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[Caulfield VIC] Video Busters DVD Store Closing Down Sale - DVDs from $1, Plus $5 off ($10 Minimum Spend) with Voucher


Video Busters Caulfield , ones of Melbourne's last remaining DVD stores (remember those ?!?!) is closing its doors in just over a week. Next Sunday (March 18th) is our final day so if you're a movie buff (and prefer having your physical DVD/blu ray copies — I know there's some of you out there!!) , now's the perfect time to come and stock up!!!

Here's a quick breakdown of the prices of each section:

WEEKLY - comedy / drama / horror / kids / action / music / stand-up - $1 EACH
WEEKLY - arthouse / foreign / tv series / docos / blu ray / popular weekly / disney / anime / nostalgia- 3 for $10
NEW RELEASE - DVD and blu ray : $9 / 3 for $25

Also have some new ones and boxed sets that are 'prices as marked'.

We've been here 20+ years so have amassed quite the collection (many of which are hard to find elsewhere!) — There's still HEAPS left so if you're close to the area, pop on in and have a look! :)

We also have an Ozbargain-exclusive voucher for this long weekend (see attached image) - just show it on your phone and get $5 off any purchase $10 or more (IE- you could get 10 of the $1 weekly DVDs for only $5 with the coupon!!)

We don't have any video games/consoles - just movies, and also some other bits and pieces (IE movie posters!!)
We've also got shelving to give away for FREE , so if you're interested in that , just enquire.

774 Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield VIC 3162
MON-FRI 11am-8pm
SAT-SUN 10am-9pm

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  • A video store survived this long?
    Wow. How quaint

  • "Video Busters is Melbourne's fastest growing DVD and Video discount rental group."

    Another victim of the Internet?

    I could never decide which movie to rent just by looking at cover art…

    • That was part of the fun as a kid though. No poring over reviews, so you'd take a chance and sometimes get a weird gem / total crap

      • +1 vote

        Absolutely !! Before the days of looking up reviews and IMDB scores on your phone as you look through the movies , you'd just have to go by the cover art and the blurb on the back!
        And like you said - sometimes you'd get a gem , other times you'll get a stinker - but all part of the fun! :)

        • -1 vote

          IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes is a disaster to the whole industry imho

          The problem is everyone is different and people simple vote based on whether they liked the film or not.
          and a movie can be very successful at it's niche goal or of high quality but receive a poor score
          some of the my most enjoyable films were those picked by cover at the video store as they better represented their target niche where as internet reviews and producers marketing are splatter gun trying to get all demographics through the door.

          50%/50% people are women/men and inherently this means a film targeted to women straight off the bat the movie will have men dropping the film to 5 out 10 and women the same to male films
          The imbalance gets worse with gen Z Y X and boomers generations slanting the scores.

          I wish these sites would split the scores to demographics
          I : an Australian Caucasian Male or Gen Y would like to see what those in my demographic score well,
          I wont necessarily like the same films an American/European Caucasian Male or Gen Y would

  • +3 votes

    Sad to see that your store is closing down…hoping things would work your way
    Good luck

  • "video killed the radio star".radio is still around

  • It's easy to blame Netflix and the internet for the demise of these stores, but realistically, it's because of how much stores were charged to buy VHS tapes / DVDs, and subsequently how much that meant they had to charge us.

    If movies were 2 dollars all day every day, instead of just Tuesdays like most of the ones near me in the day, I feel they would have, if nothing else, at least held out longer.

    • I think they were in decline well before netflix became mainstream is Aus. The vending machines still seem to be around shopping centres so must be some sort of market left

      • +2 votes

        some sort of market left

        Yeah, the section of the market that hasn't figured out how BitTorrent works yet

        • Also there is online video rental places like Quickflix which has a monthly fee of like $20 but gives unlimited bluray or dvd rentals via post.