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Connoisseur Ice Cream Varieties 1L $4.89 @ IGA


Connoisseur Ice Cream Varieties 1L $4.89 @ IGA Starts 16th March - 3 Days Only

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  • i think this brand tastes better than last week free ben jerry peanut buttah

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      B&J too busy making stupid political statements to worry about selling ice cream.

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      Screenshot shows "save $5.11", so $10 all up

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      Really!!! This is the second question on the OzB member application.

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    Just bought one from Coles for $6, damn you independent grocers.

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      $5 at woolies yesterday, hand in ur ozb badge scab.

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        Depends how much closer they were to Coles than Woolies. Could've saved more than $1 in fuel.

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          Not if you buy 50x tubs

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          @Zeath163: You sure are a true ozbargainer.

        • You can say that about pretty much anything lol, the 7/11 was closer so I got my bottle of coke for $4 instead of planning ahead and bringing a half price 1.25 for $1.40.

          I don’t believe sometime during the week someone not coincidentally drive past a woolies.

        • @cloudy:

          Nearest Woolies is more than 30 minutes away, only have a shitty Coles nearby.

  • One of my fav OzB deals. The problem is, its always a few days out, by the time it comes around ive forgotten about it. LOL.

    • Ozb has reminder feature!

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    All states and stores?

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      Nope. Might only be for QLD. IGA's sales usually start on Thursdays as well. I checked a couple of VIC catalogues and they have half-price Gelativo tubs at $4 instead.

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    Just in time to derail this guy's personal goal. Healthy Living

  • Man, the salted caramel and hazelnut is so good! So hard not to smash the tub in a sitting lol

    • I've noticed that a few of my local stores no longer sell the salted caramel I'll be really really disappointed if they have stopped making it. It was hard enough when they stopped making the Bed Stuy.

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    The best price you can get these for at Colesworth is $5.
    This is a 2.2% saving on that price.

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      5% off major supermarket gift cards. I beg to differ.

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        Of course. Now for IGA to offer discounted GCs!

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      Thanks for doing the mathematicals, MathNerd.

  • Bought one tonight (Pyrmont SupaIGA, NSW) for $4.99.

    • Question the price difference

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    What is with IGA?

    The other day I went to buy some food which was advertised 50% off yet in store it was full price and they wouldn't honour it. I know there is IGA and Super IGA but this was advertised as "IGA" and I was in an IGA.

    IGA are getting smashed for market share and probably be gone from our landscape in 2 or 3 years. Supporting the locals is one thing but they have to do their bit too. My local IGA has dead ceiling lights, fridge lights permanently off making it very difficult to see what's inside (because store lighting in that section is also out).

    The shopping experience there is depressing, we ended up at Woolies instead. I hope IGA's other stores are in better shape.

    • What store is this? I get that each store is independently owned but of course the corporate office should be pushing a minimum standard for all the stores, hard to fix though if they're not aware of ongoing issues.

      • Boolaroo NSW

        There are whispers the owner has bought land to build a new one nearby and isn't too interested in the current shop anymore. I don't know about that but the experience ensured I won't return.

        • Cheers. One to avoid.

        • @snackerjoe:

          Yeah probably for the best my friend. They don't seem to honour sales either. 3 minutes up the road you have Glendale Shopping Centre with Coles, Woolies and a bunch of other retail (interestingly Aldi didn't renew their lease and recently shut down) so it's not as though there aren't cheaper, better alternatives nearby.

          Seems like management have checked out.

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      Sounds like you have a terrible IGA as your local. Luckily mine was renovated a few years ago and and was the first IGA in Australia to be setup as an IGA Fine Food & Wine store. Not long after it won best supermarket in Australia. It really is amazing. I have to restrain myself from spending a fortune every-time im in there. I believe they have rolled out a few more of these stores since then.

      • You certainly have a better store as your local. I'm glad to hear the brand is still alive and this is an isolated experience.

    • I used to try to support my local IGA, but my local removes stock of specials, so most half priced items are never available. It’s just so bad. I complained to head office with no reply.

      • I don't keep my hopes up for specials outside of essentials like pizza/pastries/soft drink/frozen foods, etc because logistically they just can't compete with coles/woolies. My IGA used to be a video store, it's probably 1/8th of a woolies but I'm happy with what they stock and how well they use the space

        • essentials like pizza/pastries/soft drink/frozen foods

          By "essentials" did you really mean "convenience foods"? I'd hate to think that's what you mostly eat.

        • @kahn: Essentials on special like tp/milk/veges/etc., I'll always be able to get those on special but pizza/junk or frozen foods I'll never be able to get because my IGA is too small
          Half the frozen stuff in the catalogue aren't even in my store

    • The other day I went to buy some food which was advertised 50% off yet in store it was full price and they wouldn't honour it.

      Was it one of those stupid 1 Day Only deals? Confused me no end till I noticed the WEEKLY catalogue had two pages of discounts that were only for one day.

      • Honestly I'm not sure, I used the 1/2 price Android app which has served me so well at Coles and Woolies. It quite possibly could have been a 1 day special, I'd like to find out because if that's the case it shouldn't appear in that app which is something I would speak to the developer about.

  • Good deal, but i really don't rate this stuff. It's got too much air injected into it. All the big companies do this to lower their costs and as it melts you're left with a light foamy mess.

    Smaller ice cream shops, or messina gelato for me.

    • Belgian choc and salted caramel+vanilla is pretty thick, but I get what you're saying with the green tea matcha and cookies and cream, very fluffy and unsatisfying
      Green tea might be the worst flavour actually, has no taste and is just sweet

      • I love Connoisseur and green tea icecream, but I agree, theirs is crap.

    • I get what you're saying, but ice cream is supposed to have air in it. Have you made it yourself or seen it made? Hint: it involves a lot of stirring :-)

      Smaller ice cream shops or gelato places will cost a lot more than $5 per litre.

      • -1

        Yeah i sure have. My extended family own an ice-cream factory, which they started in 1914 (they emigrated from Italy)

        • +1

          Oh, I get it now. You're trying to tarnish the reputation of a competitor. Nice try!

        • @kahn:

          Not at all, it's a family business targeting a different market. Like many things food related you get what you pay for. Big corporations are there to satisfy the shareholders, not the customer and quality suffers as they source inferior ingredients.

  • This is also $5 at Woolies. Source: bought a tub earlier this week

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    cookies and cream is just heaven!

  • will this be for all IGA?

  • Bohoooo not in Sydney CBD store. Not on their catalogue too. Alright back to bj peanut buttah

  • Not available at IGA Menai

  • $11.49 near Williamstown.

  • Checked a few WA stores $7.49

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