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Medibank Health Insurance - up to 130,000 Flybuys Points + 1 Months Free + (Might Get 2 & 6 Months Waiting Period Waived)

if you are holding (or looking to join) Top/Mid Hospital & Extra cover, you might want to shop around to take full advantage of the promotions from Bupa and Medibank
  • up to 130,000 Flybuys Points (~56,550 Velocity points)
  • 1 months free
  • 2 & 6 months waiting period waived (will need to ring them up, and you might get it)

Annual premium
* $6000+ = 130,000 flybuys points
* $5000 - $5999 = 100000 flybuys points
* $4000 - $4999 = 75000 flybuys points
* $3000 - $3900 = 60000 flybuys points
* $2000-$2999 = 50000 flybuys points
* $1000-$1999 = 30000 flybuys points
* $1000 or below = 7500 flybuys points

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Referrer gets $100, Referee gets 4 weeks free.

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  • $6000+ premium required to be eligible for 130,000 points… I’d rather not have health cover.

    • That's pretty much what I pay for top hospital and top ancillary family cover. Health insurance is so expensive these days.

      • It's a health insurance rort.

      • Goodness, do you have a family of bucked teeth four-eyes? :)

        Otherwise, how do you figure on getting your money's worth?

        • Haha….no, a reasonable normal family :-)

          I didn't take out health insurance until 45 - I took the risk that I would be healthy enough to avoid paying for it. Now I need it, and have already had more back than I've paid in. Given my age and health it's not an option to not to have health insurance. It's expensive, but what value do you put on your (and your family's health)?

        • @ticket65: I am on the same boat too, have a real need to take a mid/top cover for my family. Might as well take advantage of the promotion. (especially when it get to the top cover, all providers are pretty much the same, except the list of approved providers i.e. Member Choice vs Member First)

  • I think the table of premium:bonus points should be in the description… "up to 130k" without saying how is deceiving imo

  • OP, where did u read the waiting periods being waived on this offer?

    I thought March18 got waiting periods waived and flybuys got you points and both get second month free.

    I just signed up yesterday and my cover doesn’t start till tomorrow, so pls let me know if I’ve missed something

    • Sorry, the waiting period waived was mentioned when I talked to the sales (via the phone).
      Updated the post to reflect that.

  • they don't look after existing customers. the loyalty customer is mean nothing to them.

    • I agree and I think majority of them are the same now.

      P.S. Bupa do have an extra cover called "Your Choice Extra" that actually look after loyal customer (since it has loyalty limit increments). I hold the cover for 6+ years and I have $1000 limit (was $500 on year 1) on Major Dental and $1400 (was $700 on year 1) on General Dental. Not that I spend that much on Dental, but just want to give you an example.

    • They jack up the premiums of existing customers to pay for promotions like this. +13% this year, thanks Medibank.

      • Exactly, and if we have to join the health insurance. Seriously need to take advantage of the promotion to get our money back.

  • 60,000 flybuys points = $300 flybuys dollars

  • i am with Medibank
    seems have to change to other companies

  • Thanks OP! wife just joined Medibank couple days ago with 1 month free and 2&6 months waived on extras. She just chatted with the team and they're happy to change the promotion to this one. However, they said they can't apply 2&6 months waived on extras but it doesn't matter since my wife has served all the waiting periods with her previous health insurance anyway. Happy to be able to get another 30k flybuys point! :)

  • I left Medibank. I found their prices too expensive and over half of their hospital cover products include zero cover for day and night stay in a hospital.

    • Who did you end up moving to?

      • HCF Basic corporate hospital. I’m happy with this cover because they will pay 100% of my private hospital expenses. I was eligible for the corporate heath cover because I have an Amex. They didn’t even check. And I save about $500 a year compared to my corporate Medibank cover.

        • Thanks Edathor
          I ended up moving from Bupa. They are doing some dodgy stuff at the moment. Reduced our coverage, increased our pricing by $260 a year amongst other things that is already covered by media.
          Ended up moving to mid corporate hospital in HCF.
          Same rates I paid for basic in Bupa and higher coverage than Bupa.

  • We should have a special health insurance tag or discussion with offers here.

  • I have Medibank already, I hardly use it and now I ask the question should I just go and get all sorts of treatments, maximise the benefits of health cover even if I don't need it.

