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HP OMEN External GTX1060 GPU + 1TB HDD (2CB68AA) $518.40 Delivered @ JW_Computers eBay


HP Omen External Graphic Accelerator Box GTX1060 3GB GPU + 1TB HDD $517.60 delivered after using PUMP20 20% eBay Code

This is actually a really good price, considering JB HI FI / Harvey norman sell this without the GPU/1TB HDD for $500, pre-bundled with the card and hard drive inside.

Original PUMP20 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Can this external GPU box work on all notebook or only HP notebook?

    • Only notebooks/nucs with Thunderbolt 3 type C connections that support external GPUs.

      YMMV with Thunderbolt 2 equipped machines using a TB2 to Type C adapter.

      • Be aware that you will see a difference in performance between thunderbolt 3 ports backed by 2x or 4x PCIE lanes, ideally you want 4x lanes. Also an external GPU has a 10-15% performance hit, when using an external monitor. Using the laptops monitor reduces performance by 20-25% of card baseline.

    • your laptop need to have thunderbolt 3

  • Serious question HP: what idiot designed this and why did they leave so much dead space inside?

    • I totally agree with this. I want an EGPU to be small, if I want it to be the size of a computer I can just build a mini ITX PC!

    • Probably to allow for airflow and large gaming cards in the future. Current 1080 Ti cards are huge. That and it also has a power supply and SSD so it basically is a computer.

      My understanding of these devices are that they are primarily not meant to be portable. They are basically a dock that allows for good graphics performance while docked, but allows you to unplug and still use the portability of a laptop when you don't care about performance.

  • Tempting, is it possible to link these together? I do a lot of rendering.

    I have a Metabox with a 1060 6gb and thunderbolt. Will there be any complications? do they play well together?

    • short answer: no.

      Too many complications with multi-gou, also you'll need a sli bridge for it to work. Otherwise you could buy it, sell the 1060, and drop a 1070 in the external gpu, but you'll still be bottlenecked (laptop will only use one gpu). Better getting a PC if you want more render power.

  • Does it work on Macbook Pro with USB C Thunderbolt 3 ports?

    • With Bootcamp, yes.
      With 10.13.3, yes.
      With 10.13.4, only if you replace the GTX 1060 with one of the few compatible AMD cards

      • So this will not work on MacOS?
        GTX 1060 will not work on the latest version of Bootcamp?

  • Has anyone tried this with a Razerblade Stealth 2017 cause I've read about other egpu's having problems charging the laptop as it needs 45W power and the egpu's generally supply 60W which the laptop wouldn't accept.

    • Is this a unique thing with eGPUs?

      Coz from what I know of power adapters, if it can provide more watts than what your laptop draws, then it should be able to power your laptop.

    • If Razer has gimped the Stealth in this way, I'd be pissed. PSU in general always supply more power than what is needed, this is the safest way to operate. A quick way to blow up a computer is to not supply enough power.

      It sounds fishy to me. But Razer has done some Apple-like stuff in the past in order to make things more expensive.

  • Will this work for Mixed Reality Ultra 90Mhz?

    • I want to know this too. I'm thinking of getting this to play Skyrim VR so want to see what people's experience is playing VR with a GTX 1060 or similar?

      edit: poster above added Ultra 90MHz lol

      • My integrated Intel UHD 620 already runs Mixed Reality, hence I'm only interested if it will help me run Ultra 90MHz. The GTX 1060 by itself will run Ultra 90Mhz, but am worried about the 10-15% hit running an eGPU.

        • That's what I'm running with too. I can even play Space Pirate Trainer with the integrated gfx even though steam's stated minimum requirement is a GTX 970. This is the same for Skyrim VR so I'm wondering if I even need this HP eGPU to run the game before I buy lol

          What MR app/game do you need the Ultra 90MHz for?

        • @Chickfilo: The whole VR experience is much sharper and clearer in Ultra 90 Mhz. I have GTX1080 in my desktop that does great Ultra 90 MHz with all the eye candy turned on.

  • I wonder if you can use these for mining?

    • You can - it's not a great idea though. To be honest most mining is now no longer worth it. Mining rigs with low power CPU and SSD and memory are the way to go… also to run multiple GPU on the rigs through PCI slots

  • Oh wow, this eGPU box is surprisingly affordable. The gpu alone is 300-400, so the box is basically 150-200. Not to mention the included psu and hd space

    Not bad! I would be all over this if I used laptops primarily

  • Anyone be able to shed some light on what AMD gpu would be best to place in this if I am going to use it on an MBP 2017 with 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7? Wanting to play some BR games fortnite, pubg etc.


    • I think a RX 580 would be your best graphics card, that is if you can grab it for a decent price. A tier higher would be not worth your money in my opinion.

  • Good pricing JW!

    It's a very well priced one from a very decent OEM in HP - i do know that they definitely work ONLY on their Spectre models given the thunderbolt access were only provided to Spectre and the Z-Books.

    On another part - the previous outroar on the XPS TB only having 2 lanes is perhaps overdone as we all know that a PCIe 2.0 8 lane can more than cover most GPU bandwidth requirements.

    That said… its a bit like the NVME where in the past it wasn't PCIe3x4 but in real terms you wont really notice the drop in perf but it doesn't take away the fact that the $$$$ you shelled on the most expensive DELL laptop does not provide full TB 3 support..