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Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Soap Dispenser $26.96 USD (~$34.86 AUD) Delivered (Expedited) @ LightInTheBox


Something i bet you guys don't have, soap is essentially to stopping your family from getting sick and who has time these days to push a button for dispensing your soap.

Apparently this is the cheapest price right now. Order it in time for Christmas. No coupon code necessary. Have at it!

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  • Store in title :)

  • How to refill? You gotta buy a new one?

    • dont think this comes with anything inside it. You probably have to add the soap in yourself. Might have to get one of those ones that can foam up. Like the dettol foaming handwash refills which you can grab at chemist warehouse or coles or watever lol

  • Xiaomi stuff is getting out of hand. So many of their items aren't even good deals where they are cheaper alternatives to "normal branded" stuff, or better value in general.

    We use Dettol No Touch dispensers which are way cheaper than this, e.g.
    and easily refillable by just putting liquid into the bottle (just drilled a small hole at the top).

    • You don't need to drill a hole. Dip it in hot water for few seconds, and you are done.

    • The Dettol ones are so cheap because they're using the razor blades strategy. Sell the machine at a loss and make the profit from the refills.

      However unlike razor blades, soap containers can easily be refilled. I just use a flat head screwdriver to pry the lid open.

  • Is this any different to say the Dettol electric ones?
    They can be much cheaper than this.

  • Would be better if it supported zigbee or mqtt over WiFi. Then you could make a rule in hassio to notify the user if they forgot to wash their hands after taking a shit.

  • you only touch it before you wash hands and dont touch it after, so the not getting others sick is pointless

  • i recon all these end up dripping everywhere, plus battery eroding inside cavity killing the machine.

    just buy the push ones and they are easy to refill…once you get sick and tired of the old bottle…throw out and shop for new shape and size….and just buy refills.

    washes hand like 15 times a day too * 4 people in family.

  • Guys wtf is wrong with all of you. What have we become as a society? We are too afraid of germs to touch a soap dispenser now? It doesn't matter if you get germs on your hands from touching a soap dispenser. You get soap on your hand after touching it and you WASH YOUR HANDS. what the hell?

    • Have you noticed that most public bathroom doors open into the bathroom and not out. So you can't push them open with your leg you have to pull the doors open and touch the handle to leave the bathroom.

      • I'm pretty sure that's more a design based on function/safety - so you're not just opening a door into a hallway.

        • Or for when you're busting and basically knocking down the door to go rather than pausing to pull it open.

        • I agree, I think it's a health and safety thing so you can't get trapped inside a bathroom if an object blocks the door from the outside eg. In an earthquake or something.

  • LITB - Dec delivery would be about right…

  • So we do our business, turn on the water, wash hands and then turn the tap off with our recently washed hands and soil them on the tap handles and by opening the door on the way out…

    So unless you have auto taps like in the malls and use paper towel to turn the tap off and then open the bathroom door (ie at work)then say hello to germs.. and then there are the gross ones that do not wash their hands at all plastering their microscopic pieces of poo and wee all over the place.. spreading things like Gastro or worms and the like…

  • Do they have one where i don't have to raise my hands? I find lifting my hands very tiresome.

    • there was, but it was recalled due to the embarrassing stains it caused whenever it went slightly out of alignment.

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