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Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB, $49 Per Month for 24 Months, 20GB Data, Unlimited Calls & Text @ Optus (Online Only)


The 24-month plan includes:

  • 10GB data + 10GB bonus data if you sign up online
  • Unlimited Standard National Calls & Text
  • Data Free Optus Sports, National Geographic, and Music Streaming (Google Music, iHeartRadio and Spotify)

New and Recontracting Services Only
Offer Available Online Only
Offer Ends 20/05/2018
Minimum Total Cost $1,176 over 24 months.

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  • +1

    Sign up, sell phone for $600, pay it into bill, $576 remaining = $24pm x 24m for 20gb plan

    • +3

      Better off doing the pixel 2 xl deal. Works out $3-10 per month on the telstra network depending on how much you sell the pixel for….

      • +1

        More info on Pixel XL deal please

        • +1

          please click here

        • @BelowSubZero:

          Is that better only because you get the Home mini ?

        • @freesteakknives:

          Nah cause resale value of the pixel 2 xl is higher. Approximately 950-1050 people are selling it for.

        • @R3XNebular:

          Ah - thanks for that. I actually want the phone and don't really care about the plan :-)

        • +3


          Nice. I sold mine got a s9+. Very happy considering the plan is only $3 a month for me.

        • @R3XNebular:

          That's awesome - where did you get the S9 from and for how much. It's really the phone that I want but can't justify the $$ from the prices that I have seen.

        • @freesteakknives:

          Good Guys 64GB S9+ for $1250. Expensive but local brick and mortar. + Coles Mastercard Price protection

  • Would this come out better than the S9 deal they had a couple of weeks back? Any major difference to the S9?

    • +2

      I've tried both and prefer the S8. There's really no major difference even if someone were to argue for the S9 being superior.

    • +32

      since S9 has come out my S8 has started taking crappy photos.

      • Update your phone software, this was supposedly an Oreo issue, which is an update you would have received about that time.

    • The S8 lack compared to the S9:

      • no stereo speaker
      • no dual aperture for camera, worser low light pictures?
      • screen quality is abit worser?
      • no 256 GB option
      • bad fingerprint scanner placement
      • +32

        Indeed the S9 is ‘betterer’ in many ways

        • +5

          Literally every point you have made is wrong.

          • The aperture adjustment does bring more light in than what is standard on phones

          • The Exynos version has superior single core performance compared to the Snapdragon chip, and is basically the envy of the entire Android phone ecosystem

          • The Exynos version has superior battery life to the Snapdragon version

          The only drawback of the Exynos is an inferior GPU, but this only matters to those who are playing high-detail mobile games. The Exynos S9+ is a direct competitor to the iPhone X, with the only exception being you're trading in FaceID for better low-light photography and superior multi-tasking.

          So unless Apple are cranking out ways to use their front-facing sensor array to create less clunky AR experiences (which is literally an arse-backwards way of doing so), you've got yourself an iPhone X killer.

    • Eh i say its a more refined version of the s8, lets just say the s9 is a s8s lol

      But i love my 8

  • Hmmmm, I wonder if I can get Telstra to do the same deal (Family and Friends offer). I missed the one last year for around the same price.

  • Any changes for the people who bought this at $59/month in december?

    • I wouldn't think so, as 1. You signed a contract and 2. Surely you know that technology devalues with (a relatively short amount of) time.

  • +3

    Can you use the 10% student discount to get it down to $45?

    • +3

      Looks like it is available after clicking through here: https://offer.optus.com.au/student-hub

      $44.60 after discount. seriously tempting to upgrade from my current $36 sim only plan… could flog the phone off for $600 or so and would only need to pay ~$20 a month for two years!

      • +1

        I've just done exactly that. Was on the $36 student plan with 17gb of data (because it wouldn't let me upgrade to the recent $36/20gb student deal) and just signed up to the S8 plan.

        • did this work online? how did you do it through chat?

        • +1

          @campo123456789: I just signed up through the student hub page. I only used the chat to confirm that there won't be any additional charges for changing out of my other plan before the contract was up.

        • +1

          @Never pay retail: ok nice one! cheers

        • @campo123456789:

          I can't seem to find the offer in the Student Hub? Have they removed it. I cant used my student promo code in the regular checkout.

        • How did you manage to do it through the student portal? It seems like they might have taken away phone plans and left only the sim only plans

        • @teadonna: Yeah it appears that it's no longer available but if you scroll down a bit it look like some people have managed to get it working through a HTML hack

      • the only issue with this is that you lose unlimited video streaming (netflix/stan)… its the only thing holding me back at the moment…

    • Yes, I signed up and successfully got this deal with the student discount for $44.60/mo includes S8, 20 gb/mo, unlimited calls, free music streaming, only cons I really noticed was no intl calls and the data-free netflix streaming is not included. I got the sim and gave the phone (which was unlocked) to my partner - IMO the S8 appears to be an amazing phone, and this is coming from someone who has had an S7 for 2 years happily.

