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HTC 10, 4GB / 32GB 5.2" Android Phone (Snapdragon 820) in Grey $349 @ JB Hi-Fi


This looks like at decent price.. Enjoy
I believe, this would be cheapest as compare to previous posted deals

  • 5.2" Quad HD Super LCD Display
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 Quad-core Processor
  • 12MP HTC UltraPixel™ 2 Rear Camera


The smartphone crafted with obsession. You get unprecedented control. Off the chart performance. And innovations like the world’s first dual OIS cameras front and back for pro level photos, as well as end-to-end 24-bit Hi-Res sound.

HTC 10 redefines what a great phone is truly meant to be.

World first in imaging* - OIS camera front and back
In a world first, both HTC 10's main and selfie cameras feature Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS)*, allowing you to take blur-free images, even in low light. Add on a new 12MP UltraPixelTM 2 sensor, superfast laser focus, a f/1.8 lens, and Hi-Res 4k video on the main camera, and you have one of the best low light cameras around.

Straight from the studio - 24-bit Hi-Res audio and HTC BoomSound™ Hi-Fi edition
The HTC 10’s 24-bit Hi-Res audio capabilities take audio playback to the next level. Our new HTC BoomSound™ Hi-Fi edition speakers feature the same separated tweeter and woofer design as the leading acoustic systems around the world.

Recharge Faster – 50% battery charge in just 30mins#
We’ve engineered HTC 10 from the inside out to stay running longer – up to 2 days of normal use#. Each component has been selected and tuned to use less power. It’s all part of an innovative new system we call PowerBotics - which enhances efficiency across every element of the phone and delivers up to 30% longer battery life.

All about touch - The most responsive experience
Every aspect of this phone has been optimised, from its hardware to its system software, to deliver the most refined touch experience around. Screen interactions follow your finger perfectly and smoothly, apps launch instantly and your fingerprint unlocks the phone in a lightning fast 0.2 seconds.

Smarter, faster, leaner - Streamlining the smartphone
Take control of your phone. HTC 10 has been engineered from the ground up to run faster, lighter and use less memory. Enabling you to do more without any slow down. We’ve also preloaded fewer applications, choosing the best from Google and HTC, to free up more space for you to use.

Key Features

5.2 inch, Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels, 564 pixels per inch) Super LCD 5 with curved-edge Gorilla Glass

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 Quad-core, 64-bit, up to 2.2Ghz

4G LTE™ (up to 450Mbps)

32GB Storage, Expandable via MicroSD up to 2TB


3000mAh Battery

12MP HTC UltraPixel™ 2 Rear Camera with Laser autofocus

Dual tone LED flash

4K video recording with Hi-Res Audio

5MP Front Camera

HTC BoomSound™ Hi-Fi Edition

Talk time on 3G/4G: up to 27 hours

Standby time on 3G/4G: up to 19 days

Ambient Light, Proximity, Compass, Gyro, Magnetic, Fingerprint Motion G Sensors

Android™ 6 with HTC Sense™

*Device is unlocked and will work on any Australian network. Device will contain Telstra Software.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2018.

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    Still got this phone for two years now. I have it loaded with 200Gb micro SD card. Solid build quality, a DAC, don't really care about camera I prefer the UI experience. Still running smooth from the start, it's just the battery draining fast. HTC is the way to go if you love custom ROMs. I have it customised according to my preferences not just plug n' play.

  • Would this be an upgrade over an iphone 5s? Is the camera decent?

  • Does it have band 28 or NFC??? :-p

  • How is this phone comparing to Sharp Aquos S2 in this deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/371394

    • +3

      They are quite different 2yo flagship vs 6m old midrange
      Depends on what is important
      Criteria | HTC 10 | Aquos S2
      Bezels 2 vs 1*
      Back metal* vs plastic
      Weight 160 g vs 140 g*
      Screen 5.2QHD* vs 5.5 FHD+
      Imager px 1.5um* vs 1.4um
      Stabilised yes* vs no
      Au stock yes* vs no

      • +1

        Thanks so much pete2! I bought Aquos S2 after the comparison :-) Thanks again for posting the deal!

        • +2

          No problem - good luck with your new phone, the Aquos S2 is a bargain at the moment.

      • +1

        As long as your ok with installing Taiwan firmware for Google Services, looks like great phone for the price.

  • Hmm, to get this and a BYO Kogan/Aldi plan or get on Telstra's $49 p/month Google Pixel 2 XL deal, sell the phone and get an OnePlus 5T?

  • +1

    Okay so I went and got this as my Samsung Galaxy S5 was dying. Very happy with it, especially the price.

    • I am currently looki g at this comment with my broken s5 haha

    • What's wrong with your S5? Mine is also just starting to die as I'm looking at this HTC.
      Is the HTC 10 Telstra bloatware all removable?

      • +1

        Um aside from a small crack in the screen that was growing, it was just getting slower with every new app update as they consumed more memory or whatever. That's on both custom roms (lineage OS) and stock. Also the gyroscope sensor / accelerometer sensor stopped working.

        Upgrading to this was like night and day.

        There is not that much bloatware to be honest. I've disabled what was there and it's not bothering me, however I think I'll end up putting Lineage OS on the HTC in the next few weeks. I just prefer it.

        • Does it also boot up with a Telstra splash screen? I'll be interested to know if you get Lineage on your new HTC 10 running smoothly

  • Good price! I got one for mum to replace her iPhone 4. A much needed upgrade!

  • How it's compared to HTC ONE X10. HTC 10 has 4GB RAM is ++.

  • Thanks OP, ordered one for Mother's Day.

