Raw Kangaroo Mince for Dog Food - Anyone Tried This?

Hi All,

Raw kangaroo mince seems to be a great value 100% natural meat alternative to dry food for dogs. I know there has been a successful trial in Victoria of turning road-kill Kangaroos into dog food so perhaps this is leading to cheap prices for consumers?

Below I found some links for possible suppliers at around $5/kg which is similar to what many pay for average dry food.

Has anyone tried this option, if so your input would be appreciated! Which suppliers do you use, how do you feed it to your dogs (mixed with anything else?) etc.




  • I regularly feed my dogs raw roo mince. Occasionally I can harvest it myself, but otherwise I buy it from my butcher or Woolworths. Usually about $7-$10 a kg - but it is human grade, so that might make it slightly more expensive. I find it not much more expensive than “pet mince” but I’m glad knowing it is a much leaner alternative.

    I mix it in with dry kibble (usually black hawk).

    They both love it - but be warned that it does tend to stink in my opinion, so best to freeze it into serving sized portions!

  • Scab is very knowledgeable about dogs, dog food.

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    I feed my dog raw, makes a huge difference but you have to give them a balanced and varied diet.

    Usually buy minced beef, roo and whole chicken from Coles.

    And also give him offal like heart, liver and kidney.

    Beware of packaged raw pet meat as a lot of it contains preservatives and meat digest.

    how do you feed it to your dogs (mixed with anything else?) etc.

    The only thing I ever mix in is a raw egg or some thawed mixed frozen veggies.

    Bones are also important as they clean teeth and the connective tissue and marrow contains vital nutrients.

    Either get them from my butcher or Coles.

    I don't give him large marrow bones to reduce the risk of chipped teeth.

    Feeding raw is expensive and time consuming but it is the best thing you can do for your dog.

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    Best freezing the raw roo meat for 5days before feeding to kill off common parasites that are found in too meat. Otherwise a great raw meat to feed to dogs.

  • You can buy Roo meat from a pet food wholesaler for around $5.00 a kg

  • Whatever you get for pets, don't change their diet radically over a short period of time.

    ie don't go from 100% dry food to 100% roo meat (or anything else) on a day to day basis

    take a week or so to change over from x to y

  • I have never tried dog food, except a dry biscuit bone when drunk once

  • If you feed mostly raw they should fart less which is a bonus

    • Best thing about raw is that their crap is smaller, doesn't attract flies or smell and it quickly breaks down in a few days.

      I've never picked up my dog's poo and my yard is clean.