expired Sony STR-DN1080 7.2 A/V Receiver $473.00 with Code + $110.51 Del (~$755.69 AUD Delivered) @ B&H Photo Video


Hi all found this in my continuing search for a good AVR.
This unit ticks all the boxes and I was able to get a better price only for OB.
The unit is not 240v Switchable and the Sony warranty is not honored here in Oz which may put people off but I believe that ACCC have regulations to help should there be a problem.
A quick search found 50VA 240VAC to 115VAC Stepdown Transformer at Jaycar which is $49.
As this only my second post ever I do apologise if its inappropriate.

Note: This unit requires 120V AC power and is not compatible for use in Australia without a step-down transformer.

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B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video

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    A 50VA transformer is inadequate. You would need something in the realm of 500VA

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    believe that ACCC have regulations to help should there be a problem.

    Nope, you import it and you're on your own..

    But no deal, that converter is not big enough. Stick to 240v shopping only for your avr hunt

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    Not sure if it's a good price or not, but it sounds like it's just not a good idea to buy this item in this fashion.

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    When chime to music and sound I believe the frequency difference between 110v and 240v are importance. The transformer will not correct this.


    Where do I enter the coupon code? And what's with the Go to Deal link that simply goes to bhpv's home page?

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    Not a deal, item will not work properly on 240v/50hz power.


    100w at 6 ohm?? Why bother

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    Step down needed. Can't see this as a deal sorry.


    Silly idea Jaycar stepup is a dirty power supply at best.

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    Sorry - buying 120V US receivers is not a good idea, and no, the ACCC won't help…


    Thank you for all your feedback for my second post I will know in future that US gear is not for us but i was surprised it did not have 110/240 switching is this a US thing..?.
    The 240W/110v power draw was a concern.


      If you are in the market for a receiver, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/372125 is a good deal…


        I have been a Denon /Revox/ Wharfdale man since 1970's when my mate got an electronic apprenticeship at AWA who were the Top audio suppliers in the 70s an we used to go into the sound room and errr smoke and belt out Pink Floyd.
        But Ive heard this sony unit at Carlton Audio with the same wharfdale speakers I have and it punches way above its weight and I take it over the Denon 3400 any day …its that good.
        Please dont throw rocks at me for maligning Denon.. :-)

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