  • +2

    Got one today, but I am having voice call problems. There isn't a way to disable VoLTE on the rom that is installed on the phone so it cant make calls with 4g on with Vodafone. Don't really know what to do now :/

    • You will have to call vodafone and ask them to disable VoLTE for you. By doing this you will loose 4g connectivity and only 3g will work but should be able to make calls.

      I had the same issue and after updating the android version as the older android version on wife's phone has no issue with making calls with VoLTE enabled.

      • Just to clarify.
        Do you mean the Telstra branded (unlocked) has call issues when using Vodafone 4G mobile network and that it won't work on Vodafone's VoLTE work?
        So, when using Voda SIM only solution is to get Voda to disable VoLTE with result that all (mobile) data is then 3G only? I haven't got a problem if it won't work on Vodafone's VoLTE service but don't want a compromise anything else.
        Wanting to buy another of these for son, but don't want major issues like only a 3G phone when using SIM other than Telstra, eg overseas holiday/travel SIM.
        Previously I have an unlocked HTC10 Voda version (bought from JBHIFI) and only issue is it will not VoLTE on Telstra network, no other apparent connectivity issues either Australian provider or overseas SIMs.

        • +1

          It may be related to telstra branding as mine which had issues was telstra branded bought from mobileciti while the other one with no issue was unbranded from harvey norman.
          I usually switch prepaid cards so didn't have an issue with no 4g for one month.

        • @Bargain Bug:

          Interesting as I have a HTC 10 that is Telstra branded also ( bought from an Australian ebay store as new ), and updated to Oreo via regular OTA and can make calls with both Optus and Vodafone ( used a Kogan sim ).

          4G also working fine with those two sims, just have not tried Telstra sim yet, but assume should be OK for that being a Telstra Branded phone and ROM.

          Have to say I love this phone so far, like HTC sense and solid feel and built.

        • @ozhunter68:

          I believe Kogan Mobile don't have access to VoLTE, so it might only affect those on Vodafone directly (I assume it's the same deal with other resellers). It might cause an issue in the future though if Kogan Mobile start to offer it.

        • @hamza23:

          Thanks. I really don't know much about VoLTE yet, only aware of a protocol in newer phones to make calls via internet using VoLTE or something like that. I have not changed any of the default call settings and Optus works too for both calls and 4G as expected, but have not activated any VoLTE as far as I am aware. Would that be on the HTC 10 by default then, or not?

        • +1


          Yeah it should be on by default for Optus once you upgraded your device. It seems from comments here that users are only having problems with Vodafone and not Optus. Not sure how that works.

          There's some info here, you can check if it is on your device:

          Open Settings
          Select Call
          Select Voice over LTE checkbox to disable/enable VoLTE on the device.

        • +1


          Thanks for your help. Had a look Settings>Calls>Voice over LTE and don't see that last option.

          I read the Optus link, and I have not seen the voLTE displayed on my phone, so I'm not in a VoLTE are ( most likely as I'm regional ), and/or it's not enabled.

          I don't care too much at this stage re VoLTE feature, but I do want to use this phone for regular calls and data for all three Telco's for my usual porting usage.

    • go to settings -> Mobile network Settings -> change to 3G only (This is after all the Oreo updates)

      This will turn off VoLTE.

      Looking at Vodafone, there may be a way to enable, but wouldn't hold my breath.

      This will lower data speeds significantly though….

  • Any updates on disabling Volte for voda 4g calls before I pick up?

    • returned the phone today, no way of disabling it on the phone. clerk also tried it out.

      • Ta returned before opening

    • Is it Vodaphone thing only? Will it be an issue for Telstra sim?

      • Just Vodafone I'd say

    • I had the same problem, just go into the setting and change it to 3G only.

      It does slow down the transfer speed though compared to 4G :-(

      I'm going to look into the settings to see if VOLTE can be disabled so

  • Besides supporting more frequency bands, how does this compare to the OnePlus 3T?

  • +2

    If anyone bought this and needs a screen protector - Telstra eBay has them going out for $4 delivered

    • Thanks, ordered

    • Just got last one thank you.

    • Strange how the image shows the protector's home button cut out is square while the HTC10 button is rectangle.

  • Thanks

    Got this with the $200 JB Gift Card from the Telstra 25GB Mobile Deal.

  • +1

    Anyone using VOLTE on this Telstra phone work with the Optus network?

    • I think VOLTE is carrier locked. I know Vodafone only enable VOLTE if you purchase the handset from them and they have the IMEI on their network.

  • There r some stocks available here in Orion Springfield, Queensland. And keep your eyes before paying, for they have some stocks (at least one) are not installed with Telstra ROM, which are labeled as 5x9 (I forgot it is 5 or 9) in JB system.

    Besides, they have no protector screens or cases in store for HTC 10.

  • Just curious, what was the charge level of the battery prior to charging for the first time after purchase?

    • +1

      Mine was around 75%

    • Also just above 70% battery on purchase.
      Considering phones are late 2016 build the battery has held up well

  • +2

    I picked this up yesterday. Awesome deal. I am coming off a Google Pixel 1, this is effectively the same handset at half the price of the Pixel 1 today. The main differences - HTC10 has an higher res LCD screen rather than AMOLED. Pixel runs stock Android and has a better camera.
    The HTC10 is on Oreo, unlikely to go further, but it is pretty good.
    If like me you are waiting for some of the next gen handsets like the Pixel 3 and don't want to lock into the current models, this is a great option. They are running out quick.
    I picked up the last one from Pakenham, they other stores are running out quickly, so probably only a few days left before all gone.

  • +2

    FYI when wearing polarised sunglasses, the screen is unreadable while in portrait mode. Landscape is fine. A bit weird to do that.