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Business Class- HKG from $1,758 Return from ADL/PER & More (Virgin Australia)


Competition is heating up on flights to Hong Kong! Great deal flying Virgin Australia in their "The Business" product to Hong Kong

Use the promo code JTX27 @ Virginaustralia.com

Depart from: Anywhere in Australia (This promo excludes Sydney and Melbourne)

Adelaide - $1758
Perth- $2108

Tavel Dates are available throughout the year- The above flights were found in July 2018

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  • Flew in Jan from MEL and food and service were excellent.

  • Nice find. That almost on par with fully ticketed Alaskan, United, Avianca awards. But with full earning so YMMV.

  • Great price from Adelaide. So tempted, would make an awesome status run.

  • Same prices from Hobart. Impressive price for a fantastic business class seat.

  • 320 status credits from Adelaide

    thanks OP booked for August!

    • Wohooo!! Would love to hear how your trip goes! Don't forget to sign up to our email alerts for deals like this- Cheers Sam

      • I was actually able to call this morning and the waved the cancellation fee

        so I could book it out of the Gold Coast, with the return leg via Melbourne, which would get another 20 status credit

        bringing it to 340! goes a long way to retaining platinum for another year.

        I am singing up for email alerts, thanks!


    Going Mel via syd do you essentially gain an extra 80 status credits?

    • Yes, any flight sector earns you points and SC. The old saying is; why fly direct, when you can connect.

      • jesus christ the things people will do for any sort of reward… some people don't value their time as much as others…

        • Trust me in the long run status pays off especially with things such as express check-in, priority boarding, priority luggage and express security screening. All of this allows you more time spent relaxing at airport lounge and being well fed. Once you have these added benefits you never want to go back.

        • @nightelves:

          you must fly a LOT more than me, then. refer again to my original point. glad you're able to make something out of their rewards program though. each to their own.

        • @tromboc:

          I fly less than you think. I just take advantage of credit cards that provide elite status such as the Coles Rewards, Hilton Honors credit card and Amex Platinum.

  • What would be the consequence of missing the first domestic flight (e.g. ADL —> SYD)? Would the itinerary get cancelled?

    • I am guessing you are based in SYD, and want to take this offer. You will have to fly to ADL somehow.
      But I believe you could request not to have your luggage check through and miss the last domestic flight (SYD->ADL)


        You collect luggage in Sydney or Melbourne etc before seeing the transfer desk. Essentially just leave the airport

        BUT in missing the last leg which is the way around this you will probably forfeit the status credits/points for the HKG-SYD leg?

        Was looking at ADL-HKG via Melb, being based in Mel. But I really don’t think I can be bothered flying back to adelaide after the red eye then back to Melbourne again just to maintain status credits.

        Has anyone done this? I’m skipping the last leg which is the only really loophole.

        • I have done it with CX and QF without any issue. Maybe you should ring up and ask.


    HMM yeah heating up is accurate it's too hot to go in July! can't we have some deals for decent times of year please?

  • Thanks OP, this is the best status run ever! (on business class)

  • Pretty sweet deal

    Shame it excludes Sydney siders

  • Hey peeps

    Did a search and it includes Sydney

    I found flights in jan for $1600 return

  • Did I do something wrong? Used code and got $1342 using code from Mel.
    Direct VA flights to HKG mid Sept to mid Oct. Just did dummy run after reading Aceboy above.

    • did you select your returning flight and then look at the total cost?

    • I applied the code but where does it say it has been applied. I just put over forty random dates in to fly from Adelaide and I didn't get one fare that even comes close to the advertised $1,758 price.

  • thought I did but using small phone. Can try again. Anyone else tried? Chose direct flights.

  • Oops. My excitement died. Think I only checked one way. $2651 on business saver return from Mel. Apologies. My bad!

  • Depart from: Anywhere in Australia (This promo excludes Sydney and Melbourne)

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that laughed at that.

  • Does anyone know if Newcastle is included? Might have to go up there rather than Sydney :D

    Absolutely incredible price.

    • +1 vote

      Depart from: Anywhere in Australia (This promo excludes Sydney and Melbourne)

      What a crock!

  • No big deal, positioning to adl from mel is a walk in the park

  • Not very attractive as no Sydney and Melbourne. Also durin* Christmas, Qantas business is over 2k only.

  • Nothing from Brisbane.

  • The code is still working. might want to update the expiry date to later (not sure when it will end).
    I had a chat with VA CC and they advised that there are still plenty of Business award seats in September.
    Interesting that even with a PE price on business class product, still not many ppl take up this offer.
    *** $2000 is still a lot of money tho ***

  • Is this still live? The deals seem to have vanished.