How Many Different Suits Do You Rotate a Week? How Much Did They Cost?

Just wondering what the rule of thumb generally is and if anybody even notices.


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    is 0 a valid answer ;)

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      Birthday suits are allowed.

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        Then 1.

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          In summer, I rotate my bathing suits so that my beach date doesn't see the same one twice until we've schtupped. So 2 or 3 per week.

          In winter, I have 4 different track suits to rotate but will wear the same one if it's not sweaty and with a different crowd.

          Most of what I buy is heavily discounted and/or paid for with a voucher. But the RRP would average about $50 for bathing suits and $150 for track suits.

          My birthday suit gets use all night, and day if I'm lucky. I got it for my birthday but I've been told it's quite valuable.

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    I pay $3.000-$5.000 for my Zegna suits and as a matter of course wear a different one each day of the week. I also have 3 in reserve.

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      What colour is your high yielding German investment?


      Bro, pretty sure our aussie currency only goes to 2 d.p. so should be written $3.00-$5.00… thats a reasonable bargain for Zegna suits - shame on you for not posting this deal so the community could all benefit :p

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    I have just one suit which does double duty for weddings and court hearings.

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      And if you get divorced that afternoon, you won't even need to get it cleaned. Bargain!


      I have one at a time, but previous one never fits the next time I need it.
      Actually, I have about a dozen, but only one "in use". Well not "in use", but "still fitting".

      oh, and cost? Usually somebody has a sale on. I think $99 or is $199 the cheapest suits come??

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    Where is the suits are overrated option?

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    I wear a button up shirt and a pair of jeans to work. I change the shirt every day, and normally change the jeans every week unless they get dirty. No one notices or cares. The fact that I wear a long sleeve shirt and leather shoes already makes me better dressed than half the people in my office.

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    Following this thread lol
    Used to rotate through 5 but rolling with 4 right now (the one that has dropped out is too tight in the thighs..which I’ll attribute to the gym..never mind it doesn’t fit around the waist anymore either 😂 am still a 32 waist tho but still 😞)
    Generally wear a suit every day for work (except some days WFH or casual Friday’s if no important meetings)

    Would be surprised if anyone would notice if I wore the same suit every day..shirts on the other hand, more noticeable unless it’s plain white


    best place to get suits in Melb?


    I have 3 full suits one of which is a winter one (thick wool) and a pair of dress slacks(with not marching but sport coat to go with it for more business casual days)… I rotate them 1 day on and 1 day off over 4 days. Friday is casual.

    Most days I don’t bother with the jacket as I don’t have to be in face to face meetings but given the cooler mornings I’ve started wearing a jacket to work.

    Suits were $600-700 each online, adjustments about $60

    I also have a winter jacket to wear which was about $300. I’d wear this instead of a suit jacket.


    Fridays are casual days except when I have a client meeting.

    So I generally wear 4 suits each week in winter.

    In summer when I don't wear the jacket, I rotate 3-4 different suit pants that I've had made separately (not the pants from a full suit) and shirt. That way, the actual pants from my suits don't wear out prematurely.

    In total, I have 8 suits. They cost me between $200-$300 each from Thailand at varying times. There's been times I've had suits made that don't turn out to be good quality, and I just chuck them out. Even then, it still works out much cheaper and better fitting than getting them made locally.


    Usually just jeans, t-shirt and a jacket over the top.

    Jackets are about the $500 mark usually, paired with some brown leather shoes about hue $500 again.


    I wear black, i buy 3-5 of each black item i wish to incorporate into my wardrobe so they dont wear out, Steve Jobs style.


    4 different suits on rotation, some days especially Friday I try and dress casual for after work drinks.


    I don't have to dress up if I want to impress people


      What? You just drive you 80k high yielding investment? Then bam. You turn heads.

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    Suits are for people who don't think for a living.


    4 suits, $100 buy-in.


    I bought a suit a few years ago as I thought I might wear it sometimes, still haven't. The only time I have worn a suit is to a friend's wedding but I took the jacket off as soon as I got there.


    I work in an office. Friday is a casual day.
    I usually wear trousers and a shirt Mon-Thurs unless i'm in an important meeting / seeing a client.
    5 separate pairs of trousers ~$30-$60 per pair (Mainly Van Heusen).
    10-12 long sleeve shirts $30-$60 per shirt (Myer home brands, CT and Van Heusen).
    3-5 suits: (One made in Thailand $400, One made in Vietnam $250, a few older suits made in Vietnam / Thailand that don't get much wear any more ($100-$200).


    Those who wear a suit every day - how many times do you wear them before you get them dry cleaned?


    Ahhh the joys of suits. How I dont miss them for day in, day out.

    Currently wearing jeans & tshirt along with a pair of converse. Tshirt is a casual collared shirt Mon-Thurs, and converse become a 'nicer' pair of shoes, but the jeans remain.


      Your cousin own a dog? Kindly take your shoes in the house and dont leave it outside your cousins dog. Might end up your converse being a chew toy.

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