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DLT Monex M27QHM 27" QHD VA 144hz Monitor with Freesync - $379.9 USD down to $319.5 USD (~ $410 AUD) @ dream-seller (KR) on eBay


I'm not sure if this is technically a bargain because it's an unknown product, and I am not 100% sure if the ebay codes are targeted or not - BANK10 worked for me. I took a punt on one because the specs are great for the price.

This is a Korean Gaming Monitor sold by a reputable seller (dream-seller) on ebay.

Specs are:
* 27" QHD (2560x1440) VA Panel Monitor
* 144 Hz Refresh
* 6ms response time
* 300-350 cd/m brightness (Depends where you look on the internet)
* Freesync
* Crappy stand but does come with VESA mounting
* Picture in Picture/Picture By Picture
* 0-3 dead pixels for the 'perfect' / 'may have' dead pixels for the non 'perfect'

I have been looking for a monitor for a while and decided to take the leap on this, for the price if it does what it says on the box it is a bargain from a reputable seller. Here's an excitable Korean dude unboxing and quickly showing the monitor - no english

Note: there is also the regular/non'perfect' model for $359.90 before discount, so you could possibly even get that for $340 USD or better prior to the 10% off making it approx $390 AUD after the 10% off.

Original 10% off eBay Deal

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    oh 6ms response time

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      Yeah not great, but I guess that's the trade off for a VA panel over a TN. I did some google translate that said there was a 1ms overdrive setting in the OSD - but I couldn't confirm it so have to assume it's 6ms.


      I've looked at it before and a lot of people on forums say the difference between 2ms and 5ms is virtually unrecognisable, I cant see an extra 1ms being a big difference.

      Still ideally you'd want it as low as possible


    Does it reach 144 Hz at 1440p via DP?


      Not sure, it takes HDMI, DP, and DVI so I would expect it to via DP?


    With the bonus10 it gives me 437.54.


      I used the 'offer' feature to offer $355 USD to get the price above, you may even be able to offer a lower price.


        ok Thanks for clarifying.


    Are there any reviews for this monitor? Tossing up between this and a second hand 27" IPS Monitor like a Catleap, QNIX, Crossover etc.