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TCL 43P20US 4K 43" TV $519.13 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


Sorry guys looks like this is 30hz only [email protected]!#.

Update: 50 and 60hz interlaced seem to work but I lose my mouse pointer.

Just bought this as a pc monitor 4k 4:4:4 at 30hz. Not great colour and white reproduction but I can't argue with the price.

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  • What will this be like for a PS4 (Pro)?

  • Hey I'm interested in how these go as monitors??? Anyone out there use a 4k TV as a computer monitor? I am a student and when completing assignments, often have several pages open at one time, I think a large screen would help. Unless a Ozbargainer has a better suggestion???

    • For multi pages I suggest running 2 screens but I suppose a 4K TV would be okay since the issue with using a TV in the past has been that 1080p is too blurry for a PC screen at 40"

    • It seriously blew me away how good it looks just don't expect prefect color representation and you need to keep the remote handy.

    • "Just bought this as a pc monitor 4k 4:4:4 at 60hz" first sentence of this deal…

      Anyway I too am interested, this is on my computer parts list. Sounds like Gusper is happy with it though for professional colour reproduction it's probably not the monitor but that shouldn't have as a surprise. For this price it sounds awesome to me.

      It was recently going for $505 at Good Guys (pickup) but this including delivery makes a better deal probably. (Yeah I know, I should have posted that deal)

  • Where are you getting the 30Hz info? I'm finding most reports stating something like: "Currently running in PC mode, HDMI 2.0, [email protected], 4:4:4 chroma set in nVidia panel"

    Also, any idea about how it would compare against the $399 Kogan 4K? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-43-4k-led-tv-series-8-ju8...

    • The feet and the frame look the same the back is not. Tcl weighs 7.9th where Joanna weighs close to 10kg. How bad could it be?

    • Unless the kogan is 4:4:4, forget it.

      • Seems that Kogan don't provide details about this.

        • I'd say if it's not mentioned, assume it's not supported unless you can find otherwise. IMO 4:4:4 and 60Hz are vital for PC use doing anything other than gaming, for gaming you could get away without it but even then I'd like to have it since a monitor is a long term investment for most.

          The only other options I know of are Panasonic and AOC.

          AOC C4008VU8 is $789, could be a steal if it ever qualifies for a future 20% sale on eBay ($631!). It's not as good as the Panasonic but would be pretty damn close for all but the professional. I had high hopes for this TCL display too but looks like it's falling short.

  • All 4K TV's with HDMI 2.0 will run 60Hz but it just depends on what chroma setting you have it in and if there's enough bandwidth.
    4K @ 60hz with 4:4:4 10 bit, not all TV's can do.
    Drop it down to 4:2:2 or even 4:2:0 and it should run fine. Just means a little less clarity on fine text which should hardly be noticeable in any games - if at all. Only when using web pages and software really that you will see a difference.
    Running 4K HDR @ 60Hz with 4:4:4 10 bit almost no screen can display at it takes over 22Gb/s which HDMI 2.0 maxes out at 18Gb/s. Some have had luck with HDMI cables that can handle the higher bandwidth though and managed to display that ratio, but would be very rare!
    BTW this 43inch model can only do HDR by USB (movies only), so doesn't look like xbox, PS4 pro or pc gaming in HDR will be an option unless you get the bigger size models.

    • HDR by USB only seems like an odd design choice but I guess if they limit it they are admitting their HDR on this model is not very good.

      • HDR on this model (and the bigger screens which support HDR over HDMI) and actually for what it's worth HDR on the next model up c20us, is absolutely garbage! The Reds are blown out, cannot reproduce the highlights properly and makes the dark scenes black. I'd suggest you test them in store before buying them. I really wanted these TCL models to be good (like the US models which are apparently the best budget option) but unfortunately they are really really bad.
        Haven't seen the x20us with QLED but if these are any measure for quality i wouldn't hold my breath for that "high end" model either.

        This is good if you've only had cheap TVs and don't care about colours or how good the picture looks and just want a cheap 4einch 4k tv… Having said that, my 47 inch 10 year old 1080p Panasonic monitor looked better than this…

        • That's a fair point, TCL have always targetted the budget market for things like retail display installations and waiting room TVs as well as schools, kids TVs and spare bedroom. I've seen a few TCL TVs at peoples houses but never as the primary TV.

          I think they get seconds from companys who reject the panels as not good enough samples then build them into cheap consumer devices which is great for cutting down on tech waste

        • @Agret:
          That's all changing this year…
          TCL are now bringing their top of the line models to Australia.
          P6, C6 and X6.
          Full Array Backlight with many local dimming zones. Wide colour gamut, plus the lowest input lag of any TV (around 10ms). Will rival the big brands for quality but obviously better cost. It's only the exterior build quality which won't be as good. Even the C6 will come with a round Harmon Kardan soundbar attached to the bottom.
          I believe they release towards the end of the month. In America the P6 is known as the best budget TV and the best for gamers. This is the updated version so hopefully, even better.

        • @Agret: Well according to their website they are one of the only 3 vertically integrated TV manufacturers… Meaning they make everything in their TVs in house from panel to board, so that rules out then using reject panels from other manufacturers.
          I think we just end up with reject panels from other markets, regardless of how, what we have down under is pretty crap. Even though they amrketed the c20us as bee's knees it was pretty average and not worth the premium over the p20us.
          Anyhow if the comment below is correct this year is going to be an interesting year for budget TVs here (although last year, was meant to be the year… ) Let's see how it goes.