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Bamboo Charcoal Blackhead Acne Removal Nose Pore Strips (Pack of 5) US $0.45 | AU $0.58 Delivered @ Zapals


One more from Zapals.. :)

This blackhead nose mask is made of bamboo charcoal, great for you to clean blackhead, acne and nose pore. And it's not nose-shaped so it can be applied wherever you have blackheads, which can help to clean your nose and minimize the pores.


  • Helps to remove the pores, blackheads on your nose and keep your skin clean, making skin smooth to be rejuvenated.
  • Made of bamboo charcoal, with strong absorption, can deeply clean your face.
  • Perfect for antioxidation, anti aging, improving cell repair ability and making skin compact.
  • Small pack design, portable to carry, you can take it while traveling and make your face smooth and tender.


  • Material: Bamboo charcoal
  • Package Contents: 5 x Blackhead Sticker

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  • Paypal is still playing up with zapals :(

  • somethings wrong with paypal and zapals cant complete payment

    • try above method.. most of us facing issue..
      try to transter few $$ to paypal wallet from bank account.. it will work.. i kept $10 for Zapals only :D

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    I got these off eBay previously.
    Junk junk junk, Zapals-style, or should I say Crapals. Seriously, if you care about your skin and actually want results, pay more and get the real stuff like Biore strips.

    • Are they not adhesive enough?

    • +5

      Even Biore strips are rubbish. You nose pores are full of sebum. Some have larger pores making the sebum visible. If you pluck it out with glue, they will simply refill rapidly.

      Benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, AHAs/BHAs which are more oriented around treating acne will be of some use but ultimately pore size is fixed. They can't shrink for any meaningful length of time.

      • '… any meaningful length of time'

        That is highly subjective terminiology… for some peeps the duration of a short 'tinder date' would be considered a 'meaningful length of time' … ;P

  • payment went through with paypal

  • This works more like wax pulling out hair than black heads etc

  • These are very harsh on your skin. Can cause damage if used too often. Try visiting the Skin care addiction subreddit for advice on skincare products.

    • correct, the "blackheads" on the nose are most commonly just sebaceous filaments, which is normal. the appearance of SF's can be minimised with AHA.

      • what is AHA? I have been weary about these strips but not don't have a solution to blackheads.

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          Here is my solution (BHA). I bought Neutrogena oil free acne wash at priceline's 40% off sale (I think 30% off rn) which is 2% BHA. And just lather it up and leave it on your nose for a few minutes and then rinse it off. It dissolves the sebum inside your pores (instead of pulling it out like a strip). I do this every 3 days and it works very well.

          AHA is a type of chemical that helps dissolve the top layer of your skin. BHA and AHA is just the name of the type and you can look up what different ingredients are AHA or BHA.

        • +1

          @brnaodn: I am going to try this. If this works I'll let you know and find you in person and hug you. Why? Not only did you answer my question but you may possibly have resolved my problem.

  • Product is probably fine - this neg is because Zapals isn't exactly trustworthy based on my past dealings with them.

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