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Charles Tyrwhitt 3 Shirts for $99 Delivered


Got this in the mail today, SPECIAL WELCOME BACK OFFER.
Must access via http://www.ctshirts.com/TAREN

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Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt

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    Charles Tyrwhitt Vs T.M.Lewin?

    • CT have a larger range of designs than TM. TM was a better skinny fit than CT but I note that CT now have a new 'super slim' fit which I'm going to give a shot to.

      EDIT: looks like I won't be. They only have like half a dozen 'super slim' shirts and none catch my eye to buy.

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        Just start lifting big son, that will fix your problem

    • +9

      I much prefer CT, particularly the iron-free.

      Broadly speaking TML has heavier cotton whereas CT has finer cotton.

      Asian body types might find the TML slim cut suits more. CT slim allows a touch of stomach which suits me.

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        Been buying iron free shirts from TM for 2 years..can confirm it’s brilliant !!

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        iron free so even after a wash you don't need to iron it at all ? doesn't wrinkle?

        if this is true this is amazing and i'll buy this shirt coz i hate ironing lol

        • +1

          I have both. I still iron them, I have found with time they tend to wrinkle more.

          What I have found works best, is if you immediately remove them after the wash has been done and stick them in the dryer. This will only leave very faint wrinkles.

          Whereas if I hang them out to dry, there are still noticeable wrinkles. For casual wear I can probably get away with, but not for work.

      • +3

        I know plenty of fat Asians…

    • I prefer CT shirts but at the end of the day I use them both interchangeably

      • You mean they don't explode if you use them interchangeably?

  • CT are fairly long lasting IMHO but the sizing is roomy on the classic fit, perhaps I'm not a classic body type?

    • Measure your collar chest and check out the shirt sizings dude - the slim/classic fits can vary wildly with adjustments to the collar size.

    • Not just you, the classic fit shirts are ridiculously loose. I've got a pretty chunky build and will always go for their slim or extra slim shirts, which is unthinkable in other brands.

      • +3

        Same. I love how I can wear slim shirts while unable to see my feet.

      • I'm chubby, can see my feet, yet I've found the slim shirt to be a bit tight
        Heck if I take a deep breath you can actually see holes forming between the front buttons

        Maybe I should try and lose weight
        go for the classic fit :)

  • Question, will this deal let me order 6 for $198 or are there limitations?

    I need a work wardrobe set refresh.

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      Previously every shirt added after the first 3 would also cost $33, so yes, it will allow for it.

    • +1

      I just successful ordered 6 for $198

    • Yes I did.

  • Extra slim fit non iron great shirts for a standard frame. I would buy more except i already have about 25…

    • +1

      Yep I'm the same, still 4 unopened shirts collecting dust while I don't even have to rotate through 2 weeks worth of a daily fresh shirt.

      • +1

        Yeah but three for $99! Free delivery!

  • Grabbed 5, love these shirts.

  • Dammit. I bought four shirts from them two days ago and paid $190…

    I guess I'll just have to buy three more.

    • Return them and re-order at the cheaper price?

      • with returns, is it in the box they came in or do I have to buy new packaging
        I can see the return slip inside but am unsure
        Silly question I know

        • They recommend to use the box it came in, just cover up the original label so it's not confusing.

          I returned some shirts in a spare shoebox I had because the original was too crumpled when it got delivered. Wasn't an issue.

        • @cyssero:
          thanks mate

    • Are you new to OzBargain? Never pay anything more than $30-$35 for shirts at TML or CT.

  • Where in Melbourne can I try these shirts before I can order them online? DJ or Myer or Else.

    Need to be sure of what to buy from Slim Fit, Super Slim and casual fit options

    For TM Lewin , I always go with Non Iron Slim Fit.

    • +1

      No retail outlet - it's online only in Australia currently. The best option is to measure one of your existing shirts and use their sizing table to match the dimensions.

    • CT have free returns, so you can try on the shirts and then return them. I've done it 3 times! (cant find the right CT fit for me) Theres literally zero risk in having a guess at sizing (although they give you all the measurements you need to make the right decision upfront)

    • There is a TM Lewin shop in Melbourne Central

  • Too bad sizing is so hard for me when buying online…

    • +1

      see my above comment
      - free returns
      - detailed sizing charts
      no worries

      • Guess ill need to get someone to measure me up! haha

        • its probably easier to measure a shirt you have that fits (assuming you have one that fits the way you like)

  • Do I need Super Slim Fit or Extra Slim fit as I usually buy TML's fitted and they're ok if a little loose around the waist.

    Anyone have both and know the equivalent fits? They have a better no iron range at the moment than TML and if they're lighter cotton better for summer maybe.

  • Oh my they have a lot of a shirts. It's a shirt shop.

    Is the 5-7 business day delivery something that can be relied upon? (The TML shirts I got took a lot longer than their estimated delivery time)

    • +2

      Usually. They are usually surprisingly quick. Although last deal was 11 days deliveryto me. Easter might have been a cause though.

    • +2

      Order twice before it was 3 for $99 delivered. Both arrived within a week. They also email you tracking aswell. So can’t complain.

    • I've only ordered once
      The ETA on ordering was Monday, 16th April
      They arrived on Friday, 13th April
      No complaints here :)

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    This should be a good comparison on 15.5in Collar sizing


  • Can anyone confirm the fit of their polo t-shirts?

