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Cygnett Chargup Pro 20,000mAh (74Wh) USB-C PD Portable Battery: $83.44 C&C or $88.50 Delivered @ The Good Guys on eBay


This battery pack is on sale again, cheapest it has been posted on OzB. Stand out points include 45W (20V 2.25A) USB-PD output support which is important for laptops and other high powered devices.

If you are happy with 40W output the Xiaomi ZMI is a better deal although it doesn't appear to be much cheaper at the moment and a lot of sellers no longer ship to AU due to ICAO regulations.

Due to new airline safety regulations announced by the ICAO, pure power products (e.g. Batteries, Power Banks) are currently not allowed to be shipped by Airline service with the exception of the following 24 countries:
Russian federation, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, France, Finland, Netherlands, Czech republic, Croatia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, United kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland
Please note that any purchases for such items from countries other than these will be cancelled.

USB-C Input (PD):
5V-3A (15W), 14.5V-2A (29W), 20V-1.5A (30W)

USB-C Output (PD):
5V-3A (15W), 9V-3A (27W), 12V-3A (36W),
14.5V-3A (43.5W), 20V-2.25A (45W)

USB-A Output 1 (QC 3.0):
5V-3A (15W), 9V-2A (18W), 12V-1.5A (18W)

USB-A Output 2:
5V-2.1A (10.5W)

Total Output: 63W

171mm (W) x 102mm (H) x 15mm (D)
450 grams

Original 20% at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • Sooooooo, is this powerful enough to charge the Switch whilst playing? Cheers! :)

    • According to this it appears to work while docked and playing?
      Don't have a Switch sorry!


      • Yeah, it looks good for the Switch! Cheers! :)

      • Playing and charging at same time??

        • The dock either works or it doesn't. If it can't negotiate the correct power (the dock uses the 15V PD profile), then the dock simply won't "power up" at all (that is, video output will not be engaged).

          So as long as it is powering up and displaying video out properly, then it's definitely receiving sufficient power, and should be good to go (charging and playing)! :)

          (I can't confirm what the person in the other deal said, but they said it could "run the Switch while docked" so I would assume it works)

        • @caprimulgus:

          Thanks for info. Until someone who has both of these can confirm testing out over a few days we won't know for sure.

        • @ozhunter68:

          Yep. I have both and I'm charging + playing on my switch right now.

          Make sure you have a decent USB C to USB C cable that supports PD. I'm using an Anker Powerline+ cable.

          Also, if you're planning on using your switch in table-top mode while charging, consider how you're going to have cable plugged in while its on your table (remember that your USB C port is at the bottom). The "Nintendo Switch Compact Playstand" should work fine. I'm just using a small tablet stand (https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-IPM-TAB1-AMZ-Adjustable-...) to sit on top of the powerbank while playing. The powerbank's outer material is rubbery so it won't slide around.

    • Yep, this should work well for the Switch.

      It will charge the Switch using 9V/2A for the maximum 18W undocked.

      And it SHOULD work with the dock at 14.5V/2.6A (the dock actually requires 15V/2.6A, but I believe 14.5V is within tolerances for 15V).

      Comment linked above seems to confirm.

      The ZMI 10 offers similar capabilities at a cheaper price, but doesn't look like anyone is shipping it to Australia currently, so this is probably your best bet for the Switch (unless you can acquire a ZMI 10 from somewhere).

        • That Xiaomi doesn't have USB-C (let alone USB-C PD!) so is not great for the Switch - it will charge the Switch at 10W at best, but probably only 7.5W. And it definitely won't work with the dock!

          7.5W is still usable, but it's just not optimal - the Switch drains at up to 8.75W during intensive processes, so at 7.5W the Switch will charge slowly, and may even lose battery life during intensive play (but at a slower rate than unplugged). It will definitely still work to extend your playing time, just not as good at juicing up the Switch quickly!

          I'd stick with the Cygnett in this deal, unless you can find the "Xiaomi" ZMI 10. You'll definitely appreciate the maximum speed charging in handheld, and potentially the dock compatibility if you have a travel setup!

        • @caprimulgus:

          Mate, thank you very much for your help :)

        • @SnoopX:

          No worries, enjoy! :)

          FWIW, I personally use the Tronsmart Presto (10400mah) as my daily portable charger, that will charge the Switch at 15W (5V/3A) over USB-C in handheld/tabletop mode. And I have the ZMI 10 QB820 (20000mah) as my travel charger, for longer play sessions like on a flight (or if I needed to use it with a dock, for whatever reason).

          If I didn't have the ZMI 10, I'd grab this Cygnett!

      • Differences between the ZMI 10 and the Cygnett in this deal.

        • ZMI has max 40w on the USB-C PD output, Cygnett has 45w. If your device's power draw is in the 40-45w range, you might find the ZMI can't quite keep up and the device battery charge will slowly be depleted while using it. If it's already flat, you wouldn't be able to use it.
        • ZMI has a max combined output of 45w, Cygnett has 63w. So Cygnett is better if you want to charge over USB-C PD and the other ports simultaneously.
        • ZMI USB-C PD input of 45w compared to 30w for the Cygnett. ZMI will charge faster.
        • ZMI has USB hub functionality which I think is helpful for laptop with a single USB port only (I think only Macs have this challenge). You can still use your mouse while charging.
        • Yeah, that’s a pretty comprehensive comparison of the two powerbanks, for general use! Nice one.

          For the Switch specifically:

          • max 40W on the ZMI is sufficient for all Switch uses, so 40W or 45W will make no difference for the Switch. (The 45W on the Cygnett is handy if you do have other devices that are 45W, though!)
          • max combined output of 45W on the ZMI is fine for charging the Switch at max speed in handheld (18W) plus a second high powered 18W device and a slower (<9W) device, or the Switch plus two regular 12W devices. If using the Switch docked (39W), it probably won’t have enough juice to charge anything else except a very very low draw! (would be fine for charging Switch peripherals, which are low draw.) The 63W on the Cygnett will be better if you want to charge something else while docked, but note that the second USB-A port on the Cygnett is limited to 10.5W, so the ZMI is actually more flexible for charging other devices when using with the Switch in handheld mode (can charge 2x 12W devices at max speed, whereas the Cygnett can’t).
          • 45W input on the ZMI is better, if using with a 45W charger like ZMI’s own 45W charger.
          • USB hub functionality on the ZMI is actually useful for using with the Switch - would allow for connecting USB peripherals without a dock (or adding more ports when used with a dock), which could be used for a wired controller or Mayflash Magic NS, or potentially the USB Ethernet adapter. (I haven’t actually tested the USB hub functionality though, but theoretically it should work!)

          So in terms of Switch use specifically, I’d actually rate the mostly lower specced ZMI as the better powerbank. In general though, the Cygnett is probably better, for use with 45W laptops, or for future proofing for 45W devices.

          I’d say you couldn’t go too wrong with either one as a Switch user! :)

  • Damn it, I bought this last week at $104 :(

  • no wonder they can jack everybody….

  • thanks dude! perfect timing!! i went to JB today and it was 169.95, half price here. great deal
    Pissed about the fact that its only shipping no C&C stock at any stores in Sydney

  • anyone tried one of these with a surface book 2 13.5 inch? I think they need 90w for fast charging, but it might still be an option for travel???