Who Remembers The Getflix 30 Year Promotion?

So, in 2016 or so I bought the 30* year Getflix promotional subscription for ~50-something dollars.

I have just today received a new router which I bought to be able to use the DNS Netflix unblocking across all devices, among numerous other things as my Telstra provided router wasn't compatible.

I log on to get the details yadayada and notice that there is a huge message that says "American Netflix is supported on every device for only paid subscribers."

So, I start a live chat with them. I ask about it, and when I call them out on lying, I get disconnected. To make sure it wasn't a genuine disconnect, I tried using Edge browser and see if that chat works - nope, doesn't give me an option. I try on my phone (connected to wifi) - nope, doesn't work. So I disconnect from WiFi and use my LTE connection - oh my it works! So I start off another chat with a different email to the one I had an account with them, and ask about it. I get an abrupt response and am once again disconnected and barred. It seems that they barred my IP because they can tell I am unhappy and are aware that they pretty much ripped off a bunch of people.

I understand the business side of things and how that they can't possibly maintain a network for 30* years for ~$50 per customer, but they straight up lied about it and I would never have gotten the service if I knew it would be good for about 2 - probably even less.

Pretty poor form, Getflix.

Screenshot from the second attempt of chatting on my phone: https://i.imgur.com/Oc4T982.png

*EDIT: I apologise, it wasn't 50 years - it was 30

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    I forgive


    TL;DR You abused them and they blocked you

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    You're a wizard Harry

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    should've been nice to them.

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    I just logged into mine. Turns out someone from Malaysia has 'hacked' my account and been using it for the past year… At least someone is getting some use out of it :)

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      haha isn't that great.

      I have actually just discovered that setting my DNS to theirs in my router screws with all my online accounts - especially Gmail. As soon as I removed it, problem solved.

      I think Getflix are crooks.


    I have Getflix as well (monthly) , I moved house, got a new router. All that I needed to do was login and update the IP address?

    Edit : sorry just read in detail, was your initial issue about them claiming American Netflix was able to be unlocked?


      yeah i purchased it on the basis of being able to unblock on all devices as advertised. that is no longer the case - all i wanted to do was get a message across to people to avoid Getflix but that isn't acceptable considering how much all my comments are being downvoted etc.

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    I'm on a Lifetime subscription and have no issue, although DNS unblocking only works on Computer as it has done so for years.
    Worth it just for the VPN though which is all I use these days.


      which VPN server location do you use for … uh… downloading Linux ISO's… I find most of their VPN's get about 1mb/s bandwidth, i've found one that does 4 sometimes, but thats the highest ive ever seen… Any luck with any others?


    I did got that getflix offer.
    Netflix US works fine on mobile and so does hulu. But I can't get hulu to work on TV.

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      On which device isn't Hulu working via? Hulu works fine through my PS4, Xbox One and through Chromecast.


        Our Samsung TV. Even if we change the country settings to install the hulu app on it, the app opens up fine but the video doesn't play.
        It used to work fine till mid last year.

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    Here is what I got from Getflix Support

    "Your account is a promo life time account, please be advice that promo life time account is under our Promo Netflix region.

    Unfortunately as of this time this Netflix region has many user and that means high traffic on that Netflix US region. This cause issue at any given time on Netflix speed and Netflix access on the devices that uses Netflix application due to high traffic.
    On the other hand under regular account you you can access Netflix Us region on all device."

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      Sounds like they did indeed decide to screw over all the "lifetime" subscribers.


      i got that exact message too (but lost it before being able to copy it into this thread).


    I bought a "lifetime" promo for $40 US if I remember correctly.

    I just checked my account - it now says this:

    Status Active (3rd Party Promo) - 10112 days remaining
    Expiry Date Dec 23, 2045

    The 3rd Party Promo thing is new.

    Will check if unblocking still works when I get home.


      yeah that's what mine says. it works fine on a PC but not on anything else unfortunately.


        So you were paraphrasing incredibly poorly when you wrote the OP

        "American Netflix is supported on every device for only paid subscribers."

        Netflix unblocking only works on PC (as per the statement on your account page) and only if your designated Netflix redirection server is not being blocked by Netflix.
        The servers get blocked and then Getflix make some changes and the server works again for a few weeks/months before Netflix block it again.
        I've long since given up on US Netflix.. The Australian service is pretty decent these days. Getflix is still great value for other services and most importantly to me, it's pretty decent VPN service.

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    yah I don't think OP has made a very convincing case that Getflix has done the wrong thing. I bought the same deal and have been happy with it. Occasionally I contact support to see if I can get US Netflix on my AppleTV and they don't seem very interested in helping. I'm decently confident with networking etc.

    The only thing I've seen to make me upset here is the note that my account is treated differently to others because I have the lifetime deal. That REALLY pisses me off.


    Can't you just ask for a refund of the lifetime subscription fee since you're not getting what was advertised at the time of taking up the deal?


      you could, but then you get nothing. Right now I have 30 years of VPN, and SOME geododging…….


    You've been Getflix'ed.

    I also bought a lifetime subscription, but to be honest I'm surprised that they hadn't folded already. I'm glad they didn't, because I do use it for Hulu, HBO NOW on my TV, and the occasional VPN connection to redeem Ultraviolet codes.

    I can understand them asking for more money due to the Netflix challenges, but I wish they were up front about it. There's nothing on the site about the lifetime subscriptions not having full Netflix support, in fact the site still says that US Netflix isn't fully supported.

    It would be nice if they credited the lifetime subscription cost against the monthly subscription.


      Per the terms of the lifetime subscription, it includes "minor updates"
      Given Neflix's efforts to stymie DNS redirection, it's amazing that any DNS redirection works at all.
      Certainly must be major.

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