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PS4 PlayStation 4 1TB Pro Console + God of War - $529 (+ Delivery or Free Click & Collect) @ JB Hi-Fi (Online Only)


This morning I was trying to decide if buying a PS4 PRO to play God of War was worth it buy, and I encounter this.


PlayStation 4 Pro $519

God of War $10

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  • 10 cents cheaper at Big W online.


    • However, delivery only. so the same price.

      At least you can pick it up on the store today.

      • People reported the deal for BIGW being available in store as well when both items are scanned.

    • If you count 5% off gift card. That is not just 10 cent

      • 6% off JB HiFi gift cards via RACQ rewards if you’re a member. Big W shipping isn’t exactly quick, no click and collect option, a lot of people looking to pick up a Pro for GoW will want it today, not in a weeks time. This is a solid option for those people.

        • I tried the RACQ thing but hit a small snag: "The website will only allow up to 5 gift cards to be redeemed per order."

          Still better than nothing but as this is an online only purchase, and gift cards are $50 each, you're limited to giftcards totalling $250 which at 6% amounts to a saving of $15.

        • @soothslayer: I know what you’re saying, there was an issue for several weeks where you could only do what you’re describing, but it’s now gone back to normal (i.e. you can enter whatever amount you like up to $500).

  • crying
    i bought the bundle from gamesmen last week with regular parcel post, could not get it until monday… should just wait and get it today from JB

  • FANTASTIC! Exactly what I was looking for to complement the Sony 60" coming today. Weekend sorted, thank you! :)

  • I'm tempted to buy this to replace my original PS4 but no one seems to be recommending the jump as anything near good value (I don't have 4k or HDR TV). Anyone been through similar thinking?

    • If you don't have a 4K HDR TV then yes, there's no real value in upgrading to the Pro to be honest. You will get slightly better looking graphics at 1080p on some games but it's not noticeably worthwhile. Save the cash for something else (like an 4K TV upgrade!). Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War look amazing on 4K among others.

      • Thanks, keeping my original PS4 seems the sensible choice. I'll grab God of War tonight and plan a 4k TV + Pro upgrade for later in the year

  • Wait for the EOFY sales for a PS4 bundle

  • or have it delivered at zero time or expense, or go to eb and get them to price match big w because its cheaper.

    negging cheaper prices is so un-ozbargain you jb pro-moters

    • The holier than thou approach is quite petty, different people have different needs and wants. I have ordered one for $489.32 with 7.5% off from work and will be able to pick it up on the way home from work TODAY on game launch day ready for the weekend.

      This beats saving $10 fussing with price matching/finding stock and/or waiting for delivery which could be next week.

      To each their own.

      • $493 using wish cards everyone can buy at big w plus 10.00 for delivery as far as I can see is not holier than thou or petty.


        yanhaot 27 min ago

        'eople reported the deal for BIGW being available in store as well when both items are scanned' which would indicate $493 with wish cards instore today at Big w where available.

        S3ISOR 59 min ago new

        This is available in store as well. I just called my local and they scanned up both items and the price was $519

        So $519 in store today at Big W - even cheaper with wish cards - which is cheaper than this deal.

  • Damn, I would have bought this but I really want the white version

  • Thanks. I couldn't find a Big W with stock and I wanted one today - so I went into JB and got one in person. If you explain to them they will be able to price match the $529 online price. I didn't even try for the Big W price because stock is so low.

  • How does this compare to the Playstadium?

  • Went into JB Hifi they said they've been out of stock of PS4 pros for months and couldn't honor the deal, that it was SONYs fault and affected all Jb HIFI stores, this was browns plains. EBs were sold out of PS4 Pros. Walked into BigW they had one PS4 pro left and did the GOW bundle for $520. I can confirm yes this game is that good.