How Much Do You Spend on Haircut and How Frequently

I had always lived in the CBD area be it Melbourne or Sydney and used to have the 10-15 dollar hair cut near Sydney town hall station or Melbourne central. The fact that the whole affair took around 10-15 min made the experience even better.

Moved to the suburbs recently and haven't yet been able to find a cheaper deal, spending 25 dollars on a hair cut every month. That has got me thinking about our community members. How much do you spend on a hair cut and how frequently?

I am a male who is not 100% on the hair cut prices for women so don't blame me if the figures are not accurate.

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    >50 $
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    36-50 $
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    26-35 $
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    0 $
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    10-15 $
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    16-25 $


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      Geez, what else do you keep a log of?

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        Petrol spend
        Metro card spend

    • hats off!

    • Was the $80 one significantly better than your ~$30 ones?

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        Included beard. Nots significantly better but I was bound by location

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    IMHO the price is very dependent on the service you're getting. At a barbershop you're paying for a wealth of experience cutting men's hair & shaving and you get a tailored service. They typically like a good yarn as well. A salon is likely to do a few washes and head massage. They definitely like to chat. The $10-15 high volume places - you get what you paid for. I can usually pick who has these type of haircuts in the office. They seem to be a 'one size fits all' type of place. The DIY/home-buzzcut is also very easy to pick. A lot of these seem to end up uneven. Then there's the automated style haircut contraptions they have in Japan, with a vacuum cleaner cutting style contraption. This is the high volume model on steroids.

    This site seems to attract a lot of people wanting to pay the lowest price. However that approach won't get you the best bargain IMHO. Choose whatever service level is right for you then find the place that you feel the most comfortable.

  • About $120 at Toni and Guy, But I wouldn't go less than 3 months in between. If I was getting haircuts on the reg I would find somewhere cheaper.

    • is T&G really that good? I've never known any blokes that go there. I would expect television/movie star level of hair cutting performance for that $$$

      • haha put it this way, I didn't check the pricelist prior to scissors touching hair. I expected $50 or something. When the lady said $120 I kinda went into shock and just went through with it.

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    Poll is missing $0-$10.

    I get my hair cut in KL. I’m an AirAsia junkie.

    Zero conversation. I love it.

    • I haven't paid for an Australian hair cut in 9 years. I get one whenever I am in Asia which costs anything between $1 - $7. My go to is an Indian barber in Johor Bahru for $3. Fortunately I travel to the region every three months or so but in cases when it's been delayed I just grow it out until I depart. I can't bring myself to pay Aussie prices.

    • $7 mens haircut in hurstville, there's a huge queue and 7+ hairdressers servicing the entire region lol

  • My wife has been cutting my hair - since 1983.

  • just found a hairdresser who cuts my hair exactly as i want it. since i only have my hair cut 1-2 times a year and grow my hair out between cuts, i always need a restyle which costs $37.50. having spent most of my life trying to find a decent hairdresser, i barely blink at what they're charging me.

  • $9 every 8 weeks or so. I just get a buzz cut. Admittedly, I have only just gone back to the cheap place. I was going to a nice hairdresser for about a year and paying $25 a pop after the cheap place cut half of my head (and hairline) at a different length. It grew unevenly for while after and annoyed me a lot.

  • 0 on one side, up to a line. Bit off the top and faded up from a 0 on the other side.

    Neck shave + face towel.

    $30, every month, Brisbane CBD.

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    About 10 years ago in my mid 20's I shaved my own head with a #1 attachment all over. Been doing it myself ever since.

    Upgraded to some Wahl clippers about 5 years ago or so, this has been one of the best investments I've ever made. I now use a 0.5 attachment instead of #1

  • Bought myself a set of hair clippers and didn't pay a for haircut for over 2 years until recently when I changed styles. Even then, it was only $8.

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    Buy a Clipper set then shave it all off every 4 to 5 days. Done. Saving money just like ozbargain taught me to … So I can spend it on deals that pop up

  • Clippers cut every 4 weeks, #5 on top, #2 on the sides. $15!

