This was posted 3 years 9 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Selected 4K Movies 2 for $50 @ JB Hi-Fi Eg Get out, Guardians of The Galaxy 2, Kingsman 2


JB Hi-Fi have selected 4K movie titles 2 for $50
Some good titles as listed above include
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
Kingsman 2
John Wick 2
Get out


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  • is this a price increase?

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      It used to be 2 for 40 but a bunch of newer movies have been added so decent value for some of them.

      Sanity still have 2 for 40 though.

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        so add some and put the price up is a bargain?

        I must be missing something or someone else is ….

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          Well two $40 movies for $50 total is still a bargain.

          Not the lowest they’ve been but yeah that’s JB at the moment, probably both a result from the hit they took from the error of allowing multiple stack 20% codes recently and the somewhat monopoly they have for bricks and mortar stores for UHD.

          I personally buy most of mine from Amazon US.

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          Most people should buy from overseas. As it's region free for all 4K discs plus it's usually close to half price in the US compared to Australia.

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          Until border protection kicks in which will probably see amazon au up its game.

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      Some of these went up in price and were added to a 2 for $50 to make it sound appealing…

      Some were under $20 before.

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    Best to wait for a 20% off sale and then use some of those stack coupons if you have any left - will come out to 2 for $32 after all of that - you will need to use 2 Stack codes per 2fer though…

    • I was about to say. The email appears to say this will last till the 18th, so there's a fair chance to be a 20% off before it ends. I'll wait; I've been caught by that before.

      • use a 20% coupon to get back to old price nearly - yeah great better idea is to shop elsewhere that's price competitive

        • Yeah, I'm looking at using the Sanity deal for a couple of discs like Wonder Woman and It. The difference here though is there's some newer movies in this JB deal not in the Sanity one, like Logan and Mother, which are ones I want too and they're expensive everywhere.

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    Cheaper at Sanity

    • Does the 10% off code from Cashrewards work with the 2 for $40 deal at Sanity?

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    Keen in mind that you should check whether the movie is real 4k. Most of these are fake 4k.

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      Some films that are mastered in 2K look very impressive due to the implementation of HDR. Some 2K masters can look better than some 4K masters. There's a lot more to 4K discs then just the resolution increase. There's also the addition of Dolby Atmos in a lot of the new UHD films.

      • Absolutely. But, check :)

  • Few other mentions Dunkirk, Wonder Woman and Logan nice find OP now just hope they do 20% off soon :)

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      yep these are 2 for $40 at sanity now - wonder why no-one looked - or is this another advertising listing cuz jb are doing that a lot these days here.

      No logan though yet

      • Great 10$ saved thanks for info

  • "Buy 1 get 1 free" is coming in next month. I think i can wait for it.

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