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FREE 1 Year VIP Membership (Usually $35) @ Promotix (New Accounts)


Available for both new users and users who want to upgrade from their standard (free) subscription who haven't previously had VIP.

Thought this was worth sharing as it's been a month since it expired and the interest it gained. The coupon is still working fine.

Love new experiences? Love a great deal?
Join Promotix for exclusive ticket offers to unmissable music, comedy, movies, sport and more.

I've had a great experience with PromoTix, they offer heaps of events on the cheap which I usually wouldn't go and see.

Make sure you select the blue VIP membership and enter the promo code at the checkout (it will reduce the cost by $35).

Each event has a booking fee attached which is usually around the $6 mark.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Just did this before you posted haha

    Seems like it will be a good deal for movies, e.g., the upcoming A Quiet Place @ $9 booking fee but 2x free tickets (works out to be bout $4 per ticket).

    • It really works out well sometimes! I went and saw a comedian the other night for $6.95 for two people and he was advertising his DVD for $20 lol.

      • +8

        So who had the last laugh?

  • Only has a movie deal for SA customers, not sure if worth it in long term

    • +11

      … it's free.

      • So are a gazillion things in this world. It’s about what relevant stuff you select and if you can be bothered with annoying emails then go for it👍🏽

        • +1

          No annoying emails.

    • +1

      Thought I saw heaps of stuff for the fringe festival not long ago

    • +1

      They have Fringe shows on there (during the Fringe of course), I took the family to a couple of shows this year through promotix. Would have cost about $200 for the 4 of us for 2 shows, through Promotix it was about $10 total as they were children's shows so the tickets were for 4 people and the booking fee was only $5 per show! Also saw Will Anderson for $9 for a a friend and myself. You get movies from time to time too.

      • Some of the tix are only for VIP members though. Will Anderson was one.

        • Sorry just saw the op was for VIP. Ooops

  • +1


    The current promo/deals don't look that great to be honest.

  • +3

    usually around the $6 mark which is awesome for two people.

    How do I become one of those two people?

  • +1

    The deals come around all year.
    Currently, there's cheap tickets to the Melbourne Comedy Festival.
    The artists elect as to whether they'll offer these tickets.
    Recent at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, I saved loads of money via Promotix.
    Any issues, they sort out really fast.
    Love Promotix.

  • For those more into concerts/gigs (like me), the movie offers seem like the main drawcard

  • For Melbourne I'd highly recommend this. Also we LOVE Rama Nicolas (seen all her shows), Cal Wilson is pretty funny too.

  • +3

    Just "upgraded" my account after it dropped from VIP to standard. No need for a new account. Cheers

    • Awesome, chucked that in the post thanks!

    • +5

      Doesn't work for me - "You have exceeded the maximum number of uses". AFAIK I have only had one year of premium membership in the past.

      • same. only had 1 free membership in past. tried to upgrade. got "You have exceeded the maximum number of uses" :(

    • Yeah, went to buy some tickets and noticed by VIP had dropped. Upgraded with this code :) Thanks!

    • Thanks for the tip! Just upgraded for free and booked a premium comedy festival show.

  • +2

    If you put no stress on the second syllable in Promotix, it sounds like a dog wormer.

    • Hmm, someone obviously loves their Pro-mo-tix!

    • Holy shit, I've never understood what supposedly "random" humour is.

      This observation made me laugh so hard. Like I actually had to try saying it a few times to hear what you mean: PRO-muh-TIX, but then I'm like: (1) how did anyone figure that out (2) why would you post it onto a bulletin board about bargains?!

      So good, thanks for the great laugh.

  • You have exceeded the maximum number of uses
    Code expired

    • +1

      Still works here, make a new account using another email?

      • My mistake
        I read this as 'Available for both new users and users who want to upgrade from their standard (free) subscription.' usable for members who had already signed up using the code as my membership has regressed to standard subscription.

        • Ahh okay sorry it worked for someone else, I'll update the title for clarity :)

        • +1

          If you've got Gmail, sign up to promotix again but add or remove a '.' to the email.ie I removed the dot between my first and last name. Emails still go to the same account but it's a new account on promotix. Learnt this hack off Ozbargain for Spotify.

        • @heysoph9:
          Great hack! will keep this in mind

  • +1

    I got this last time… never used it. Was nothing worthwhile.

  • -3


    I registered.
    I went to website.
    I went to every state.
    Only Victoria had more than one item.
    Research complete.
    Wrote my thesis on the subject and published on OzBargain
    Hopefully my comment will save others from wasting their time.

    Please be respectful of other peoples opinions. This website is only useful if you live or plan to visit Victoria. IMHO, this should be mentioned in the description.

    • +1

      I am from Brisbane as well and I have been invited to more than 10 events in the last few months, just because there's no events currently does not warrant a neg.

      I respect your opinion, I'm just trying to explain that events aren't always available. I would have put VIC only if that was the case but it's not, it was probably a bad time to post it because events aren't currently on.

  • just tried to re-activate an expired account and this fails but it does still work on new accounts