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Kenwood kMix (Cream) or Tefal Avanti 4 Slice Toasters $47 / $44.05 Shipped ($27 / $24.05 for New Users) @ Amazon AU


Spotted these two deals while browsing Amazon AU for their 50% off Mother's Day sale items and thought they were pretty decent discounts, especially if you can still take advantage of the AMAZON20 coupon code

Kenwood kMix 4 Slice Toaster TFX750CR in Cream - $47 shipped ($27 with AMAZON20 coupon)

Tefal Avanti 4 Slice Toaster TT770860 - $44.05 shipped ($24.05 with AMAZON20 coupon)

Note that the 50% discount applies during checkout after you've selected your payment method. Don't forget to change shipping to free standard delivery to achieve the above prices.

Enjoy :)

Original AMAZON20 Deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2018.

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  • Both product pages show …

    30% off this item. Discount applied at checkout.

    … but you are certain it will be 50% off? Is that correct please?

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      Here’s the full link/list picture still shows 30% but the text on the right is 50%. Tested a few and all change to 50% in cart.

      • Much appreciated.

    • +1

      Yes sorry it's not clear, but both have 50% taken off at checkout.

      For whatever reason, Amazon hasn't really clearly advertised these as 50% off items on the actual product pages. They're only noted as 50% on the main listing (posted in Bad Wolf's comment), and also a little caption that appears during checkout.

      • +1

        Thank you. Order placed.

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    This beats all those other crumby toaster deals. Ciabatta get in quick or there'll be naan left.

    • Shut up and take my upvote, Dad.

      • Haha thanks. And I feel honoured to have extracted a comment from someone who's only made a handful in 5 years. A tip of my dad cap.

  • +1

    Mothers day gift for the inlaw ..sorted!! Thanks OP

  • Great price!

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    Thank You very much GreenGuava, I was looking for a new toaster and for $27 this is great.

    • +1

      You're welcome and enjoy your toaster. I got the same one too! :)

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    Hi all,

    This is the link to all 50% off appliances on Amazon Au in Home Appliance section.


  • I got the "Kenwood kMix 4 Slice Toaster TFX750CR" from a previous deal here.

    IMO, it's not worth its $94 price tag. It's "ok" at $47.

    Has decent features but mine is not very good at getting an even toast.

    • But at $27 you have to admit it's a decent deal though.

      • Yep, good value at $27.

        I'm ok with it at $47, but not overjoyed.

    • I have the two slice and agree. My toast is frustratingly patchy, burnt in some parts and almost untoasted in others.

  • +3

    Yes! Ordered for $27! Kenwood Australia have it for $189. Thanks OP!

    • +2

      My stepdaughter received hers today. Thanks again OP.

      • +2

        Thanks for your comment, saw it on the live feed.

        Missed this deal when it was first listed, have gone for the Tefal.

        Would have gone for the Kenwood if the deal was available in black.

        Thanks to OP as well for the listing.

        Edit: Got the matching kettle as well which was also half price.

      • +3

        Not a problem, more than happy to contribute to the OzBargain community. Glad you and others are enjoying their toasters. I received mine today too and it sure is a nice, solid looking toaster! :)

        • +1

          Which one did you get?

        • @xev: The Kenwood kMix

  • which is better between them?

    • +2

      They all have poor reviews.

      • thanks might give them a pass then… :)

    • The Kenwood seemed better, I only looked at reviews for about 2 minutes though.
      Kenwood seems to do Bagels perfect. Seems to have issues when toaster used over and over constantly it browns too much and unevenly. But the way the review is written, it seems they toasted hundred times consecutively. I don't think most people will be toasting over and over. Maybe with a large busy family all having brekky at once and that all love toast ? Lol.

      • I have the kenwood two slice and toast bagels all the time. Consistently uneven. I only toast one a day though.

        • Maybe you have been getting bodgy-bagels :/ lol. Is your kenwood exactly same model though (only in 2 slice version) , because that review is very specifically for that particular toaster. Since they do mention negatives, I doubt they would lie about the 1 main possitive (good for bagels).

        • @ozzpete: Just had to go look it up, it's the Kenwood kmix TTM. But my toasted toasts everything unevenly.