  • Does this s8 version have the optus bloatware on it?

    • -2

      All Optus plan phones have bloatware. Pretty sure every carrier has bloatware.

      • Not Woolworths 😀. Though it's annoying these days that the unbranded phones now get updates last, it used to be the other way around. I ended up just flashing a UK firmware on and I get updates straight away, i.e my S8+ is on April 2018 security patch.

        • +1

          Do you have a good link on how to flash Samsung S8's safely? I wouldn't mind getting my bloatware off.

      • +2

        No bloatware on Virgin

      • +3

        My S8 from Optus had the myoptus app (checking data limit etc) and a splash screen on boot. Nothing else IIRC.

  • +1

    No international calls… Deal breaker.

    • +1

      Extra $5 for 150 mins international call.

      • +3

        Brings it over that magical 50 mark. Messes psychologically with me😄

  • Damn…. This deal is good

  • -1

    Should also be noticed OP that this deal extends to the iPhone 6 32GB model, at the same price. But at the end of the day, the price is just not worth it.

    • +17

      Who the hell would want an iPhone 6 over a galaxy S8 at the same price? Two iPhone 6’s don’t have the combined worth of one galaxy s8

      • +2

        There is always an apple fan saying that iphone 6 could run for another year while galaxy s8 would go laggy after few months…

      • I get the upvotes for it, but I'm just trying to add all the information to the deal. There will be someone that does get the iPhone 6 over the S8.

  • Does sign up post paid mobile plan affect ur credit score or serviceability?

    • No. Why?

      • Yes, it is marked on your credit file but it shouldn't affect it too much.

  • I'm on a sim only $40 plan, Is there any chance i can upgrade to this??

    • Try your luck on online chat.

    • Yes you can. I was told by optus sales that I can upgrade from sim only to a phone plan anytime. I just did that from sim only plan (still under contract) to iphone plan.

      • Awesome! Thank you. I'll hit em up now. :)

      • +1

        I did the same. Just swapped over from $36 student plan to this and was told there would be no cancellation fees by Optus sales reps.

        • Did you get the student discount on this deal ?

        • +1

          @Leadingfoot: Yeah I sure did. Just make sure you go through the student hub so that it gives you the option to type in your student discount code. Works out to be $44.60/month

        • +1

          @Never pay retail: I'm on the $36/month now, this is probably the cheapest way to get a S8. Thanks mate.

        • @Leadingfoot: No worries at all

        • @Never pay retail: I am trying to do exactly what you did and the online agent said that I couldn't get it with the student discount. So you went through the student hub? Did you log in to your account first?

        • +1

          @BTaylor300688: So if you go onto the student hub page, first type in your .edu email to get your code sent to you. Then once you have been emailed your code, select 'phone with plan' navigate to the S8, then click Buy Now on the $44.60 plan. Click through the 2 next button, then press buy now again and then it'll ask you there to give your discount code.

        • @Never pay retail:

          Are you able to replicate this because I dont have an option for Phone with Plan - just Sim Only.

        • @Cantstandya: Damn, definitely doesn't work anymore. My guess is that Optus never planned for it to be available on the student deal but forgot to take it down and that'd be why people were getting told by Optus support that it wasn't available on the student deal.

        • +3

          @Never pay retail:

          Yeah I figured it out - they were blocking it in the HTML… i just removed the block and ordered it anyway. I got a confirmation email.

        • +1


          Any tips on how to do that? I can't see the deal on student hub, cheers

        • @Rad19874812: I just did the HTML unblock trick too. HACKERS4LYF

        • @Mysterymeat: Thanks for your help mate.

        • @Rad19874812: Are you able to share how you did this?

        • +1

          @Never pay retail: Cheers mate. Done. :)

        • +1

          @Mysterymeat: I need your help too please :)

        • @BTaylor300688: would appreciate any help on how to do the HTML unblock!

        • @Mysterymeat: Hey man, could you show me how you did it too? :)

  • I wouldn't go for lock in contracts.

  • Just chatted with Optus via online chat. They don't apply the student discount to this. Spewing!!!!!

  • -1

    I got a g6 and a 36 dollors sim only plan. I think S8 is not a major upgrade from G6 and S7…

  • Just to confirm, this is for 20GB total data over 24 months not per month, right? Thanks.

    • It is per month according to the Critical information summary. They say total data 20G I assume it means 10 plus 10 bonus.

      • Cool. Thank you for the confirmation. Missed that info.

    • No it is each month mate

      • +1

        Thanks mate :)

  • Thanks OP. Signed up for 2.

  • Is data-free Netflix included?

  • does anyone know if you can unlock this phone and use another provider with it? or are you solely locked into optus?

    • +3

      Unlocked to any network staright out of the box. Confirmed this with an optus rep today

  • Not a uni student but have edu email address. Would it still work?

    • +1

      I just read the T's and C's of the uni offer "You must be a current university student to be eligible for the discount. Optus reserves the right to remove the student discount from your account if you are unable to verify your student status."

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