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    $15 once a week. I know, it’s a pretty bad spending habit 😅

  • $40 every 2-3 weeks at local barber..

  • Love me a Jimmy page* $32 haircut in Brisbane. Probably wrong name, but close enough for those who know to understand.

    My last haircut cost $23, from some Asian guy in Sunnybank. Don't like it.

    I grew up in country Victoria (Latrobe valley hype!), $23 was standard for a barber. Cost to go to him because he knew about everything and everyone in the area, and amazed me with his ability to tell me who I'm related to, and what they did.


    *Also another place, same price, same atmosphere, found in indooroopilly shipping center.

    ** Sorry, drank a lot

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    my partner cuts my hair every 3 months for the past 1.5 years. she has no prior hairdressing experience but this is one of the reasons why she's a keeper.

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      Also $10 student cuts at Answers2Hair in Ringwood. Another $5 if you want a beard trim.

      Go there every 3 months or so to ogle the students … get made presentable … stupid phone …

  • 10$ fortnightly from a Vietnamese shop lol, before that was $22 actually they would charge me different every time for same cut

  • I use a Size 0 all round for a buzzcut and for the facial hair. Been doing it myself since I was a teenager

  • 30-40 with a barber about once a month, the style i have unfortunately grows out very quick :(

  • I bought a set of clippers 12 years ago for $50. Haven't paid anything since. So that works out to around 60 cents every 8 weeks or so and it's getting cheaper every time.

  • $5-$10 every 2 months at teaching colleges in Melbourne

  • $30 / fortnight.

    Men's haircuts are a sham in AU….cheapest is $25 unless you go to some corner barbershop with a non-English speaking barber charging $7

    • $7 for the haircut and an extra $18 for them to speak English! Guess it's important, otherwise you could end up with any style

  • I go to one of those Asian barber shops which seem to be appearing all over the place

    You put a $10 note into the machine get a number and just wait - Bargain

  • $19 and try to stretch it out to 12 or 13 weeks. Male 32

  • Bah, depends how good you want it to be.

    I can cut my own hair, it won't look great but it's pretty similar to a $10 job, and I can maintain it on a weekly basis.

    I can also go to a higher end barber shop and pay around $50 for hair that actually looks good, and I'll get complimented (it's arguably worth $50 for a week of compliments).

    The standard cut around the City seems to be $25 otherwise.

    • I'm sure you could pay people less to compliment you for a week. Just offer 5 people 5 bucks. They could then offer a variety of compliments, not just about hair. Then get your $10 cut and pocket the $15 savings.

      • It's not the intended purpose of the haircut, and I think the point is that 5 people might compliment you, but even more will notice/care.

        I get my hair cut because the longer hair annoys me, but for events like a wedding I'll spend the extra whatever.

  • I haven't had my hair cut since sept last year. I had it done at a el cheapo salon and it was that bad I went and bought scissors and layered it myself. It looks great… now.

  • $35 every 2 months. My hairdresser has 25-ish years of experience and works at Toni & Guy, but does a lot of cuts from his home for a third of the price as T&G.

  • $25 every 4-6 weeks.

    Cut using scissors, not a razor.

  • Used to go to a Korean hairdresser in the city (Sydney), but the last time I went the guy cut my neck instead of my hair, didn't even get an apology or discount. So I've started going to a proper saloon now, it's not cheap but at least I will not walk out with nicks on my neck.

  • fortnightly $25

  • I am bald and no need it.

  • Been cutting it myself for over 4 years. Clippers were 80 bucks from harvey norman. Best decision ever.

  • Your poll is missing $1-$9. I pay $8 Hurstville NSW 3-4 times a year

  • Used to pay $30 every 6 weeks and $20 for the little fella, then Shaver Shop were selling Wahl head shavers for $15. The bits go up to about 8 so it's not that tight on the top. We are saving about $500 a year

  • You missed an option - 0 < x <= 10.
    I get $7 haircuts 3x a year.