    • +1

      Not as slim as I would like, nb I fit their new super slim shirts perfectly. Last time I tried their polos was about 4 years ago.
      My main prob is they are not long enough (2m here).
      Ben Sherman polos fit a lot better but have varying length in the same size.

  • The offer seems somewhat targeted, or at least the prices went up when I logged in. I have recently placed an order with them, though.

    • You have to follow the URL exactly, so just paste http://www.ctshirts.com/TAREN into your address bar and it will drop again.

      • I did, but the prices showed as $99 until I logged in.
        I created a new account to get the 3 for $99, and that was fine.

        • Mine started with the higher prices but then refreshed to the lower ones. I logged in and it made no difference, still 3 for $99. Great price.

        • +1

          Yeah the site seems glitchy. I followed the link, got prices of $69, added to bag, total was $217 incl delivery. Opened a new tab and clicked on the link again, all shirts were $33 in the bag and free delivery.

  • What's the tm lewin super fitted equivalent?

  • anyone knows whether their smallest sized shirts is equivalent to US size XXS or euro size XS? thanks!

    twill cotton has visible diagonal lines?

  • Why can't I filter by classic, slim, extra slim fit etc?

    • Try it via the 'Shirts' menu at the top and shop by fit perhaps.

  • +1

    Their website sux, but I bought 3 last deal and delivered in like 2 days!

  • TM LEWIN for the win. CT are good, much better than most stock you can buy in Myer (van huesen etc), but not as good as TM Lewin.

    • +2


      TM Lewin's collars are non-fused and less formal. CT have semi-fused collars, which makes it look stiffer, less floppy and more formal. CT also have much longer shirts so they don't come untucked easily. CT shirts also have a softer and finer cotton, which makes it better for humid climates like Aus. TM Lewin is quite thick and you can see the weave easily. I own both but CT shirts is definitely the more comfortable shirt.

      • the collar stays are better with CT, i'll agree. But all round i personally prefer TM. There's no right or wrong. TM Lewin gets my $$$

        • How do you keep your TM shirts tucked in when you stretch your arms? Mine come out every time.

        • @smuggler: how tall are you? I wear the fitted shirts 16.5 x 34 and i'm 5'8 - no issue for me

        • @smuggler: you need to wear your pants higher up like harry high pants

        • +1


          Nah man. Gotta show that toned ass. Women aint the only people who can sculpt a nice peach.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just ordered some. CT shirts have been great in my experience. Excellent quality and last for ages. At this price an absolute steal. I've had TM Lewin in the past too. Also good but I think CT has the edge.

  • +2

    For anyone trying to figure out sizing differences with TM Lewin:

  • +1

    dont forget 5.60% cashrewards

  • +1

    Just pulled the trigger thanks OP


    Welcome back ozbargainers

  • +2

    Thanks, have been waiting for this deal. Time to get rid of the target specials and get some nicer shirts. Will try 3 first and see how we go.

    • You won't regret they are great shirts consistently very good product.

    • +1

      I gave up on botttom of the barrel department store clothing when I finally had some disposible income, and now feel a certain pride in dressing. I favour Charles Tyritt and Jhayne Barnes (via Ebay sellers) shirts; CT is better fitting but JB has some more interesting designs and materials, including silk.

      Quality over quantity.

  • Have bought both CT and TM for the last 6 years. Can say that CT definitely have the edge IMO.
    One thing CT they lacked until recently was the latest super slim fit, which TM sort of had. But ow that's sorted.
    Their service has been consistently very high quality over the years, delivery times are fast for stuff that's in stock, and their website is fairly decent too I think.
    These could pass for $100 shirts easily. Look and quality wise.

  • Thanks OP. Just added to my collection of CT shirts

  • How does this compare — especially sizing wise — with the Kirkland brand shirts from Costco?

    • The kirkland branded shirt is a great cheap shirt that fits amazingly well. I can never find an equivalent fit with CT.

  • Finally figured out my equivalent of a 15.5 fitted TM Lewin and there's literally nothing for the size and specs i want. Stupid short limbs.

    • that would be 39 in slim fit at CT

      • You sure? I ended up biting the bullet and just going with slightly longer sleeves and according to the charts above I worked it out to be a 16 super slim. They seem to fit the same.

  • Has anyone tried CTs luxury shirts? Are they any better than their standard shirts?

    • Oh god much better. The cotton is seriously something out of this world. Feels like silk (literally is in some shirts).However, they're not very non-iron. My Mon-Thur shirts are all luxury CT shirts.

      My girlfriend said my shirts felt like touching clouds. She means they were so soft.

  • Great timing, just got their new catalog in the mail, so picked up some new styles (step weave & micro cool) - ended up with 5 shirts for $165, and still qualifies for free delivery, so save $13 on their old prices!

  • Anyone can help. I am a size Brooksfield 41 slim fit and was unable to find a CT shirt that wasn't huge and unfortunately had to return. Anyone similar who has a size suggestion in CT?

    • Try ordering a classic fit, 39" with a longer sleeve or the same sleeve length.

  • is this deal over?

    • +1

      Not sure, but when I ordered landing page clearly stated the offer, and now it doesn't.

    • I just ordered. T&C state ends in 2nd june.

  • Are these shirts shipped from a warehouse within Australia
    Or we are going to cop an extra 10% from the first of July?

  • looks like our days of cheap ish shirts might be coming to an end
    from next month we cop a 10% gst

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