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Vegas Pro 14 Video Editing Bundle $20USD (~ $25.75AUD) RRP $199USD @ Humble Bundle


The popular video editing software is back https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/349392

Pay $20USD or greater to get the package that contains Vegas Pro Edit 14.

Personally I use Adobe Premiere (have an Adobe CC account paid for by work), but considering getting this just for the bargain.

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  • After effects, all day, every day. But Sony Vegas is amazing for quick/decent edits.

  • Wow, I've never seen Vegas so cheap. It's not the latest version though (15 is) but in saying that, Vegas has a habit of not bringing much new to the table with it's subsequent releases. I've been using it since version 4 and in that time there are still some things haven't changed a lot. It has steadily improved but this is for the home videographer rather than professional production application but I doubt that comes as news to anyone. It's sure as sh!t worth more than $25!

    Pros: Easy learning curve, quite capable editing.
    Cons: Lacks some features it should have by now, and poor implementation of others. Ie: automatic pixel tracking still isn't there, though I think a 3rd party addon ($) can bring it in. Manual tracking can still be done at your time expense (good for pixelation car registrations, faces, adding text bubbles above heads etc). Whilst it does have GPU rendering it's poorly implemented as doesn't speed up the rendering as much as it should. Rendering in general has always been slower in Vegas but that's not a reason for bypassing it.

    For $25.75 AUD this is a no brainer for anyone remotely interested.

    I just found something else, $25.71, version 15! I don't know if it's legit because everyone else sells it for $300+ but definitely worth investigation as upgrading to version 15 from 14 will cost more than both prices combined.

    Essentially 14 and 15 are the same, from memory 15 brings in X265 HVEC support and a few other things. Nothing revolutionary but always best to be on the latest and greatest.

    • Remember, proper licensing is on you, not the seller.

    • Version 14 actually supports HVEC according to the official specs. Also total bundle msrp is around $us800 which even if it seems inflated is still fantastic value.

      • You are correct, HVEC came out with 14 not 15. I should know I have 14. As much as I like HVEC as a codec I haven't actually used it for own work yet. I should start.

        I'll have to refresh myself on the AV1 vs HVEC battle too. One of them will be around in 5+ years, one will be a memory. Apple IOS support seems to have given HVEC a shot in the arm though.

    • Doesn't look good for Bonanza unfortunately. +1 for effort though!

      • Yeah nah. I took one for the team. He sent a zip. I extracted it. I got suss - Magix's digital signature wasn't there on the exe. So I extracted the exe and it was a repack - no doubt that it was warez.

        It was a fake. Don't buy it from Bonanza!

      • Thanks for sharing. That's quite a lot faster than I expected. I'm still running version 14 here. Any major renders I just do during dinner or overnight so the slowness hasn't bothered me but that's awesome they've made improvements on version 15!

      • I noticed that that post doesn't use GPU encoding for Vegas 14.

        Vegas 14, 4k, Main Concept: 7:14, 236mb file

        Vegas 14, 1080p, Main Contept, 2:24, 116mb file

        Vegas 15, 4k, Magix AVC, 6:56, 244mb file

        Vegas 15, 4k, Magix AVC NVENC, 2:08, 212mb file

        Vegas 15, 1080p, Magix AVC NVENC, 0:51, 109mb file

        Does Vegas 14 not support Nvidia graphics cards for rendering? This would be a major selling point for me. I'm currently using Vegas 12 and gpu rendering crashes.

        • Did some research -
          Sometime in 2015, Nvidia removed support for CUDA support and replaced it with "NVENC"
          That's probably why my Vegas 12 can't do GPU h264 rendering.

          Vegas 12 - CUDA for h264, but in 2015, CUDA breaks
          Vegas 14 - NVENC for h265
          Vegas 15 - NVENC for h265 and h264


  • +10 votes

    I think its important to clarify that this is not "SONY" Vegas, but just Vegas Pro by MAGIX, Sony offloaded it several versions ago

    • You're right. Force of habit after it being branded a Sony product for so long. I've removed 'Sony' from the listing.

    • Yep Sony sold Vegas after version 13. It's changed hands 3 times with Sonic Foundry originally owning it. Honestly the overall feel of it hasn't changed through different ownership, I started using it at version 4. Whilst sometimes that's a good thing, a lot of people feel it's well overdue for a massive update rather than these incremental changes that have been happening since, well at least version 4.

      The answer lies is it's price segment I guess. Maybe they figure people won't pay the higher price tag for putting some serious work into it.

      Still very nice software, but it could be a lot more powerful…

  • All of the items in the deal are for Windows only.

  • I got this last time around. Vegas 14 is more than enough for some armchair editing for holiday collages and stuff. I'm glad this has come back around. I'm hoping this means the audio one will come back around, as I missed out on that. :P

  • We paid $199 just yesterday for Version 15 Vegas Movie Studio Platinum range download from Magix. (Apparently Sony handed the software rights over to Magix some time back). This was after chasing around the stores and couldn't find a single store to supply it as a box set anymore. Son's version 12 would not load back on his computer after a hard drive replacement installed. The Adobe Photoshop was fine though. All good for Version 15.

