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Free Kindle eBook: Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: 300 Traditional Indian Recipes Made Easy (Was $3.99) @ Amazon AU, US, UK


This one is for free.. 4.8/5 Ratings

No Kindle device.. No worries.. Read at Kindle Cloud Reader on computer :D


Amazon AU - https://www.amazon.com.au/Indian-Instant-Pot-Cookbook-Tradit...

Amazon US - https://www.amazon.com/Indian-Instant-Pot-Cookbook-Tradition...

Amazon UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Indian-Instant-Pot-Cookbook-Traditi...

About Book

"The Quintessential East meets West cookbook, Traditional Indian Food Made Simple in your Instant Pot" - Sanjeev Kapur, World Renowned Indian Chef.

There’s nothing quite like the tantalizing flavor of authentic Indian cuisine. The vindaloos, the curries, the xacuti, they all offer a taste as rich as the country’s 5,000-year history.

Indian spice trade was the motivation behind Christopher Columbus’ voyage that led him to discover the American continent.
Today, foodies and culinary adventurers go to similar lengths to seek out the real thing.

The good news is that you don’t have to.
With your Instant Pot at hand, you can make real Indian food right in your kitchen with minimal effort.

In fact, to produce an authentic Indian dish, you need an arsenal of tools—a rice cooker, a crock pot, perhaps even a stovetop pressure cooker. But the Instant Pot can be the only tool you need, and produces better tasting food.

The Indian Instant Pot Cookbook offers:

  • Over 300 delicious Authentic Indian Recipes
  • Common Indian Spice tables and descriptions
  • Brief History of the Diverse flavors
  • Intuitive Categorization for easy browsing
  • Practical tools and guidelines to make using your Instant Pot cooking a breeze

Sneak Preview of the Recipes:

  • Chicken Palak
  • Paneer Biryani
  • Basmati Pilau
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Marathi Spiced Rice
  • Patra ni Maachi
  • Tomato Prawn Masala

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  • Do I need a kindle unlimited subscription for this or do you just 'Buy with 1 Click' ??

    Haven't been into the Kindle books before but seems like theres some good free/cheap titles

  • Anyone bought an Instant Pot recently?

  • like curries…:)
    dont have kindle…:(

  • Don’t forget the companion tltle “Indian Instant Plop”.

  • Great! Thanks BA

  • Hi, thanks for this OP. I'm Indian from South Africa, just starting to cook our recipes. If anyone is interested in traditional Indian recipes, I would recommend Indian Delights. It's a hardcover book ranges from $20 - $80 on Amazon. Link It's got everything from snacks to Biryani for 50+ people. There's also Eatmee, which has a lot of South African recipes and step by step photo instructions.

    • Your second website is stupid because it has stupid javascript to disable copying. Cant believe I had to click thrice in chrome to disable it.

      Anyways, I was looking at the Turkish tea process and this line caught my eye:

      "Spill out some tea blend (with a Turkish tea glass the general guideline will be to spill out the mix to the abdomen, the tightest purpose of the glass) & after that weaken it with water."

      If this is how they're going to construct their articles then Im not interested in the slightest

      • Ok to be honest, I did a bit of digging and it seems that recipe was copy pasted from a Turkish Tea set's instructions. Hence the language, but ironically it is an actual Turkish recipe! I think the website has a good format and a lot of work has gone into collating all the recipes. South African Indian food is different to most Indian food that's generally available.

        • Yes. I didnt have an issue with the recipe (same people) but I take offence that they copy a recipe yet would have the audacity to stop your from in turn doing the same. It's good for the less inclined culinary wise with images for each step of the way but probably not my forte.

          Im probably more adept in the kitchen (dont measure, if cooking something new take recipes only as a suggestion) then needing a step by step instructional manual on how to cut up meats, vegetables etc but having said that; I only know the Balkan, Arab, Mediterranean, Turkic kitchens (all pretty similar). Only time ive made curries is with the ready to make simmer sauces. Apart from Briyani, curries, masalas, the deserts and drinks, what would you recommend? Something maybe light if they do do that

        • @Hahuh: Recipe on there for Hard Porridge. It's a maize based porridge you can use instead of rice or bread. Mix is $3.50 a kg and you can get it at some Woolworths. Can have that as a sweet porridge with milk and sugar. Looks similar to what they ate in the first Matrix.

        • @shadako: I make polenta. I believe this is just replacing one starch with another. Whats the sweet porridge thing? Is it like a congee or is it porridge with the oats?

        • @Hahuh: There's nuances especially in texture. Plus this is lighter to gobble down or have throughout the day. You could make a congee copy, this usually has yoghurt and herbs (coriander) added. I like to have the sweet version made like the Eatmee recipe. Phutu, the zulu staple is similar but steamed so it goes even more crumbly. Then you add milk and sugar, so the texture is maintained. I would say it is also good to learn chappati's and rotis and dhall. Getting these exactly right is hard, but worthwhile. Or if you want to go to mains, mutton/lamb curry, sugar beans or prawn curry would be the three I would pick.

  • I only have a pressure cooker, book might not be of much use to me.

  • indian food, instant and simple do not go together. i would question this book!

  • they have free apps for this….

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