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Braun TexStyle 5 Steam Iron TS525A - $37.70 Shipped (60% off) @ Amazon AU


Choice recommended steam iron.

TexStyle 5 irons stand for top-quality, smooth ironing results on all kinds of clothes, right down to the finest details. The unique premium soleplates combined with an efficient steam rate guarantee reliable performance, easily removing all wrinkles from even the most sophisticated garments. Conceived and designed for durability, superb gliding and perfect final results.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How is this powered? Don't see a cable in the picture.

    Also, with a Amazon AU do they provide AU plugs or just US with a converter?

    • Wired. Check out the 5th image.

    • +3

      Also, with a Amazon AU do they provide AU plugs or just US with a converter?

      Do you assume that everything listed on eBay in Australia is a US product?

      • Reviews on Amazon AU are combined with other regions and you see review details with US plugs, just ignore those details.

    • "Also, with a Amazon AU do they provide AU plugs or just US with a converter?"

      As with all Australian retailers, Amazon AU has to comply with Australian Standards.

  • How is it rated by Choice ? One review on productreview says it doesn't iron cotton wrinkles well.

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      It would also depend upon the skill of the person ironing.

      • That would be a question for the missus

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          Time for her to do a # campaign- #IronMan needed

    • +1

      The Choice rated is for the TexStyle 7, this is the TexStyle 5

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        Problem with accessing Choice website ATM but I'm sure I was looking at review of TS525A on Choice this morning and it had a 91% rating - which is quite high.

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        I'm not sure the difference but the TexStyle 7 (TS-765 ATP) is the best iron I have ever used, if you can swing the few extra dollars it's well worth it. I got it for $119 at Myer with an extra $30 rebate.

        • +2

          Likewise, best iron I've owned. I got it through this deal, $29 after rebate…

        • The first noticeable difference is that Texstyle 7 has a closed handle.

        • @RickyJ:

          It used to.

          I have an older Texstyle 7 which has an open handle.

          I think it was even a selling point of the iron.

      • +1

        Choice rated this model 525a as 4th in list with a score of 91 (the top rated 756ATP scored 92). And the series 5 is supposed to be made in Germany while series 7 in Hungry, not sure if it matters.

        Thanks OP. Our Philips steam station broke down this week and I still haven't found another bargain on a steam station. Till will be perfect in the mean time.

        • Out of curiosity, what are the 2nd and 3rd on the list?

        • +2


          Two models of Plilips Azure.

    • Was it this model the review on productreview was for? I saw a comment like that for the TS505 along with generally positive comments for the TS525A.

    • I wouldn’t buy this due to the open ended handle.

      • Comfort use is ensured by the product ergonomics and light weight. The ergonomic design provides an easier grip with more comfortable handling and improved manoeuvrability. The soft touch of the ergonomic open handle ensures maximum comfort and greater ease of use.


      • Why not?

        I have one and it isn't a problem

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        I wouldn’t buy this due to the open ended handle.

        That's very closed minded of you.

        • +2

          Like handle, like mind

  • +7

    How come toaster is posting iron deal, should be posting cheap toasters

    • +2

      Maybe irons bread to convert them into toasts.

  • +1

    I see $94.

    Edit - Applied at check out

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    I think this was a better deal.


  • +1

    I just got really confused for a minute trying to work out how an iron could be ‘Texas’ style.

    • +1

      And I thought you are responsible for sneaking Easter egg code in MS products

    • Texstyle ~ textile

  • Is there a pink version I can give to my feminist friends?

    • There was a purple version that was a few dollars cheaper

  • Bought thanks

  • $119 + delivery at Myer. Good find. Bought.

  • Thanks OP. Just purchased. Now I have a good iron for a cheap price. Ripper Rita.

  • +1

    I have this one - it's pretty good, recommended.

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    I just bought this one. Added a toaster while at it. But did everyone else who bought still get charged a delivery fee? I chose free shipping as I had that option, but still get charged $5.45. Still a good deal though.

    edit:seems the charge is not actually put in the total. They sure make it confusing. I need more fingers.

    • So what did you get charged in the end? Mine is showing 43.69 shipped.

      edit: it didn't choose free shipping automatically. All good.

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        You need to click on the free shipping at step 3 of 3. Should bring it down to $37.70

        • Yeah I worked it out eventually :) thanks

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    Thanks - the iron is good had it for over a year - but I bought the Kettle! https://www.amazon.com.au/Kenwood-kMix-Kettle-ZJX740CR-Cream...

    There are other products on various discounts including a coffee pod machine -

    • Bought both, thanks Iram99!

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    Nice find, bought one. This is my first purchase from Amazon AU.

    • +1

      Likewise, cheers op

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    Can vouch for these. Excellent iron!

  • +5
    • Which one is better?

    • +1

      The 715 has 2300 watts vs 2000 and has a higher steam output. Both are really good deals though. I'd say the 525 is better unless you can pick up from GG

      • +2

        You can get the 715 via eBay with 10% which expires today. Which makes it $41(c&c) vs $38. With that in mind, which would be the better one? Haha, trying to make up my mind too!

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    Does Amazon deliver to an Auspost parcel locker?

  • I'm not sure I should be saying thanks. I only iron like one shirt a month (for special occasions), but I'm sure it'll be easier with a good iron :)

  • Thanks OP. Just bought one.

  • Thanks op didn't need one. Bought one anyway….

  • Thanks OP bought one. Current iron is a sunbeam and after about 18 months to 2 years appears burnt on the plate (although not leaving any marks on clothes).

    • I think all irons get that as things stick and burn to the plate

  • Thanks OP, picked one up. Combined with my $20 voucher from the babylove nappy deal that didn't happen for a sweet price of $17.70 :) Here's hoping my second ever purchase from Amazon AU works!

  • Looks like out of stock, I can't add it to my cart.

  • Link doesn’t work!!!!

  • Keep on trying, it finally worked after 6 tries.

  • Expired