  • Just throwing in an alternative for those interested (I haven't used this yet but it certainly looks good)

    Black Magic have their own software, which is (at the moment) completely free, called DaVinci Resolve.
    It handles video and audio editing, 3D, color grading etc - might be worth a shot for someone getting started in editing?

    • No 4K video support for free version.

      They are offering the upgrade version for around $420 USD.

    • I've used DaVinci Resolve. It is a very good alternative. Although, for some reason the playback of unedited videos on my machine was a little laggy, while Vegas was buttery smooth.

      • Same. Tried it but my (crappy) computer was choking on footage which Vegas Pro 12 had no problem with. It appears the graphic card requirements for not only encoding but also decoding are pretty high (imo). I think it was a minimum gtx7xx with Nvidia? It's worth checking the hardware requirements before diving in. The software gets solid reviews though.

    • This so much, long time premiere user, moving to Resolve is just wonderful. New Version 5 out they've integrated Fusion, which may even reduce any requirement to export to after effects. @AL008 It's actually $299 USD, $420 would be the Australian price for the pro version.

    • Thanks.

      I used to use Vegas to do fun/artistic things but I was recently looking for genuinely free software that's stable and user friendly.

      I was about to play with Shotcut and VSDC for extremely basic stuff but it might be worth playing around with the pro packages again. I've heard Shotcut can be unstable but I just remembered that ol' Vegas 12 was pretty good at crashing as well.

    • Hitfilm express is another free one (although with reminders to unlock add-ons/pro) that you can start with.

  • In a previous life I almost exclusively used Adobe Premiere.

    I wouldn’t mind having an NLeditor at home for side projects though - so how does this compare to Adobe’s offering?


    I like Premiere but don’t really need all the features. Conversely play school duplo premiere elements frustrates the hell out of me. Might this suit?

    • Back in the day I preferred Vegas over premiere as it ran smoother with less resources. Been using 12 for a while, would definitely get 14.

  • Can this do custom masks? (eg to do a sky replacement can I draw along the wiggly horizon to make a nice conforming mask?)

    I loved Vegas Movie Maker 11, but it drove me nuts I couldn't do any masks other than squares/ovals… but oddly, I'm struggling to figure out if this does either.

  • easiest pro video editing software. Premiere is truly the top end but i find vegas a lot easier to use and haven't come across much it can't do for what i need

  • Thanks OP that’s outstanding. Last time I wasn’t able to purchase due to running a Mac but at this price I’ll give it a crack now that I have boot camp and running a windows partition.

  • I have Sony Vegas 13. This is like $25, any point in spending 2 meals worth over my 13? haha. thanks for any advice

    • I upgraded from 13 to 14 when 14 was new via a discount deal going at the time. From memory very little changed in 14. I think HVEC support was the main selling point.

      Short answer, save your $25. For existing owners, it doesn't bring enough to the table. Stay with 13 and enjoy some good food this weekend!

      I'd hold and upgrade to 15 instead.

  • how's this compare to Filmora?

  • I use a -totally legitimate- version of Sony Vegas Pro 13 and while I have really gotten used to how it works and do like it, it's just not worth the markup. For $20 have a punt, but I'm going to suggest a free and open source alternative:

    Kden Live has a Windows port now and it works pretty well from what little playing around I did with it. Would be worth a look to those of you looking for some software, but not looking to shell out any money.

  • Thanks for the post. Picked up the bargain!

  • Thanks OP. Will give it a try at this price.

  • I love After Effects and Premier Pro but I'm using 2014 versions as I can't afford the CC subscriptions….Adobe I hate you if you're reading this!

  • So is this legit? I assume the pricing is because it's not the latest version?

  • Vegas 14 installed but would hang when loading my steinberg drivers . I had to uninstall the Steinberg drivers get it to boot .


    Given these are bootstrap installers what's the best way to ensure I can reinstall in future? I have saved the codes in a text file.

  • Shame no one mentioned that that.MP4 files can't be imported, as i wouldn't have bought it. I have tried all the fixes but nothing works. Not a problem with Ulead and Filmora.

    • Vegas 14 can definitely edit files in the .mp4 container (H.264 being the most common video codec for that container).

      What camera did you use to shoot the footage? What codec does it shoot in? It's possible that the codec isn't supported by Vegas and you will have to transcode the files to a codec supported before importing them into Vegas (can use Handbrake, Da Vinci Resolve, or equiv program to batch convert files as you pull them off the source card).

  • What's an equivalent free version?

  • Hopefully the next HB will be a lifetime subscription to Adobe CC for $20.

  • No longer relevant since this deal is over but in case anyone stumbles in here at a later date…

    When I mentioned upgrading from 13 to 14 above I was mistaken, I had upgraded from 12 to 13. It turns out 14 offers next to no rendering gains over 13 (there are some good youtube videos proving that) but Vegas 15, which I've just upgraded to today, WOW. Some quick tests show its over twice as fast. Even with GPU off it still renders faster than 13/14 with GPU on. Massive difference, finally Vegas has unlocked the power of GPU's.