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[PS4] God of War $69 @ Harvey Norman


Big W and Amazon has already got this for $69 & now HN reduced their price to $69 so thought to share.. Now you got more options to get this at store Big W or HN whichever is near to you :)

Enjoy :)

Price Compare :
$79 @ JB
$75 @ Target

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    For another comparison, it's $99.95 @ EB Games

    • Ohh yeah..👍

    • any EB will literally price match you the lowest price, their RRP is just for the lazy that don't bother to check or even ask…

      • I always wondered if price matching was an actual deal - cos in my mind if a seller only matches a price, what would stop me from buying from the store that had the better price to begin with? I guess it could work if it was an interstate / overseas seller vs. local seller in your neighbourhood (for in-store pick-up).

      • Yes but think of all the people who don't know are can't be bothered asking for a price match that go straight to literally every other retailer selling it for $69.

        EBGames are the only retailers who are still trying to flog off games for way above the RRP.

        • Mostly unaware parents.

          See it all the time.

        • It's actually the taxes and stuff that the government put on goods, so it turns the RRP of a standard Triple A game to about $99.95.
          And whilst I'm sure everyone here is a bargain hunter, everyone should also be well versed in standard business/retail practices, in this case loss leading where a business would purposely sell an item for less to keep up with competition, whilst hoping to make money back in other departments. It's such a common misconception with the pricing of goods amongst shoppers.

          not starting anything just wanted to correct a possibly misinformed comment.

          Cheers and enjoy the new God of War

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          Very true. I doubt there's much profit (if any) at the $69 price point. I still remember games for 16-bit systems being priced at $120 in the early 90's.

        • only reason I go to EB is for the points

        • @radie1230:

          I'm on the gold level and you don't really get much. I think some better trade ins or something which I don't do.

        • @Trickey: Source? It's hard to find anything in terms of how much dev, publisher and seller makes.

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          @RocketSwitch: I have a friend who (after my above comment) told me the wholesale cost. Let's just say there's a loss of around $3 for a particular retailer at the $69 price point.

        • @Trickey: Awesome, thanks for sharing.

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          @RocketSwitch: No worries. Grab it and get playing. The eye rolls and death stares from the Mrs were well worth it.

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    Such an amazing game. Particularly epic for those that have played the previous entries in the series, but equally awesome for those new to the franchise.

    Believe the hype.

  • Great price, but dont have time for it.

    Will watch on Youtube

    • Then make time, it's god of war!!!

      • Will try :)

    • Definitely need to make time for this game.

      • Will try :)

  • Got this game and a book of $16.xx for a total of $65.xx with the promotion of $20 off for new customers at Amazon.

    But this is an amazing price.

  • Is online play a must for this game or mainly for single player?

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    SP only and offline.

    Mad game, btw. I don't play much of this series but the gameplay is sort of similar to The Last of Us mechanics.

  • Absolutely lives up to the hype! As a PC master race gamer who has been gaming with a 1080 ti, I'm actually blown away by the graphics and what the PS4 pro is capable of. The art design and amount of detail is astonishing.

    If you have a PS4 Pro, my preference would be Performance mode (1080p 60fps) instead of the Resolution mode (4K 30fps). While it looks absolutely spectacular in 4k, going from 60fps to 30fps is hard to get used to.

    • You should have a look at Monster Hunter on the PS4. The visuals for that are absolutely staggering on the base PS4. I can't imagine how it could get better on the PS4 Pro.

      I also used to be a PC gamer (not a master race type - that's just horsesh…) but the capability of consoles combined with the simplicity of the systems is largely responsible for driving me away from PC gaming. No windows garbage to deal with, endless game and OS patching etc. It's not to say consoles aren't without their drawbacks but taking into account that you're paying for an experience, I really don't see that you're getting much more for all that extra money you have to sink into a purpose build gaming PC.

      Looks like I'll be down $69 by the end of today. GoW is huge and this certainly looks the goods. I watched the Jimpressions video this morning and that sold me on it.

  • Amazing game indeed. As someone who started playing the original gow on the ps2 and has played and owns every game released since I can say one thing for sure this isn't like any of the other games. It is alot more like dark souls, tlou and even witcher style in some ways. Having said that the game is a jaw dropping experience. But if your gonna play this thinking it's like the rest of them then you will probably be disappointed in some way. I personally had my reservations about this but have really enjoyed it so far. I'm also a multi platform gamer who still has my old pong console somewhere. Been playing games since the start of the 80s. No I wasn't sponsored by Sony either hahaha :)

  • I have mad FOMO for this game yet don't think I have the time to devote to it. Recently was stoked to purchase Horizon Zero Dawn on special and have only given it two goes.

    • That's unfortunate, why not make some time to play?

      • Overwatch has me by the balls

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