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Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine $198.40 Pickup ($98.40 after Cashback) @ Peter's of Kensington on eBay


So main part of the deal is the 100 AUD Cashback for the Vertuo plus from Nespresso AU for Mother's day valid from 19/03/18 upto 20/05/18.

Terms and conditions https://www.nespressopromotion.com.au/Mothersday2018/cashbac...
Link to claim cashback https://www.nespressopromotion.com.au/Mothersday2018/cashbac...

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From my search the best option is to tie up with Ebay POK20 code
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/366293 and pick up for the lucky NSW people.

Postage to NSW and ACT is not bad but worse is Regional WA-30 AUD, even then its cheaper than the next best.

2nd option I could find is

https://www.binglee.com.au/breville-bnv420blk-vertuo-plus-bl... for 129 AUD plus pickup. Again postage to Regional WA is 33 AUD

3rd Option

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  • Bit confusing, prob need to update the title OP, price is $198.40 pickup (-$100 cashback)

    Thought it was a good deal until I realised you were talking a cashback and that you have to pay $198.40 to pick up the item.

  • Vertuo uses non-standard pods.

  • Yeah, but does it actually taste any better than a regular Nespresso. Or does it just look prettier?

  • Just for people who don't seem to know what this is.

    No the old pods don't fit, this is a separate line of pods. You don't need this to take normal pods, it has "espresso" sized pods but honestly, if you're buying this, you will never buy or use this size.

    This machine isn't for espresso, it is to make long blacks that aren't diluted so much they just taste like off water. The pods are huge for this machine and it makes actual long blacks with one press, not having to press the button a million times on the normal machines (or use 2 pods to get any decent flavour).

    It has a significantly larger water tank, the pods are more expensive (95c) and they come with a different line of flavours, though if you just go by colour of pod, they more or less resemble the standard pod.

    Basically, if you're happy with your little espresso mug of the current machines, stay there. This isn't "better" or "upgraded" or whatever else.

    This is the same thing, just tuned to make long blacks decently. If that doesn't interest you, you don't need it.

    • Great breakdown!!

      Due to your great knowledge do you know if there are compatible pods they arent as expensive?

      • I think part of the new pod design is they're also still covered by patent, so third parties can't make their own.

        EDIT: Tried these instore a few months ago - personally, I found them to be terrible taste-wise, at least enough to not buy my own and experiment more. I think the staff member said they're attempting to compete with Keurig in the US, where a bucket of dishwater filtered through a dirty sock is the standard coffee. As said above, if long blacks are your thing, and using two standard pods is a pain, I'd give them a go, but maybe instore first.

      • Not in these official machines. The pods have a barcode that it reads to make sure you're using Nespresso brand only.

        No one will carry off brands in retail store due to this but I'm not sure about after market, though I wouldn't really trust after market food products, so as a whole I'd say no :)

        (Don't know about any machine software hacks though)

  • Great find thanks OP - unfortunately out of stock.

  • Nespresso were trying to flog one to me when I went in store to buy some limited edition old style pods. After a demo I quickly figured out that the reason for the new Vertuo line and pods was so they could introduce DRM into the system given that their patent for the older pod system had expired.

    The DRM works in a similar way to Keurig machines in the USA. There is a barcode system around the rim of the pods on the side you don't tend to look at. Hence there won't be any third-party capsules around as I'm sure Nespresso with have rights on their own barcode system.

    The easy way around this is by either refilling pods (and resealing them) or just reusing the circular neck part of an old pod and putting it in place around an ebay-special pod!