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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition - PS4: $39 @ Target



There is a number of limited stock to no stock, call up Target to see if there is any stock left then just going to store and wasting your time.


Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition JB Hi-Fi- $49


Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition EB - $57


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  • Anyone else going to buy at this price?

    • Not sure, I went to my local store today and there was nothing on the shelf, I even asked the staff if they have got any left, but they told me whatever's left on the shelf is all they had. But try your luck and see if you can get the game or even price match at eb games or jb hi-fi. I haven't done the price match myself, because just scared they may refuse. Just get the copy of the website and show it to either eb games or jb hi-fi.

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    Isn't it $20 at JB + $20 to download the DLC? May be more convenient than visiting every Target store

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      No, Jb Hi-Fi selling Horizon Zero Dawn for $29, and I don't see the DLC anywhere on there website. For the DLC alone on the PlayStation network is $29.95. It's just better to get the complete edition, because you get all this:

      o “The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn” digital art book
      o PS4 Theme
      o Carja Storm Ranger Outfit
      o Carja Mighty Bow
      o Carja Trader Pack
      o Banuk Trailblazer Outfit
      o Banuk Culling Bow
      o Banuk Traveller Pack
      o Nora Keeper Pack

      and plus you get the DLC "The Frozen Wild" all in one disc.

      • Is the frozen wild actual dlc or on the game disc itself? Eg do you have to use a code

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      It's 2 for $40 at JB and DLC is currently $29.95 on the PS store.

      • The DLC is currently 35% off, so it's only $19.45

    • The main game is at JB in their 2 for $40 sale. So, if there's another game from that list you want, it sort of is $20 there, plus $29 for the add-on and it is the same price.
      Only if you want that extra game though….

      • Can't find it in stock at any local JBs, unfortunately

  • Hmm I just grabbed this for $24 and had a great opening few hours. But I never get round to DLC anyway…

    • I don't often recommend DLC but The Frozen Wilds is a must have. The difficulty ramps up quite a bit with the new machines.

      • Yeah, I bought it in Big W yesterday and having played it, I would have gone for this $39 complete I reckon. I just didn't know how much I'd like it at the time!

        • Wait until you bring down the Thunderjaw the first time, it's immensely satisfying. It only gets better once you take it down in the hunting grounds. Then once you can team up with the Thunderjaw once you can override him is just ludicrous. Only once (not sure if it was a glitch) but I got two Thunderjaws in the same location. Overriding one of them resulted in a really intense fight (I just let them go at it) and I just jumped in at the end to kill the victor who was practically already done.

          10/10 game and they've definitely left the door open for another HZD game.

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    I really can't recommend this game enough. My personal GOTY pick for 2017.

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      Especially on a 65 oled tv! Oh my! Can't get enough of it. Remember to turn on dynamic hud. :)

  • Base game probably better if you aren't sure you'll finish it. If you do then buy the DLC

  • EB Games would pricematch this right?

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      Not sure but you may try, also try Jb Hi-Fi see if they would do price match for you.

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      Was able to pricematch with EB Games Parramatta. Just show them target's webpage with the price.

    • Was also able to price match at eb.

    • had trouble price matching at mine.
      they tried to claim it was a clearance sale at target and not a regular sale, and therefore not eligible for price matching.
      got there in the end after they tried calling target to verify sale.

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    too many games and no time to play….life….

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      I'm with you.. I started HZD Frozen Wild dlc and ended up selling my PS4 halfway of the game.. Ahhh life

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        Life, gets in the way of… everything.

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          Ahh life…

          I bought a Switch recently and I've yet to unwrap that or even Zelda: breath of the wild for it. The thought of me playing Horizon (on top of all the backlog for the PS4) in-tandem or immediately after it sends shivers down my spine… I would have gobbled it up in my younger years where I seemingly had infinite time…and this is not coming lightly from a Zelda gameaholic fan!

        • @YoursTruly:

          I bought a switch also for my daughter, purchasing Zelda on the side for myself.. and still haven't even done more than 2 hour playtime on it compared to Horizon. Just cbf either way haha

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    I have at least 10 unopened, waiting to be played games atm, this is a really good price and the cheapest I've seen.
    Buy or wait?

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      Make it 11… :)

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      i envy you only have 10

    • You will finish them all in no time when you activate your "Mangekyou sharingan"

      Time to sell my HZD std edition

      • What do you reckon the going price for a preloved standard edition might be?

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          Ebgames 15 trade in
          Gumtree 25-35 some idiots put 50
          Ebay 30 onwards

          Swap on gumtree for nioh, injustice2, tekken7, squareenix hack n slash girl+bot running showing panties game …cant remember the title or if ur lucky ahem dbz or mhw

        • @luffyex2010:
          Thanks for the detailed info. I'm trying to sell it on Gumtree now. Crossing fingers. :)

  • super cheap, just sold a copy for this much on ebay.

    bought it from OS and then it wouldn't load my save game from AU copy I initially finished the game using.

    CBF'd playing again so will have to give the DLC a miss.

    • Similar situation for me, had just finished the game (thank god) and then had a power outage. When I booted my PS4 back up, all my save games were gone.

      Would love to play the DLC but it's a lot of game to get through to get to it. Fantastic game though, right up there with Zelda for 2017 GOTY for mine.

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        Not a PSN subscriber? They should be synced online if you are.

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    Phew I just saw this…might as well go for digital.
    $39.99 PSN

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    Had the original game, thought about buying just the DLC but did the following:
    Went to EB Games and asked for price match at $39.
    Traded in the original game for $14.
    Used a voucher for extra 50% trade in: $7.
    Used March promotion for 25% trade in credit and preordered a game.
    Level 3 card gives me 15% extra trade in credit.
    Result: Paid $23, with $10 going to a preorder. HZD Complete: $13

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    • What you haven't included is the original price you paid for HZD.

      • Originally bought it when it dropped to $49 last year.

        • So it really cost you $62 and can now be had for $39. Doesn't sound as impressive does it?

        • @Aussie World Warrior: There's a reason: if I hadn't done that I'd have had to pay $30 to play the DLC. Not being real if you expect the price for something released a year ago to have the same price today.

  • Got one at 8pm last night, only had 2 copies left on the shelf and was displaying as $69 instead of the $39.

  • had to stop playing this game after a few hours. the super close fov gives me a headache. no options to increase it either.

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