    I'm thinking remedial massage and chiro.

    • If you are young and healthy. I reckon you should get the minimal cover (to avoid tax) and take advantage of
      1) Yearly dental check up (claimed back 100% once a year with approved providers)
      2) Treat yourself a massage (but only claim back 60% or less)
      3) Get a new pair of glasses or contact lens (buy the frame online and get the len from the shop, claimed back 60% up to ~$200, depend on your cover)

      that's the way I make use of my cover.

      But please don't just join for the sick of getting the bonus points! This bargain is mainly for the people that has the NEED to join and might as well take advantage of the promotion.

      • Thanks for that. I have already started doing the dental claims and looking into the optical side.

        I currently have top 70 cover and with extras under coporate deal. I am 28yrs young and paying 56per fn for cover. It seems alot and if i remembered correctly I signed up as to avoid paying massive tax but probably not much difference. So I am going to make use of the private health cover and wanted to see if anyone is doing the same.

        • Maybe worth move to 60 cover (claim 60%) instead of stay on 70 cover.
          Usually after you have done the math, it should save u more money. (claim less, but save on premium)

          P.S. ring them up, and see whether you could still get one month free (even though you are downgrading your cover)

  • does anyone know , if you have corporate discounts - can you apply under this as well as get the corporate discount?

    • I have tried (talked to the sales on the phone), they can't combine this promotion with corporate discount. Be aware the corporate health cover might have a different limits/terms compare to the non-corporate health cover. Make sure you compare the covers in DETAIL!

      For example, they have a cover called Growing Family Complete. The non-corporate one has limit on each extra item (e.g. General Dental, Major Dental etc), the corporate one (have a different name but offer similar level of cover) has a combined limit across majority of the extra.

      • helpful! thank u!

        • Glad it was helpful. Make sure you check out Bupa tho, their corporate cover is the same as non-corporate one. (basically just a discount on top). For example, Bupa has a cover called Growing Family (i know, it is the same name as Medibank), the corporate and non-corporate are the same, the only difference is the price.

          P.S. it might be just my employer.

  • I joined couple of month ago they gave me 60k fb and $300 rebel gift card

  • Last week we came back to Medibank from BUPA after 5 months because BUPA were such poor value.

    We came back after receiving a letter from them offering 6 weeks free (with NO waiving of waiting periods) and got back onto our Corporate 70% families combined package. The price after 1 April will be about $274 a month. In a chat communication, they could not allow the waiving of waiting periods because it would mean adjusting the promotion.

    Then I saw this deal. Gave them a ring today and the lady was super helpful :

    • Within 30 days of cooling off, so she cancelled Corporate policy
    • Signed me up on the Growing Families Core 70% combined cover directly in it's place, from the same start date (last week) as if it never happened.
    • Price after 1 April was $271 p/m (therefore eligible to get 60,000 flybuys points)
    • Waived all 2 and 6 months waiting periods because I was signing up to a combined package (note this tip for those wanting to try get waiting period waived = combined package)
    • Took about 10 minutes.

    For those eligible, in 6 months time after I receive the final lot of Flybuys points, I will reconsider going back to the Corporate Families combined policy. It's the same level of cover, but with the Corp policy all the non-dental extras are instead bundled under one $1000 limit which is super useful if you don't need all the other crappy services (e.g you can pump it all into physio if you're a sporty person like me).

  • if i am already with Medibank hospital + extras cover, can I get bonus points? Or do I need to switch providers to make it work?

    • I think you will need to switch provider to make it works. (I am not sure tho, since I am with Bupa)

  • Great deal, Currently with Bupa with a supposed corporate discount.
    Medibank equivalent cover is $37 a month cheaper per month and also includes a month free and flybuys points, just by switching will save over $850.00

  • Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could spend the 130000 points on is it worth it?

    • You could always convert to Flybuys dollars and use it in Coles… Or in target, Kmart etc

  • Been with Medibank for years.
    Normally I compared the cover against others once or twice yearly.
    Only Top Extra and Basic Hospital for the family.
    Premium is slightly cheaper than Bupa. HCF is even more. NIB has lower $$$ limit for claims and restriction on similar premium.
    Keen to know what other people use.

    Does anyone how long do I have to leave Medibank before re join and become a new member?

  • Looks like the offer has been extended to April 15