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Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB/256GB $69/$79 or S9+ $74/$84pm (20GB Data, Unl Call/Txt, 150 Min Select Int) @ Optus/HN (24m Contract)


Saw the above on Optus website. Great deal for a new phone.

20GB Data
Unlimited Standard National Talk & Text
Up to 150 International Minutes to 32 Selected Countries
Included Entertainment: Optus Sport, National Geographic, Mobile TV Streaming, Music Streaming

Available to new & contracting services (excludes trade up customers)

Min. Total Cost is $1656 over 24 months excluding any discounts

Mod: Received by anonymous deal submission, also available at Harvey Norman with $100 gift card on top of this offer.

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  • I’m finish chatting with optus and confirm with s9plus $74 a month 20GB With a total of $1776 over 24 months, which the phone will cost me $1008 in 24 months, very good deal

  • I was in store yesterday and I'm glad I waited! Cheers OP

  • Great deal..

  • Optus is killing other providers with amazing offers….

  • Wish they have iphone x at this price..

  • Hmmm $10 less then I get the deal.. Maybe wait 6 more months… 😀

  • is this an online only offer?

    • Walk in store and show them the advert. They will honour it (just grabbed one 5 minutes ago)
      Feel the store was dodgy as…as they would be signing people up to the shitter plans if u didnt ask for this one

      • Unfortunately ive already ordered online - reckon i could get it in store instead of getting it delivered?

  • Hooray Samsung finally pull their finger out and sell the 256GB model in non-asian countries. Took them long enough

    • Finally Samsung are starting to give consumers in Australia the full range of options when it comes to colours and specifications.

      For example the Coral Blue colour wasn't offered in Australia for the S7, the S8 you could get it only at Samsung outlets and now it's available everywhere for the S9. Although now that the front of the phones are black regardless of what colour you pick it doesn't matter so much - especially if you put your phone in a case.

      Just need Samsung to sell dual sims phones in Oz now

      • Yup until then its grey imports for me. Dont like the gimped local models.

        • same - all my previous galaxy phones have been grey imports. Maybe the S10 will have dual sim and can be my first locally sourced galaxy phone

  • Oh awesome I am so glad I decided to wait a couple of weeks after the lackluster pre-order plans that were going around.

  • This or JB Telstra Pixel 2 XL $59pm?

    • If you like a lot of features / slow updates - S9 - If you like a really good camera / really fast updates - Pixel 2 XL -

    • Also make sure you check those blue tint screen on the pixel and other bugs on the internet. If you care about that go s9. Do not get me wrong, I am typing on pixel right now. It is a great phone, but not you'd expect from a rrp 13xx phone.

      • honestly though once you use a phone with an infinity screen and curved edges…a phone with a rectangular screen and massive bezels just seems so….primitive. true story, my friend showed me his pixel 2 and i was actually physically repulsed by it lol, i mean it's 2018! Probably gonna cop some flak but I just had to make a point lol.

        • Pixel 2 xl is not that bad. Agree that 2 look is not so 2018. Also still a lot of people out there do not like those curved edge include myself. That's why I choose s7 instead of edge before. However they are both amazing phones out there you can buy.

        • Lol how triggered would you be if I busted out my iPhone SE?

        • @Icecold5000:

          If it's a blast from the past, sure, but not for a 2018 mode. I see a rectangular screened phone in action now I giggle to myself a little, similar to when I see someone use a phone with actual buttons on them.

    • i got the pixel 2 xl yesterday bang for buck i reckon, up to you there pro and cons for both phone. pixel stock android fast update,come with google home mini, only 59 a month and your with Telstra cant go wrong. while the s9 has heap more like f1.5, headphone jack 256gb option 20gb data a month,

    • I've got the pixel 2 xl also. Great phone. Converted from iPhone everything transferred in 5 minutes all apps photos. Is a great phone

    • Go physically check out both phones. I actually prefer the look and feel of the he pixel 2 xl. Yes I'm probably the majority. The pixel just feels more premium.
      Yeah the blue tint is there if don't know how to actually hold a phone.


      Personally from a Note 8 user, I had my mum purchase the Pixel 2 XL abd I reckon its a better phone than what I'm using. Already on 8.1 too.

  • Damn, I wish I knew Optus were doing the $59 before I preordered. I would have signed up at Harvey Norman for sure to get the $100 eftpos card too! I preordered on a higher plan with no gift card from an optus shop. Do you think I can go back to an optus shop and get it switched over?

    • Check cooling off period, do not open the phone box, if you did it in store go to that store they will sort it out for you.

  • Just FYI, sidesync no longer works with the S9.

  • Was told in store that the $100 Gift card wasn't included

  • For those on an Optus SIM only plan, I can confirm that it's possible to upgrade to this offer without any cancellation fees.

  • keen on getting the s9 on the $69 plan. currently on a $59 S8 7gb optus plan since April last year. any advice from OzB on how best to do this?

    if they fix the shitty battery issue on the s8, i'll defo pay for the upgrade.

    • I just spoke to optus chat - my plan ends in September though. they said would take the remaining handset repayments out of the next 3 payments, so selling my s7 on ,say, mobile monster would almost cover the payout fee in my case. Disclaimer - chat to Optus chat to confirm

    • Read my post at the bottom 😀

  • Wish we could get one of these carrier deals with the Note 8, no interest in the S9 or the Pixel 2.

  • Can anyone tell me if these come with Optus bloatware and the yes start up screen?

  • Normally HN offers $200 eftpos cards through optus, has optus dripped ut since then? :(

  • My wife is at harvey norman right now, signed up to this $69 S9 optus plan. You get $100 gift card + free phone case

  • Got my $100 card from Harvey Norman. New customers or other numbers ported to Optus are eligible. $100 eftpos gift card is for $59 plan plus $10 phone payment, $200 gift card is for $89 phone plan plus $10 phone payment.

  • Damn not available to trade up customers. So the trade up is waste of time if you can never use it on good deals.

  • Signed up online. S9+ 64g

    • is it dual SIM or single SIM ?

      • The one ordered online through chat is single sim.

        Was also told that it was an online only deal, but I didn't ask in store to see if they would honour it.

  • Seriously dumb question here as I don't really know much about phone plans…

    Will there be a cheaper similar plan out in 3-4 months time?

    Battery on my s5 has expanded and also caused my screen to split out. My phone still works though. Not really urgent for me to replace it, but I could still if I wanted

  • I'd rather see a $40 per month deal on the S8 with similar imclusions.

  • How does the free plan cancellation with phone payout work? I can't find on the CIS how much the phone is worth.

    If the monthly handset repayment is only $10, is it just $10 x remaining months of contract? That can't be right… does anyone know?

    • Check your contract, it will have actual cost of phone in there. Divide by 24 and multiply by remaining months. I recently did that.

    • Those handset payments are discounted by the carrier.
      When you cancel, you pay the remaining months, but at the non-discounted price.
      Which is RRP divide by 24months.
      Usually how it works.

    • The S9+ is $56 a month if you cancel your contract, I assume the S9 would be around $50

  • Optus really do not like their current customers.

    No Trade Up allowed - ok same deal as previous S8 $59 deal.

    I accept to pay out current plan and get new plan but they will not allow bundle discount from current plan to this plan even though the CIS clearly says if you have other Optus services you will get discount. Why bother including it in the CIS if no discount allowed