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25 in 1 Screwdriver Wallet Kit $0.99 USD ($1.29 AUD) Delivered @ GearBest


Been a while since this screwdriver set has been on sale.

Must log in to apply coupon - Untick shipping insurance to ensure cheapest price.

Update coupon working again.

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  • $0.99 USD ($1.29 AUD)

    Showing as $1.30 AUD for me… :(

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        2% cashrewards should make up for it though… :)

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      Also for me on GB's site, but when the order went through I was charged $1.29 by PayPal.

    • 28 degrees charged me $1.26 AUD for it.

  • Was happy to pay $7 for this last week, the Torx and Pentalobe bits quickly paid for themselves. A nice little set.

  • Got one of these from a previous deal. I think I paid 5 times this price but still a really good value product.

  • $1.32 AUD. Darn.

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    Anyone knows where to get an adapter for those little bits so that they fit on a standard bit handle? Have 3 sets already and the handles keeps breaking white unscrewing some tight ones

  • Got 2 :D

  • Code expired

  • Man missed out again..

  • Oh dammit its expired

  • The Code you entered has expired.

  • Must've just expired as I got it, thank god :D Thanks OP

  • Not worth it, after a while the heads don't stay attached to the handle and it's waste of money.

  • Expired so fast!! I had it in checkout and when log in to Paypal the price changed. Duh!!

  • -3

    Yep got one OK second account it had expired.\

  • 39 mins and expired…what kind of deal is this

    • A good one. Some deals expire much quicker.

    • A deal for ants?

  • I had bough one of these, where is it ? :D

  • I highly recommend this set, good for general use around the house!

    • do you mean outside of the built perimeter? because I was thinking of an indoor use

  • Update Coupon is working again have removed expiry

  • got one : code working, thanks OP!!

    I will soon fill my toolbox with these

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    Thanks OP for the PM. Got 1..

  • Thanks OP, got one. I’m sure it’ll come in handy.

  • Expired again :[

  • Coupon working again.

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    Received mine today. Thanks OP!