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Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24" IPS 16:10 Monitor $194 AS NEW (or $174 REFURB) Delivered @ Dell Outlet


Cheapest price ever for the old but popular Dell U2412M IPS 16:10 aspect ratio 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor

Model: Dell UltraSharp 24 Monitor - U2412M
Condition: AS NEW
Dell Warranty: 1 Year
Quantity Available: 30
Bundle #: GD5F8AUC
Price: $194

Also available in REFURBISHED condition for $174 (11 units) via Bundle #: GD5F8AUS

Next cheapest price is $299.00 + Delivery (staticICE)

Dell U2412M product details (RRP $406.00)

Dell U2412M review at TFTCentral

To order, use online CHAT.
Note that the Outlet stock list is NOT updated in real time. If in doubt about stock availability, contact Dell via online CHAT.

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  • Is the U2412M the latest 16:10 24" Dell?

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      No, the U2415 is the latest 16:10 24" Dell.
      U2415 is currently selling for $499 with 3-year warranty via Dell AU (compared to $406 for U2412M via Dell AU)

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        hmm a couple available on DFO. is it worth the $50 for USB 3 and really thin bezels?

        • +1

          Also no HDMI on the U2412M

        • +1


          U2412M has DVI-D though, which is essentially video-only HDMI. You can get a simple HDMI to DVI-D converter or cable

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    My first Dell Ultrasharp 24" monitor blew up 2 weeks ago - bought in 2006 for $1,200 - so got 12 years out of it.

    Second one bought around 2008 only lasted 4 years. 27" model still going strong.

    Decent monitor for this price. 1200p resolution much better than 1080p for documents/web stuff.

    • Was that the whirlpool group buy? If so mine is still going strong!

      • Nope, I bought all 3 direct from the Dell website.
        The first one was bought in NZ - then brought to Australia - still have the box downstairs.

  • +3

    I bought one 6 years ago for $279 via ozb, still using it daily. However, in the past year, it is having a frustrating issue where randomly it will blank out for 1 second, then come on again (like a resolution change/handshake/power issue). Only occurred using DVI, and not DisplayPort, which is used with Mac. Affected Laptop is a modern chromebook,have switched out cable as well.

    Discussion here: https://www.dell.com/community/Monitors/U2412M-MacBook-Pro-g...

    • Yeah happens to my 27" as well - especially if I power it on while the PC is still waking up.
      Powering it off for 5 seconds always fixes it.

  • anyone got any tips to purchase one? faster to go through chat, or previous threads people mention email?

  • So tempting

  • So many monitors.

    These wouldn't of came from the commonwealth games by any chance?

  • why the chat is always unavailable? any ideas?

    • +1

      I got though on chat and was told that the team was not available and to email '[email protected]'.
      So maybe there is a public holiday where they are based?

  • As usual chat is getting hammered by ozbargain…

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    Got one via chat.. The system they check stock levels is quite dumb, took over 20mins to confirm

    • Which monitor did you go for? I asked about plenty of them and all were in stock which was nice, ended up going for an S2718H.

      • i got the u2412M. Chat was taking forever so I didn't ask about stock levels. I don't understand how they check stock via emailing the warehouse, which according to the chat took between 5-10mins (ended up taking nearly 25mins).. surely there must be a quicker and more efficient way

  • +1

    not sure of stock levels, but I've bought one and I have one on reserve (if anyone wants the reserved U2412)

    • I wouldnt mind one. Which one you get? How you teansfer reserves

      • I have the U2412 refurbished on hold, to transfer, I need your email address and they'll ask you for your name, address

        • thanks all good i went to the chat instead earlier

    • Hey mate - do you still have one on reserve? I'd be super appreciate if you haven't already allocated it to another person :)

      • someone else has pm'ed me but he has gone AWOL.. i have it on reserve for another couple of hours.. if you want it, pm me your address and I'll transfer it to you

        • "Unable to send messags: Private message throttled for new user accounts less than 1 day old" - This is what I get for always lurking and never making an account!

        • @JayPeed:

          nevermind.. the original seller has messaged me just then.. Sorry

        • @supasaiyan:

          All good, thanks anyway!

