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Xbox One S 1TB with 2 Game Tokens (Assassins Creed Origin + Rainbow Six Siege) $279 @ ALDI


Found this beauty at Aldi Birkenhead Point NSW so I assume there are still combos around. Was originally $329 but it looks like it’s got a decent price drop. Hope you guys can find some in Aldi stores. Ripper deal for a 1TB XBOX ONE S. With 2 decent games.

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    1tb makes it a good price. My Aldi had nothing yesterday. I always check the cabinet.

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    This is worth having an ALDI brawl over.

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    Misspelling in the title. I'm pretty sure Assasians is something different altogether.

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        Freudian slip.

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          Jeff often goes to Thailand…

  • What's the Aldi red tag mean? Clearance or simply weekly sale price?

    • I think the tags have always been red: even at $329 the tags were the same color.

      1 left at lidcombe.

    • Means someone has used Aldi's change of mind policy, and returned to the shop. Maybe because it has a fault? Maybe because they didnt like it? but single stock like that is mostly a customer return.

    • For both, weekly sale price will have red price card. Reduced price card will be red as well.

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      What's the Aldi red tag mean?

      It's a warning, means you have to fight other shoppers for this item.

  • What are "game tokens"? Are those simply two free games on discs/to download?

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      They are like CD keys. Redeem them to your XB account and download the game.

  • Covered by Aldi's 60 days Guarantee?

  • oh no,it's only for nsw,icheck it in Melbourne,but the price is still $329

    • Thanks, save me a trip

      • I think you will be more happy if you could have the trip to get this offer. Lol

  • I bought the same bundle for $249 from Thornleigh ALDI. There was only one in the cabinet. Maybe ask for a price match?

    • I tried to price match on the last 500gb $199 deal at ALDI, was told they couldn't do it as prices are at the managers discretion.

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    Thanks OP, picked one up today….

  • Aldi Parramatta had one in the cabinet for the last month or so at this price. Went in today and they had dropped it to $199 so I grabbed it.

    • 500GB or 1TB ??

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