the same? Cheers.

      • They have classic (USD175+) and Linea Maestro (USD300+). They use French calf and their long wing and double monk are very popular.

    • Thanks for the referral.

      It's good to learn about other good quality/fair priced shoes companies compared to the ones we see commonly in brick & mortar stores

  • Are returns free shipping?

    Edit - it appears they dont

  • I buy from Shoehealer in UK. Much cheaper if you know what you are looking for

  • Thank you for this post. I quite like the Kempton in snuff suede as a casual boot.

    The 1880 line are worth the increase IMO in both style and quality. I would also look at Carlos Santos shoes. I’ve seen many reviews of their shoes say they’re as good as Crockett and Jones, and are around half the price.

    Meermin are hit and miss. Quality seems to vary greatly ( look at online reviews) and their return policy is terrible (you’re better off eBaying them). I think they’d be a good entry shoe, but personally think Carlos Santos or a pair of CJs (despite the price difference) are a safer buy.

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    Loake shoes Made in England are superb quality.