        • +1

          @em: I had a quick look and going by the only TTM model I could find on the Kenwood Australia website (TTM02x range), the TTM seems to be a superceded line and the styling is quite different to the current range.

          Hopefully they've improved their product range since then and your comments don't hold true for this product!

        • +1

          @em: for $27, it might be worth trying this one if you like your toasted bagels. If you get it, and its not good, should be able to easily sell it on gumtree for $25 . If this one is good, sell old one for $10 (or donate to charity, if you don't need the money) .

        • +1

          @ozzpete: I've already used amazon10 on buying a Pikachu 2DS xl haha, but have just messaged my partner to ask him to buy it :D I would love a toaster that can toast evenly!

        • @em: Or just make a new amazon account and buy yourself with $20 off :) As long you use a different email to sign up again, should be fine. I usually change my name ever so slightly just to be sure, ie. First account 'Peter' second account 'Pete' .

        • +1

          @ozzpete: That's the OzBargainer spirit, I like the way you think! :)

        • +1

          @GreenGuava: and @ozzpete thank you both for the comments - the toaster came today and it's amazing, toasted two pieces of toast and they are perfectly even, will do bagels soon!

  • +1

    Thanks OP bought a cordless vac.

  • +1

    Great post OP. Now I have the matching toaster to go with the stand mixer that was on special recently.

  • good present for wife, she now won't have an excuse for not making breakfast

  • Thanks!

  • +5

    +1 to this deal! Thanks @GreenGuava for this!

    I've just purchased the black/stainless Tefal 4 slice toaster for $24.05, I stacked the 50% off, the free postage and the new Amazon account $20 bonus to bring it all down from $94. Not bad for a purchase done at 1.15am from the discomfort of my hospital bed :)

    I've had spinal fusion and disc replacements and an unexpected second emergency surgery days later for something else that happened. I'm so looking forward to being discharged to my mother's care where I plan to eat copious amounts of toast… Ahh I'm dreaming of toast now!

    That shiny Tefal 4 slotter should keep up with our combined demand nicely…

    I'm so over the pureed liquid diet the hospital has me on! it's been ten days already!

    • +1

      Come back with your review of that toaster. Best wishes to you!

    • +4

      Sorry to hear about your recent surgery, but I'm sure you'll come out all the better for it and I'm glad this will help in your recovery!

      Good luck and enjoy the toast! I'm sure it will taste devine after that much time on pureed mush!

    • +1

      I have just bought the Tefal toaster as well, found that the matching kettle is also half price $29.50


      Good luck with your recovery!

  • +1

    Stacked the 50% off, $20 first order, and $20 gift voucher from a cancelled nappy order a couple of months back to bring it down to $7 total :)

  • I just can’t decide which one to get. Couldn’t find any aus review on the Kenwood one, Tefal ‘ s one I am worry about the review of the spring being too strong , bread end up on the floor but I like the wide width in Tefal that might be able to fit the cafe style raisin toast.
    Has anyone receive the Kenwood one, can you fit a wider slice of bread ?

    Thanks !

  • Great deal! I placed an order but received an email stating:

    We have removed your access to this account because we could not confirm your payment information. You will not be able to access your account or place orders with us until we confirm your information.

    To resolve this matter, please send the information below to our secure fax line:

    — A copy of your statement for your VISA ending in xx, including the billing address
    — Your name, phone number, and the email address registered to your Amazon account

    FAX??! anyone else have trouble ordering? I'm a legit first time Amazon customer too so had only signed up to make the purchase.

    • It's possible you triggered their fraud detection somehow. Perhaps a mismatch in details between your credit card and what you recorded when creating your Amazon account?

      Whatever the reason, I'd suggest giving them a ring via https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/contact-us/ and hopefully they'll be able to get this sorted for you.

      • Yes I believe so but the annoying part is that they state not to contact Customer Service but to send a fax with those details directly to Accounts team.

  • Received mine today and just toasted one slice to test it out. Much better than my 7 year old Breville 2 slice only toasty (cost me $25 back then!)

    • Me too. Damn this thing is huge!

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