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Crucial BX300 480GB 3D NAND SSD $108.68 USD (~$145 AUD) Posted @ Amazon US


Seems like an insane price for a 480GB SSD from a reputable brand

Sequential Read 555 MB/s / Sequential Write 510 MB/s
Random reads/writes up to 90K on all file types
More than 300% faster than a typical hard drive
More than 45x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive
Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND technology


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Looks like it has MLC, that is the main attraction here. Really good price.

  • How is this compared to Samsung Evo 850?

    • I'd choose the evo anyday but I can't imagine them being that different.
      I'd choose samsung because I heard they have good warranty with their SSDs

      • I prefer MLC drives so I prefer BX300. EVO 850 is TLC. You are seeing 850 Evo getting good benchmark results due largely to the SLC cache. But, when you copy a large number or a number of large files for a long time, the SLC cache will be used up, then the true TLC speed will be felt.

        Samsung warranty is really good here, BUT if you used it, it means you have Samsung SSD(s) which died. I had to use their warranty service, it was quite good, but still lost a fair bit of data - it was a TLC drive BTW.

        • Yep. A drive warranty is like life insurance— when claimed, you're already dead.

          The rule is 3-2-1 for back-ups. 3 total, not on the computer. 2 can be local (external HDD or another computer/NAS) w/1 on the cloud or not at your physical location.

          As far as large numbers of large files— that's where, imho, SSD has catching up to do. If you have a desktop or laptop w/2 drive bays, you can reduce writes substantially. But, with only the one SSD in the laptop, and if you happen to moves lots of files in & out, not so good (unless you attach an external HDD to handle these files).

          I've been happy with all brands chosen thus far. The Sammy's are tops, but for a basic laptop upgrade, anything is better than HDD.


        • @Geekomatic: The large file writes comment was basically about not to take the stellar Samsung TLC SSD's benchmark performance too seriously. When it is under constant writes (even with smaller files), you will start feeling the true TLC speed.

          It's common sense. TLC is a cost saving exercise. Most Samsung TLC's true sequential speed is ~300MB/s, not SLC cache 500MB+/s.

          Traditional hard disks.. please, give me a break, they are way too slow to even be in the discussion.

          Been burnt by TLC (Samsung ones) multiple times - reliability. Their true speed can be a bit ugly compared to MLC. If I have to pay premium for Samsung, I'd rather go for Samsung MLC. I would only use TLC for non-critical or things I have another backup elsewhere.

          After adding in the postage cost and considering the weak AUD at the moment, this BX300 deal isn't looking that good unfortunately.

        • @netsurfer:

          "Traditional hard disks.. please, give me a break, they are way too slow to even be in the discussion."

          If your intent is speed via SSD & you routinely move lots of large files, then assume you'll wear it out faster than most, that's a given.

          I was saying that offloading some of this to a standard HDD (I use a Raptor 10k rpm) can save writes.

        • @Geekomatic: If you have relatively light storage usage in general, then TLC is fine. But if you have any usage pattern where you move a large quantity of files (even small ones) or larger files, then you will feel the TLC's quoted speed is false advertising. My first Samsung TLC died with less than 2TB of total write and it was a 240GB one (drive was only 30% filled). That was disappointing.

          Raptor 10K rpm won't do me any good (years back yes, but nowadays no). It's too slow when I move lots of small files compared to even a TLC SSD. When I really have to move finished project file archives to a hard drive, a 10K rpm HDD is not cost effective.

          What's the biggest raptor nowadays? I have 1TB SSDs so it has to be at least 2TB (but a 2TB HDD is too small for me).

  • its based on old tech - and note that there will be a short period of oversupply hence SSD are being repriced.

  • 128% value on userbenchmark

  • Very cheap per GB …..I have 5 crucials in various systems and they never miss a beat …. I more interested in 1TB as each sata connector is precious.

    not old tech, they have MX and BX series, MX has a few more features, BX is basic range. They use same NANDs, but sometimes different controllers.

  • Any warranty or only if in the USA?

  • if you do collect from nearby amazon partner, you can get it about $4 usd cheaper

  • ssd prices still falling.