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TCL 65'' 4K UHD TV (65E17US) $930 Shipped Major Cities @ Appliance Central


Not dealt with Appliance Central before but $930 seems like a decent price.
Currently goes for $1,100 at TGG.
Generally good reviews.


• Smart TV
• Freeview Plus
• Netflix
• DTS Sound
• 3 Year Warranty

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  • free delivery…

  • Nice find OP. Will be great for my bedroom.

  • Note, if you make a warranty claim on these TVs you need to fund the cost of shipping the unit to the manufacturer or pay the cost of having a local technician over to repair onsite. Other TV manufacturers do this free of charge. No deal for me.

    • When a product is too large, too heavy or too difficult to remove, the business is responsible for paying the shipping costs or collecting the product within a reasonable time of being notified of the problem. Examples include
      a wide screen TV
      a bed
      an extension ladder stuck in the extended position
      a product that has been subsequently installed, like a stove or a dishwasher.

      are they allowed to make you pay with our consumer rights?

      • I don't think they make any non-wide screen TVs so they should be paying the return delivery costs for all their TVs but their warranty page states otherwise (if you are further than 30km from their service centre).


        1. If the Television Location is more than 30km from the Authorized Service Provider, then TCL will be entitled to seek reimbursement from you for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by TCL in relation to any Authorized Repairer attending (and travelling for the Television to be returned to the Television Location under clause 3d(i). You must pay any such amounts to TCL on demand by TCL.

        2. You will not be entitled to claim any costs or expenses from TCL in relation to making the Warranty Claim, including any costs that you incur in delivering the Television to (or collecting the relevant Television from) an Authorized Service Provider under clause 3c or 3d(ii) (as applicable).

        • This applies to country bumpkins only. 30km in the city you are probably covered.

        • not sure why you're being downvoted for copypasta from their website. it's bullshit and would never fly if you made a complaint to the dept fair trading, but it is what they state on their website…

    • I just got my TCL TV repaired and it's covered under warranty. I don't have to pay a single cent for it.

  • Nice find OP. We have had a TCL for years which never let us down. Good price for a 65" branded TV for less than $1,000.

  • AndroidTV OS or something else?

  • I have a TCL 65" 65E5900US I will never buy this brand again. Picture and sound is OK but anything else that is smart is slow or doesn't work well or at all and had to replace with a $30 USD Android box.
    Could have bought an Aldi tv with same setup and saved $300-$400.

  • BE AWARE ~ ALL TCL's NEED A USB, FIRMWARE UPDATE OUT OF THE BOX and while its not hard, its NOT for the faint of heart!

    4gb FAT32 formatted USB
    1. DOWNLOAD Firmware Version 186 from


    (this is the link TCL will give you if you ask)
    2. Now copy it to the USB
    3. Turn off the TV (mains power – unplug it from the power point /socket)
    4. Insert USB stick with the correct software (if there’s a service port, make sure to plug it there)
    5. Press and hold the power button on the TV (not remote)
    6. Turn on mains power to the TV (while keeping the power button pressed)
    7. After about ten seconds, you will see the upgrade notification on the TV, as soon as you see this, release the power button.

    The power button is in the centre of the TV, middle bottom and a little toward the back of the bezel, behind the power ON/OFF LED.

    This is for 17/P20/C20 series and others Im guessing… Once done, you have a half decent tv.

    OPTIMAL TV SETTINGS ARE: (deepest blacks, brightest colours)
    Picture ~ Standard
    Mix Dimming ~ ON
    Backlight ~ 100
    Saturation ~ 50
    Autoformat ~ ON
    Screen Mode ~ 16:9
    OVERSCAN ~ ON (optional, makes little difference the loss of a few pixels)
    Dynamic Backlight ~ LOW
    Micro Dimming ~ ON
    Advanced Settings >
    Contrast ~ 100
    Sharpness ~ 50
    Tint ~ 50
    Blacklevel ~ 50
    Black Stretch ~ ON
    Gamam ~ 0
    Colour Temp ~ (Normal) or (Cold/blue, better whites) (Warm, little yellow, better skin tones) < user pref
    10P White Balance ~ ON (interval 1)
    Colour Space ~ Native
    RGB ~ OFF
    Noise Reduction ~ OFF (soap opera effect, best off or set to LOW)
    Then apply all sources YES or use as custom for say HDMI1/2/3/4 or say NETFLIX



  • This or a Hisense for a little extra???

      • Thank you srhardy for the reply, would love too but paying more than double for the wishful thinking amount for the TCL, isn't so appealing atm. Might just retreat for now back in my cave, save & wait to strike a purchase another day…..

        • I got the P20 60" TCL for <$1k ($950) and even though I got a good picture out of it, updated the firmware so it all worked ect…

          Wish Id waited and gotten the samsung on sale, even if it meant interest free repayments for 12 months… Its 65", it works and it looks awesome! But yeah, its $1596! Its come down some $1k over the past 3 months, so you'd be bummed if you paid $2399 like they were! At this price I say get out of your cave!

      • The price over easter was $1598 then $1999 and now $2399 ~ markup anyone?

        I expect the price to drop again, permanently this time

  • I'll keep a look out on the Samsung panel, if it drops down closer to the $1K mark I'll purchase it. Even though I'm not overly keen a curved screen for the lounge room. I did how ever recently purchase a 34in UHD Samsung curved monitor for my cave ;)