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Tefal: Cook4me+ Pressure Cooker $149.50 (Was $335), Master Precision Vertical Iron $54.50 (Was $149) @ Amazon AU (New Users)


Update 4 : Looks like allotted stock for discount has gone now.. Customer care is not doing further discount manually. but still keep an eye and give a try.. You never know if you get lucky as some of us still managed to grab for 50% off with customer care - See here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/374369?page=1#comment-5880... :)

Update 3 : Try reaching customer care..They should be able to get you same discount for you.. Amazon is trying to fix issue with offer - Thanks to Dev for update


Update 2: Looks like Cooker Link is showing with other seller without discount. Click on below on the same page which says "New 2 from $339 " and select the Amazon one and try your luck it.. Not sure 50% discount will still work.

Update 1: @ 1:20AM -Discount price is now changed from to $149.50 from $147.50 — $2 Pricejack lol

Another Good Deal :)

50% discount applies at checkout when you fill shipping and payment details & select Free Shipping + Apply AMAZON20 code

Grab one if you are after these..

Tefal Cook4me+ CY8518 Black Smart Multi Cooker Pressure Cooker with 150 built in Pre programmed Recipes

  • Your new cooking assistant: it guides you step by step to create quick, easy and perfectly cooked meals
  • Cook your own recipes with four cooking modes: ingredients, recipes, manual and favorites
  • Versatile manual cooking with 5 settings : pressure, steam, brown, simmer, reheat
  • Large family 6L Capacity : cook tasty meals for up to 6 people.
  • 150 pre programmed recipes: available directly in your Cook4me+

Items: $335.00
Delivery: $5.99
Order Total: $340.99
Promotion(s) Applied: -$173.49
Order Total: $167.50
Order Total: $147.50 ( With AMAZON20 Code)

Tefal Master Precision IT6540 Fast heat up Upright Vertical Garment Steamer Iron

  • Removes wrinkles even on difficult-to-reach areas thanks to the precision shot
  • 360° rotative hanger for steaming the back of your garment use in 60 seconds
  • Fast heat-up time: ready for use in 45 seconds
  • 2.5 L removable water tank for up to 80 minutes steaming
  • Perfect for intensive steaming sessions and last-minute touch-ups

Items: $149.00
Delivery: $5.99
Order Total: $154.99
Promotion(s) Applied: -$80.49
Order Total: $74.50
Order Total: $54.50 ( With AMAZON20 Code)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2018.

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  • +3

    I just bought myself one, been researching it for the past hour or so and there seems to be pretty overwhelmingly great reviews for it, especially for people who are somewhat time poor. Seems to be an absolute hit with families. Hopefully this will make me stop buying takeaway so often.. i'm intrigued by 8 minute risotto…

    • +4

      The risotto is excellent. The pumpkin bacon one. Very impressive for a moron like me.

      • That's awesome to hear! will definitely have to try it.

      • +8

        Username checks out!

    • i researched when it was posted last week and the reviews were good, but not $220+ good. $140 on the other hand…

      Can you point to some of the best reviews you read?

    • 6 minutes! But after the preheat though lol. I make 'fried rice' in it by putting in all my leftovers, water and washed rice. Set timer, shower and boom, dinners ready.

  • is it easy to wash ?

  • i found this review on youtube. Not the best review but she says what's good and bad it


    • I'm sure that a lot of it is relevant, but just wanted to mention that this is the connect model, it's unfortunately not available in Australia (You can't connect to smart phones etc)

  • Is AMAZON20 only for new users?

  • +2

    Bought one at this price.never seen it under $200 b4.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOQukp0mvDg - Aus review

    Looks good.

    Just wondering what is the return policy on this.

    • Wow, they filmed this using a potato

      • Potato was cooked under high pressure as well so worse than normal.

    • +4

      Wouldn't exactly call this a review.. they're trying to sell the thing

  • +1

    The tefal actifry can also be brought down to $93

  • Order Summary
    Items: $335.00
    Delivery: —
    Order Total: —
    Promotion(s) Applied: —
    Order Total: —
    Order Totals include GST. See details.

    When I add the voucher - AMAZON20, only $20 dollars are discounted. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

    • +1

      The AMAZON20 code is a $20 discount code. Hence the 20.

    • +1

      Add your credit/debit card, it discounts after that.

      • +1

        Yeah you need to go all the way to the last step of the checkout to get the discounted price.

      • Cheers, yeah

        Order Summary
        Items: $335.00
        Delivery: $7.99
        Order Total: $342.99
        Promotion(s) Applied: -$187.50
        Order Total: $155.49
        Order Totals include GST. See details.

        I am getting 155, not 147.50

        • Did you choose FREE shipping?

        • @adamhsieh: expedited for above, but chose free shipping when I ordered one.

    • Make sure your address and credit/debit card are selected, I thought I was doing something wrong too but didn't realise it only worked once those two steps were done.

      • Thx, yes but my total is $155, not sure why.

        • +1

          Make sure you have free shipping selected, not default expedited.

        • +1

          @cm1505: Ah, cheers mate.

    • +2

      Login + Add Card details + Add Shipping Address .. then you will see it..

  • +3

    Too good to pass up, the recipes look pretty good.

    • cheers, I wish it had some Brown rice recipes as well.

