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Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - DC34 $180 Delivered @ Dyson eBay



DC34 delivers 15 minutes of powerful, constant suction – or 6 minutes on Boost mode for tougher cleans. It's powered by the Dyson digital motor, which spins up to 5 times faster than a racing car engine. DC34 has a lithium-ion battery that recharges up to 3 times faster than others, and Dyson's patented Radix Cyclone technology for powerful suction as you vacuum.

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  • Seems like a deal but it's not, better off grabbing even a V6. I bought one (a DC34) while doing Uber so I could tidy on the go but it's really not that good :( The V6 can be had for another $45 and is well worth the extra coin in my opinion.

  • There are so many models I'm confused.
    How does this compare to the V10?
    What model performs the best?

    • The v10 is the latest and most powerful stick vacuum, the first one that Dyson believe truely replaces a full sized.

      This handheld is the weakest model they’ve made and seas unlikely to have been manufactured in the past 5 years. It has a v2 Dyson motor (second version).

      I wouldn’t consider this one at all, it’s a dustbuster handheld. Better off getting a v6 stick since they can convert down and are strong and better design overall if you down want to pay for a v8 or v10.

      • Thank you!
        I've had a DC49(?) for years and have been very happy with it. The vacuum has outperformed where others have failed. So I don't mind spending good money on a 'stick'.
        I'll hold off until I see a V10 deal I guess :)

    • Is that a trick question..? if the newest models in some way shape or form happened to performed worse than this obviously much cheaper model (few years older) it would murder their brand.. Therefore i would assume ur question is a rhetorical one.

      • Nope. Some people will pay for a name.
        I pay for performance.
        If there was a magic princess super sucky swizzle stick that outperforms the V10, I'd get that.

      • I’ve heard that the old Dyson vac’s are way better than the new ones.

  • I fix em, and DYSON is WAY WAY over priced and truly over rated for me, some corded models and some of the handheld models I have seen are absolute crap, spent more money replacing parts for these old Dc31 Dc35 etc also… and the parts back then where very expensive.
    A few of the Dyson models where built well and are reliable, like my old ( and I mean old) well used DC02…
    But there are many other brands that will last forever, and a lot cheaper for example my Miele , will last a very long time and do a great job.

    • Any opinions on what you think is the best 'stick' / hand held vacuum?

      • You can't stop people from buying these, I mean they did make some great models way back when. They've become almost a status symbol now days. Wow ….you got a Dyson , Iphone and an Ipad Air !

        There are so many more reliable and better priced models to choose from, like Blacker + Decker, Bissel to mention just two.

        Now that prices have and will come down further, plus the better resale value it's something to consider. Assuming they make it passed the first 2-3 years.

        I'd maybe consider a discounted V6 as a gift, maybe when mothers day comes around, this year, maybe next year or a V7 but add the extra $$ for power head etc, it's a lot to loose when it does eventually die..

        Vacuums should last more than 10 years of medium use not 2, honestly these are not really designed to do the entire house or rooms for that matter.
        So if used for spot jobs, sure I'd consider one if i had plenty of money and didn't really care,
        So maybe you can throw away $300, or just buy 2 other decent models instead, leave one the garage and on in the house and get 12 years use out of them.

        • My reservations about getting a hand held is the fact that my Dyson is about 10 years old now and still works well. I couldn’t imagine a lithium battery surviving a decade therefore I just can’t justify the $$$ when my Dyson cost me about half the price they’re asking for the v10 absolute. If they guaranteed the thing for 10 years I’d probably get one.

    • I tried my cousins Miele and I’ve never seen a vac that could suck so well. It didn’t have a turbo head which was a downfall in my opinion but honestly it made up for it with power. And she only has hard floors which is perfect for her.