  • I cut my own with hair Clippers. Number 4 on the top and 3 in the sides. I always mess up a bit at the back but hey whatever

  • Wow, quite a few people here seem to be getting good prices on fades.
    All my local barbers (Melbourne - South East) are $40+
    Does anyone have any recommendations on a good and reasonably priced barber for a fade, around south east burbs in Melbourne?

  • I don’t think I’ve ever had a haircut that cost less than $50 unless I went to a training college. I’m a woman.

  • I started trimming my hair since 2012, after a few trials during an exchange semester in Europe. And I never got back to hairdresser/barber again.
    Good thing about DIY is you do it whenever you want.
    On average I think one could save $25 x 10 a year plus time to travel to & wait at hairdresser's.

    P/S: my hairstyle has always been spiky textured and it won't go out of fashion anytime soon.

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    OK, I'm really going to get negged into oblivion for this…

    I pay…. $84. Yes, EIGHTY FOUR DOLLARS, once every 6-8 weeks.

    I'd don't expect to convince anyone that this is 'good value' or even a good thing to do, although I'll tell you what you get for this for those interested:

    • Haircut lasts around an hour, sometimes 1h20m
    • Fancy tea, proper coffee or glass of wine
    • Pre-shampoo on good massage chair
    • Scalp massage
    • Sometimes a post shampoo
    • Blow dry / styling advice (how to use different products, given many samples of different Kevin Murphy products, taught how to do it 3-4 very different ways)
    • Hairdresser is an owner/operator maestro, winner of numerous American Crew face off and L'Oreal awards - regularly cuts hairs for radio and TV personalities, DJs, footy players, etc.
    • 2 week wait time for a haircut usually
    • Every time I go hair cut is always awesome and I'm really happy with it
    • Haircut looks good on day 1 as well right through to the 6 week mark
    • I can go back at the halfway mark and get a free 'maintenance cut' or a style if I have an important event

    I agree it's excessive. I realised you pay around $1 to $1.20 per minute for a haircut, it's really a time based thing. i.e. 15 min buzz cut = $15, 30 min barber shop cut $30, etc.

    Previously I went to a top barber shop, $35 (including a beer which I never drank), although they can only really do that one style that half of Melbourne has now (which is still a really awesome cut).

    A haircut you wear every day. I've had girls comment on it many times, with some even calling me 'the nice hair guy'. For the single guy (or any guy really), it does make a difference.

    The OzBargain way would be to go to a top stylist like this once, get a style you like, then a cheaper place to replicate it.

    • Mind to share you place?

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      Do you mind sharing a picture of your hair cut?

    • I would maybe pay $84 for the opposite experience. At my barber shop it is so busy you have to wait atleast an hour, some days I try to get there before he opens and there is already a line of 6 people waiting. The haircuts themselves take 20-30 minutes. All this headache for a $20 cut. If I had a guy that I could just walk into on a whim and get my hair cut in 3-5 minutes I would pay $50 no questions asked. I hate the entire experience, so many more things in life I could be doing with my time.

  • Same as op. $25 every month. Used to be $45!

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    One of the perks of being bald is I can shave my own head for free. Occasionally I will ask myself if I have any holidays planned to recreate the barber experience.

  • I go to hair dressing schools, 2$ with pro "Hollywood" blowave, colours are very cheap too.
    It takes a bit longer but I've never had such nice hair cuts!

  • I recently started cutting my own hair. Before that I used get 18$ + (2% mastercard surcharge) haircut every quarter or so. but now that I am cutting my own hair I do it more frequently.

  • $60 every month Sydney cbd

  • 15 bucks once every 4 weeks.

  • $10 from Ur 10 Quick cut every 3 months.

    You can found their kiosk in most shopping malls in Melbourne.

  • a >$50 man’s haircut must include a BLOW dry.

  • 20$ Normally every week. I consider my self good looking so i guess i have to maintain my image lol…..

  • Free (I cut my hair by myself) and once every 3 weeks