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Fitbit Ionic 38,910 Points (Equates to $240 in-Store Value) @ Qantas Store


While I don't like using points for shopping, this works out to be around $240 (I think). Pretty good considering currently $388 at Officeworks.

Introducing Fitbit Ionic. Find the guidance to reach your goals with dynamic personal coaching, built in GPS and continuous heart rate. Stay motivated by storing and playing 300+ songs and get inspired by a global fitness community. Plus get convenient access to popular apps, payments on your wrist and a battery life of 4+ days.


Dynamic personal workouts
Built in GPS
GPS integration
Use PurePulse continuous heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimize intensity during workouts and measure your health and fitness over time
Get insights on your cardiovascular health and fitness by tracking your resting heart rate and following your heart rate trends over time
Multi Sport + SmartTrack
Water resistant
Swim tracking
Guided breathing sessions
All day activity tracking
Reminders to move
Smartphones notifications
Get instant access to important information like weather and fitness updates.
Store and play music
NFC enabled
Battery life up to 4 days

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    Still not colour E-Ink?
    You bought Pebble, and you still can't give us 7 days?
    Or even one that's sub $150?


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    39k points is at least $390 - FF points generally sell for about 1c per point, and you can often redeem for 1.5-2c per point on rewards flights.

    • Yep, not sure where the OP got $240 for 39k points from. 1c per point is pretty much the standard everywhere.

    • Second this! I once made the mistake of buying something on the qantas store , only to realize that the points are worth more than the item purchased!

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      If you do Points + Pay you can get it for $227.60 + 5000 points which works out to be about $277.60 price using the 1c per point rule. So decent deal if you use that method.

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        Just purchased this for $207 + 2000 points, not sure why but seemed to take an extra $40 off when added to the shopping cart. Before adding to the cart it was $247 + 2000 points.

        • Strange so it's dropped a lot then since it was 5000 points before. Someone should repost it with that method.

        • Doesn't happen to me. It still shows $247+2000 when in the cart :(

        • @FirstWizard: Same. Ended up using the points.

    • Not at the Qantas Store for purchases though. Hence the preference to use for flights not purchases. That said, you can use 5000 points and top up with cash ($227). Again, around $240 total if considering in-store points value.

      One Qantas Point is worth an average of 0.7 cents. Depending on what you spend them on, your Qantas Points can be worth as little as 0.567 cents or as much as 0.762 cents each.


      • I love how the finder article says they're worth 0.7cents and then proceeds to provide an example of a "classic reward" fare that offers 1.168 cents per point value. The fare is even international so the taxes are higher than domestic.

        The best use by far is for last minute domestic fares, you can get a classic reward seat to most capital cities for far less than a last minute ticket. Very useful for things like funerals, ill relatives, a spontaneous weekend getaway, or when you budget flight gets cancelled last minute. In these cases you can easily exceed to 1 cent per point threshold and remove a lot of stress from your life.

    • Can you pretty please share some light how to sell qantas points as im new to this

      • People often use OzB classifieds to sell them. I've not done it as I use my points, so I can't help with the technicality. Just beware that selling points is against the Terms of the FF programs.

  • Is it legal to sell? I have almost 450000 sitting idle.. I don’t travel as much

    • legal as in.. cops banging down your door? no, but against QFF T&Cs

    • Go see the world!

      450,000 is lots of Qantas points, more than enough for 2x around the world ticket in Premium Economy (which are 210,000 miles each). Or if that's too much (it's not an easy trip and takes time) you can use the miles wisely to visit a few places in Asia/Pacific.

      If you had less miles I reckon the easiest would be to sell them. But 450,000 is good stash to use on RTW.

      • Wata RTW?

        • Round The (Wilder:) World

      • Thanks Mate. With two young children, I rarely had a chance to go somewhere.

        I however, always have some sense of urgency to do something with the points as I figure the points are depreciating in value over time just like real currency, but I didn't want to risk losing my membership for life over a one time profit either…

    • It sounds like it's more risky for the buyer - as they're the ones out of pocket and with the item that could be 'confiscated'.

      ie. You sell me your points, i give you cash/bank transfer. Qantas decides it was against the T&Cs. What are they going to do? They'd have no right to take the cash off you, so they'd null the points most likely. I'd be the one losing out. I could complain to you but it's not your fault Qantas confiscated the points.

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    Just bought a Fitbit Charge 2 for $82.38 + 5000 points! Normal price is about $180 so the 5000 points equates to about 2c per point.

  • Grabbed one.. price is best I've seen for a while.

  • Does qff pts expire?

    • -1


    • apparently they do

      edit: i.e. they expire unless you use or earn points at least once over an 18 month period. prob good idea to read T&Cs, i've only quoted from a news.com.au article…

      • It's 12 months now

  • Cam I claim gst from this

  • Has this changed since OP? Cheapest i can see at 2000 points is +$296.76. Is there something i am missing? Also looks like the amazon deal has expired as the next cheapest. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/376691

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