    • Thank you for sharing this link. I just picked up one! Would someone mind explaining how to use the recipe book?
      I presume we just add the ingredients according to the recipe, then hit the specific cooking mode ?

  • Just wanted to add this lady's playlist that has 20 recipes she has cooked from it (this is an older model so could be different recipes, but good to see what it can do) She's still using it since 2015 so I guess she likes it!


  • Will I have to make a new account to get this offer? Cos I entered the code and it said that it wasn't eligible.

    • +5

      Just make an extra account for your pet, stuffed teddy, imaginary friend etc..

    • Yes just create a new account with a different name, then use your normal name/address/cc details when completing the order.

  • +1

    Cheers OP, bought one.

  • +1

    Looks good. Bought one and I'm excited to try it out.

    Thanks OP!

  • Got one.

  • Got a pressure cooker at home already but it’s a dodgy chinese one ..hopefully this one will be better!

  • Picked up the clothes steamer, thanks OP. I've read plenty of mixed reviews about the effectiveness, but the missus wants one for her dresses and at this price it's worth it for me either way.

  • +1

    fantastic offer thanks @OP

    • +1

      no worries .. Enjoy cooking :)

  • They really need to release the instant pot here

  • I was just after a multi cooker. Was going to wait for the Philips hd2137 to go on sale, but this will do nicely

  • The pressure cooker has a 30 day money back guarantee and Tefal are offering replacement parts for 10 years. It is one pot and easy to clean. There is a Facebook group with recipes and assistance.

    The default recipes are made for simplicity which leads to them being bland. People are encouraged to add their own flavourings or packet mixes.

    A common complaint is excessive liquid. The solutions are to use the manual mode to further reduce the recipe or use a small amount of cornflour to thicken a sauce.

    • Cornflour is a lifesaver with sauces, I've rescued a number of home made attempts thanks to it, just mix, stir in and it's as thick as you like - brilliant.

      • I was close to returning the appliance until I read about using cornflour.

  • I'm assuming this works ok as a rice cooker?

    • Yes it has a guide for rice, burghul and similar foods. It also makes desserts.

  • Got one - Thanks mate.

  • omg I want! how long is this sale for? will anywhere price match?

    • +2

      No price match anywhere possible.
      (1216 clicks) so not sure how long this item will be in stock

      • yep dont tink this will last long. its gone up to $339 rrp now so $149.5 after all the discounts, still a great price, just picked one up

  • Amazing price! Even cheaper than what the previous version got to :(

  • +1

    I guess there is a positive to children waking you at stupid o'clock. I haven't been looking for one, not sure we need one, but ok, if it's a good price.

    Bought one, thanks OP!

  • Wow, that price for the Tefal Master Precision IT6540. Was looking for a cheapo steamer and luckily, KMart had sold out locally so I couldn't buy one from them, and now I see this. Thanks OP! Bought one! :)

  • i think it's saying 30% off now

    • saw that, but bought one seconds ago, still 50%

  • What a bargain! Cheaper elsewhere is the good guys for $250 ;)

  • Got one, thanks!

  • +1

    Good to know that the deal is still active and stock available. I thought it will get sold out in less than 5 or 6 hours.

    OP is a legend.

  • Does this have a 30 day money back guarantee? Thanks

    • Wondering the same thing

    • +1

      I would assume so, but that being said I would hope it wouldnt be Amazon moneyback guarantee which can mean restocking fees that can get pretty high. I recall a thread on here saying it can be as high as 50%.

  • Thank you! Mother's day gift sorted :D

  • Amazon website is still saying 30% off but once you add payment details and apply the amazon20 discount code it comes up at $149.50. Just purchased for this price.

    Thanks OP!

  • glorified overpriced pressure cooker. :-)

  • It is showing 379 price for me what i am doing wrong…?

    • Make sure you select it from Amazon. Should say like '2 new' next to the picture under the writing. Click that and select the cheaper one thats 50% off from Amazon.

      • Thanks. It worked

  • +2

    When I clicked on the deal icon in OzBargain it actually took me to the $379 item sold by BestBuy Online Store AU.

    You can't add the AMAZON20 code to it, and it doesn't give you the 50% off.

    If this happens to you, instead of clicking the large Add to Cart button on the right, click the small Add to Cart button below it (sold by Amazon AU).

    • Same here, cheers buddy

    • Read the reply from inaestuo.

  • Thanks OP just brought the steamer

    • +1

      Where did you bring it?

  • +1

    Very solid deal BeingAskhole! Easy upvote!

    Just bought the steamer, thanks

  • I just bought one, it is saying ships within 2-4 weeks, so looks like they're out of stock, but still taking orders.

    Keep in mind it may not make it in time for Mother's day!

  • The steamer is not applying 50 percent off …
    The amazon code is working but at checkout is still coming up at 129

    • Was not working for me either ..(on Internet Explorer)
      Tried Google Chrome and it worked like a charm ..!

  • Is this also a slow cooker?

    • +1


      • Thank you, I figured as much. However Myer Online was confusing me because they have this model listed in their slow cookers category.

  • keeps taking me to the best buy one. help please

    • Go to desktop site

  • +1

    Thanks Op - didn’t buy the pressure cooker but got the air fryer

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