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In Stock Honda Electric HRE370 Lawn Mower: 50% off RRP $399, Now $199 + $30 Delivery or Pick up in Store (NSW) @ Allmowers


Honda HRE370 Electric Lawn Mower ideal for small pocket size lawns, light weight Polly plastic base 1.3kw electric motor.
4 Year Honda Warranty. Priced to clear run out model. Great little mower.

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  • OP Any deal on petrol one? Thx


      Hi mate we have a Easter sale online if you use coupon code “bunny” it gives 10% off every product on our site. So code “EASTER” for the electric mower and “BUNNY” for 10% off everything else.

  • Is this one Made In Italy, if so stunning price, must be exiting the market, and the arrival of Miimo?

  • Awesome deal Rep, was looking at these mowers yesterday! Being in VIC, how would I go about any warranty claims?

  • I am in Melbourne. maybe we can buy together

  • Does this have VTEC

  • This or a type r?

  • Read a review that when accidentally run over the cable the cable got shredded, that's a big risk IMO, else would have bought it straightaway

    • They are double insulated so you wont fry yourself [some come with the cord, does this?] in any case honda are getting out of electric, next is cordless or robotic

      • I have a heavy duty extension cord and I think this will use the extension cord as the Honda's would be around 1 metre in length that's all

      • You won't fry yourself if it cuts through to the wire either.

    • definitely use an RCD with any corded implement.

    • The actual cable from the lawn mower is like 30 cm and it's in the handle area and is like 70cm off the ground, so basically they just ran over their extension cable use, which is like $5 for a new one.

      • Well the resulting shock may cost more than $5, based on it I'm not going to go for this and as Steptoe said above, an RCD cable maybe worth it, but a good 25m one costs around $100 maybe

      • $5 if you're lucky. Otherwise, a fatality.

        Corded mowers really shouldn't exist. And I say that as a person who has owned a corded mower and never run over their cord. It's just not worth the risk.

        • If your house doesnt have at least a safety switch on the GPO's you should probably invest the money in doing that rather than buying this mower. Corded mowers are just as safe as using any other corded power tool, so long as you treat them as a power tool - use protective equipment, setup your work area (including cables), etc.

        • @tissue:

          That's nice, but there's a backwards and forwards motion that drags the cord. Yes, I can manage the way I do things. Will my wife? Will my kids? Are you in control of how others use your equipment? Most power tools I imagine you don't let others use them or they don't try to. Lawn mowers are different, they don't have the power tool stigma and others will and do try to use them. Again, not worth it.

        • @justtoreply:
          Dont blame the tool blame the operator!

        • @justtoreply:

          There’s always AstroTurf

        • Zero risk realistically, even without an RCD, unless you're so stupid you'd go and touch the live wires after having run over the cord. A total non-issue. The far greater issue is that cords are a massive PITA when mowing. Then again, having to go to the servo to buy fuel when you had one more strip of lawn to cut is a massive PITA too.

        • Then I guess petrol mowers shouldn't exist either? A careless or stupid person might shock themselves with a corded mower, just as a similar person may burn themselves or their house down handling and keeping petrol.

  • I was considering an EGO, but it seems you don't have the cheaper models?

    We have a small lawn but I'm sick of shit mowers. I would guess 30 square metres max. Partly against a retaining wall which may be an issue?

    Edit: OK, found it.. the "next page" buttons are really hard to see

    Edit 2: nevermind, $165 shipping!

  • Petrol model is more powerful…

  • I can't mow the lawn without the fumes of petrol. It's just not right

  • consider getting third party insurance incase you accidentally damage your neighbors lawn

  • I can vouch for electric mower in general.
    - no petrol, oil, clean up required.
    - no pollution
    - no loud noise. But there's still noise.
    - just press button and off you go.
    - very light, mine is around 12kg
    Downside is just wire. But you will get used to it after couple of uses.

    EDIT: My mower (bosch electric from Bunnings) "looks" much better and sturdy than this one.

  • I wish my neighbours would buy electric mowers. They have lawns maybe 3m x 3m in size, yet feel the need to buy noisy and smelly 2 stroke mowers when an electric would do the job perfectly.

  • +2 votes

    28 sold already thanks guys we have only 7 more left once all gone will be marked out of stock cheers and happy Easter

  • Only have had positive experiences with allmowers. Quick and honest response to queries. Bought a lot of Ego stuff from them lately. Happy Easter lads!


      Thanks mate we live by honesty and being straight up that’s why we’ve been in business over 28 years Honda Dealer of the year 3 years running and EGO no1 in Australia this year. Really appreciate your business thank you

    • Another happy customer here too! Also bought the Ego Mower and Line Trimmer and had the gear delivered right to my door. Service was fantastic from start to finish.


        Thanks for the great feed back mate we really appreciate your business have a great Easter cheers

  • Just got one. New customer here. Haven't used a Honda electric mower before. So I don't mind trying one. I got Bosch myself for 5 years without a hitch,so I hope I get the same experience if not better.

    Cheers for a nice deal for Easter

    I know its probably end of product line you getting rid of stock but how does one register for its 4 year warranty and do you guys service it?


      Hi mate thanks for the order. We register the warranty for you. It can be taken to any Honda Dealer for Service. Have a great Easter Cheers

      • Thanks for the info. Cheers

        Also just to let you know the site was running a bit slow. I think too much Web traffic

  • Upvoted as I like the cut of the jib from OP thanks mate cheers hooroo

  • Thanks ordered. Now I just need someone to push it. :)


    SOLD OUT sorry guys all gone we still have 10% sale on everything else use code “BUNNY”

  • As long as they don't have the same MGU-H issues of the Formula 1 cars, all good.

  • If you missed this one have a look at the $149 Ozito one at Bunnings. I really wanted to go cordless, but they're still silly money. For the saving it's worth learning how to deal with the cord if you're lawn is not huge (my block is 820m2 and a 25 metre cord reaches all from two sockets).

    Very light and plenty powerful enough.

    • Worth a look is Bosch electric. It comes with snipper for $200 from Bunnings. Got it 1.5 yrs ago.. not sure if they still sell it.

      • Only Ryobi and Ozito corded on their site.

      • They don't sell Bosch anymore. IMO Bosch and Honda are reasonably priced with good quality. Ozito is not the same and cannot be compared on the same level.

        To get Bosch you will have to import or eBay it now which I wouldn't do

        • I don't know there's that much difference between the Ozito and this Honda. Both just a simple electric motor in a plastic body. Pretty simple. I can confirm the Ozito is not junk, actually quite good (like some of their other tools). More importantly, It's cheap enough to try at $149 without it being a waste of a lot of money if a corded mower is not suitable, unlike the $399 the Honda normally costs. I'd pay a bit more for the Honda badge, but not more than double. Their petrol mowers have a great reputation. Not sure of the electric.


    Have just got 10 more back in stock Guys

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