expired ViewSonic VX3209-2K(2560x1440), 31.5in, IPS-LED MONITOR, White, $335.80 Delivered at Mediaform eBay


Cheapest price so far for Viewsonic VX3209-2K(2560x1440) 32IN IPS-LED VGA/HDMI/DISPLAYPORT (16:9) 2560X1440 TILT STAND VESA



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    Avoid this seller. I purchased this exact model and was sent a repackaged one with protective sleeves ripped, scratches on the stand, and an energy sticker that had been removed, used as a notepad, then reattached to the screen with what appears to be superglue.

    The replied extremely unprofessionally and claimed it was the fault of ViewSonic and refused to accept a return. I'm currently going through the Office of Fair Trading to get a refund.

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      Noooooooo. I've been hanging for a monitor with specs and a price like this for a couple of months now. I'd be inclined to risk it and deal with a lengthy and involved return and refund process but considering the listing itself says 'Condition: —' which when you copy/paste it adds in 'not specified' it seems dodgy from the get go and I really shouldn't.

      Also did you not pay via paypal? How come OoFT has to be involved?

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        When I received the monitor and noticed the flaws, I contacted the seller that afternoon and provided pictures of the defects. They then launched an investigation and promised to get back to me. A week later they did and asked for more photos of the problems. By that time, I was overseas and could not provide them until I returned three weeks later which was out of the supposed 30-day DOA policy (no where on the listing does it state such a thing). Ebay sided with them on this point, inexplicably.

        I used PayPal's dispute process a lot over the past decade and really appreciated the service, but the new system run by eBay is hopeless.

        I've also contacted ViewSonic and they claim there is no way a product could be shipped from them in such a condition so I really doubt this would be covered by a DOA policy anyway.


      you say this for another monitor aswell ? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/372968

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        I copied and pasted this onto that deal as obviously there are major issues with this seller which I thought people would appreciate knowing about. Also, I edited my statement for that post and I wasn't talking about that particular monitor, by the way.

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      Thanks for warning others.


    It has VGA. Odd choice. I don't know if it can even handle this resolution. Being analog I know the signal drops off noticeably after 1080p. I'm just not sure who is still using VGA. My graphics card doesn't have it, so what are you plugging into it? Consoles don't have it either.


      Analog : VGA
      Digital : HDMI /DisplayPort
      Frequency : Separate Sync / Composite Sync / Sync on Green
      Sync : Fh = 30 ~ 82 kHz ; Fv = 50 ~ 75 Hz

      I use mine with HDMI because I don't have a DisplayPort cable (that isn't broken).


        I have this and use it with both hdmi and displayport. Both work fine. I haven't tried it with vga, I don't see a need.


          Hey @Macrocephalic

          Wondering what your thoughts are on the monitor? How is the colour etc?



          @chitchat123: I think it's pretty good. I have trouble telling the difference between half decent monitors, but this is miles ahead of the junk that you get on laptops. Although I do a bit of photo editing, I don't have a colour calibration device to really test it with.

          I use it on a standard desk (so, pretty close) and the viewing angles are good enough that the edges don't look washed out - which is a problem on bad panels. 32" is big though; it's big enough that a curved screen would make sense (if money were no object).

          One thing did catch me out, and it's a pretty specific problem, the VESA mount on this is not in the middle, it's way down towards the bottom. So, if you have a dual monitor stand, and you put this next to another monitor, they will be completely different heights. I had to dodge up a bracket to fix the height difference.


          @macrocephalic: Thanks mate, good enough review for me to make the plunge and buy it!


    I paid $419.75 for this monitor but I believe the seller is doing something dodgy on ebay as I was told the item is no longer in stock but they now have this monitor listed as $461.72 and in stock. Did anybody else pay the original price and get their order delivered?

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