  • Thanks, just bought one, supposed to get u2518d but its sold out, so bought the s2718H instead

    • Got one of those too, was torn between that and the 24inch ultrashap 14 as it's got way more ports, two hdmi etc

  • Thanks OP ended up getting a S2718D. Anyone used one before ? Are the refurbished models decent to buy?

  • which one is good for kids

  • I want a 21:9 for putting full size documents side by side but it seems like 32" is the only choice with a hefty price tag

  • If you are keen to go large and do not game too much, U3415W for $660 is the pick, so good so versatile.

  • Can anyone suggest a monitor for me? I'm a bit out of my depths here

    My usage would consist of mainly report writing, Ps4 games and low level map and graph image editing.

    I'm looking at spending up to $250, maybe $300 if it's worth it.


    • +3

      How important is the colour accuracy for your map and graph image editing work?

      I don't know have much detailed or in-depth knowledge with display technology, you can try http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/selector.htm

      By inputting IPS panel preference and Gaming and Photo Work & Editing options, TFTCentral's selector is recommending U2414H and U2415. Their reviews don't seem to vary too much, and the U2414H is on the outlet website.

      I've always been happy with Dell's UltraSharp range, both the picture/display and the functionalities (the IO port options and the stand), but I don't really game that much.

      Hope others can help you out also.

      Good luck!

      • +2

        I agree fully with you. IPS monitors are more expensive than low end Twisted Neumatic monitors, but are worth the extra dollars if you spend a significant amount of time using a desktop computer. The Dell 24 inch IPS monitors are the perfect compromise between size, quality and price. The 1920 x 1200 resolution gives you more height than a standard monitor, which is useful since most web sites are designed for cell phones in portrait mode. When rotated 90 degrees your 16:10 monitor has an aspect ratio very close to that of paper, and is great for reading comics.

        OLED displays would be better than IPS, but nobody has created a monitor with an OLED panel. I hope this gets rectified in the future.

        • Thanks for both of your advice, If there's any stock left I'll get the U2414H.

          The images I make still go through an editing process before publication so colour mapping is less of an issue. The 90 degree mode sounds perfect for when I'm reading scientific journals.

          I'll be sure to chip in some advice when I see someone floundering like me in a topic i'm comfortable with!

        • +1


          If the work you do is employment work rather than studying (because you can claim the percentage of work-time spent on them back on tax as work related expenses), after you get one, see how much you like it. If lucky and it is still available, getting another one and using them side by side / multi screen makes working so convenient.

          Good luck =D

        • @Hughesyboy: I think there was a newer version - U2417H available, any reason why did you go for U2414H?

        • +1

          @zrmx: I'm well aware of the benefits of multiple screens- I run 4 at work, Going from 4 at work to 1 laptop screen at home is heartbreaking!

          That's kind of the plan, Get one and if it's good for me I'll get another.

        • @user01: $$$

        • @Hughesyboy: U2417H as new was only $10 more than U2414H as new.

  • Is it common to get Dell deals like this ? or this is a one off case.
    I am looking out for one, but not this month.
    Can I expect similar ones in next 2-3 months ?

    • In terms of prices, I'd say they are regularly similar if available.

      But in terms of availability and quantities, it is more episodic and hard to predict. You might be able to search for past similar deals to get an idea.

  • +1

    Some great deals there. Just picked up a U3415W for $652.43 delivered.

    Now I just have to sell my dual U2415 setup :)

    • +1

      If I don't manage to get one of these U2412M, I might be interested. :)

      • Would be happy to work something out. :)

        I'm in Melb

        • +1

          Gah i would have preferred a 2415. Oh wells

        • @richmond12:

          If you're in Melbourne, I am clearing mine out. :)

  • Just received my u2412m today. Ordred tuesday… very quick… my adapters havent arrived yet :(

    Btw i ordered ‘as new’. How you tell the difference between a refurbished one?.. I want to know i paid $20 extra for something..

    • 'As New' orders are usually cancelled orders or excess/clearance stock. They are usually still sealed in the original packaging.

      • Yeh mine looks new

        I wonder what a refurb would look like

        • @user01:

          Interesting experience. I got a refurb P2417H and it was pretty much as new.

    • I ordered an "as New" before, it's just like a new one, at least i couldn't tell the difference.

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