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[International Edition] Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Stratos Sports Smartwatch Ver 2 US $163.79 (~AU $210.23) FREE Ship @ LightInTheBox


A newly launched advanced sports watch with tons of features and at a great price. Lightinthebox have confirmed that they have ready stock with a processing time of 1-4 business days. Allow another ~3-4 weeks if opting for normal shipping.

Cheapest price around. Competitor prices are here for ready reference:

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Where do I enter the coupon code?

  • When you click "Proceed to Checkout" button, it'd say below the payment method "Have Coupon?"

It's showing me higher AUD price than mentioned in the title

  • Choose USD as your currency from top left hand corner. Don't select AUD, always choose to pay in USD, it will work out cheaper even after your credit card conversion fees. Also read the below.

How do I ensure I get the cheapest AUD price possible

  • To avoid higher currency conversion rates and to get cheapest price from these Chinese websites, you should get a credit card that charges zero currency conversion fees. 28Degrees, Bankwest Zero, Coles Mastercard are generally popular. Irrespective of what credit card you use, always choose to pay in USD on these Chinese websites, (Go back to main page, Choose "USD" from top left hand corner). Additionally set your Paypal so it "bills you in the currency on Seller's Invoice". To set your PayPal account this way permanently, follow the steps shown in these snapshots [Highly recommended]

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  • What are the new features in the V2? Looking over the LITB listing the specs seem identical to the original watch (selling for around $100 AUD). Only new function seems to be NFC support

    • Dont believe this has nfc…

      It has alipay which works via a qr code

      Spec is similar as pace… But waterproof, nicer design and some xiaomi automation software

  • Really nice looks and a lot of positive feedback on the pace (previous model)
    You can even sideload some android apks.

    If this had android pay or something similar, I would have bought it at 350 (has alipay but only in china).

    Only real alternative is the garmin vivoactive 3 but bands are way too small for me..
    So now i need to decide eh ;-)

  • Anyone have one? How would they rate against other smartwatches around the same price? I was looking at the ticwatch running android wear for about the same price. The idea of being generic android wear is a good thing I think

    • +2

      Android watches require every day charging… This thing can last a few days thanks to transreflective screen

    • I have the previous model and it's great value for money. Good battery life, screen and all the features you need from a fitness watch.

    • I have this watch but chinese edition. Had to install a custom english rom. I normally do three 10k runs every week and the battery can last for more than a week. The watch OS is different from garmin watches so it took me some time to get used to. Once get it, it's very easy to use.

      It's very quick to get GPS signal if it's connected to mobile as it uses A-GPS info from mobile, otherwise, can take up to 1 min to get location.

      GPS data looks alright for run and ride mode but for open water swim, the GPS is just useless.

      HR monitor accuracy is a bit off like any other watches. If this is a big deal to you, get a chest strap.

      Also, it's much lighter than my garmin fenix 3.

  • +1

    YouTube has numerous reviews of this sports watch .. mostly favourable .. however I ended up buying the Amazfit Bip based on it’s specs and 45 day battery life .. at AUS$60

    • +1

      Amazfit Bip at AU$60? Where ?

  • i dunno which one to go for, stratos or the stratos+ version.

  • Actually been following this watch for a while before it had English support. Very tempting. Any of the upvoters committed and bought one? Have you bought one OP?

  • How does this go responded to say text messages? Is there a microphone to dictate a response? Such a handy feature to have.

    • It vibrates.

      • Not notifications but actually responding to a notification like a text message. Once it vibrates, can I respond from the watch?

        • I understand you have to use droidwatch (or watch droid) for that. I.e. reply with some prewritten texts

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