[Price Error] Singapore Airlines Business Class Return Paris/London:ACT $2912/$3097, Bris $3011/$3202, Mel $3086/$3277...

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A cracker of a deal via IWTF. This is around half the price you'd normally expect to pay for a round trip business class fare. Travel is during the European summer with dates available around May through to August. Click the main link and scroll down for sample dates & fares. Safe travels, and enjoy :)

Moved to forums. Appears to be a price/fare class error. These are premium economy and not business/first class seats.

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  • They appear to only be for 2 week trips…

    • Two weeks is plenty of time. Take your Mrs jv and get a break from the kids!

      • Nah, that works out at $235 per day just for the flights, then you need to add accommodation, food, legal bills etc… Not worth it…

        • It's all about the experience. You gotta splurge once in a while… or at least I do! Maybe try AirAsia X Premium Economy? Their flatbeds are great and everything is actually cheap unlike ✈️⭐

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          What legal bills ?

          Are you trouble wherever you go ?

    • I extended the return date and its the same price

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      JV buying an airline ticket:

      JV: I want to buy a return ticket from the Tightarse promotion.

      Airline Staff: Certainly Mr JV, that will be $3086.

      JV: What's the normal price?

  • When hitting book now via ifly.net the class changes to Premium Economy and not Business

    • Big difference between the 2

    • I tried book now through mytrip.com and gotogate departing MEL 19/8 to LHR returning 4/9 with the shortest possible layover. Ticket price was $3697 and $3691 respectively but it's coming up as first class!!

      • Except that it's not. It's in rows 31-35 which are Premium Economy. The price aggregators are wrong, there is no sale.

    • The one i clicked had a fare basis of PT3AUR which i think is premium eco?

  • The title is the wrong way around, Paris is cheaper than London.

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    Tightarse only flys TAA, Tight Arse Airlines.

    Come fly the friendly skies.

  • 3k biz with SQ is a bargain. Going rate is usually $8k+

    Their service is definitely top notch. Rate them better than qf, ke, ek and cx. They have recently put in the new biz suit where two seats can combine into a bed.

  • The biggest issue is when you fly long legs on business you'd rather not go at all then fly Economy

      • than

      I've got long legs too, so I try and get the emergency exit seat in economy.

      • Shoulder width + armrests are an issue for me even if exit rows, they seats aren't very wide at all. And of course on long legs having a bed is insanely better.

  • Careful, I did a dummy booking on GO TO GATE. While it appears as Business and/or First class in the booking summary, when it comes to seat selection, it appears to be Premium Economy. PE seating is 2-4-2. Business Class seating is usually 1-2-1.

    $3000 return is usually the PE price point anyway. I think it's a booking class error by these online travel agents. You will not be getting Business Class at this price.

  • Agreed. You can search for these fares on google flight and it comes up with same price as here with two options to book. One directly with Singapore Airlines and the other with expedia. Checked both of these and it comes up as double the price (almost) - around $5K which is still a reasonable business class fare on SQ to Europe (usually in the $6k)


    $3K? Jesus, I went to London and Paris with QF back in 2012 and the going rate was $2.2K for economy!!

    • In 1983, that's 35 years ago, the cheap rate for Adelaide to London in economy was $1600. In real terms (accounting for inflation), you can fly business class for less than that now.

  • How many Velocity Status can I get for return flight to London?

  • They kick you onto a website called iFly, anyone dealt with it? It is reputable?

    • Given they sell you Premium Economy fare basis and try to claim it's First class, no.

  • It is Premium Economy.

  • It's PE

  • It’s definitely premium economy, disappointed now :(

  • Confirmed it's PE. Called gotogate who said there's a glitch where each class is showing as the one above it. E.g. Econ is PE, PE is Business etc.


      Okay, so the actual business fare is still pretty good

  • This isn’t not a deal. It just Premium Economy masked as business. Very misleading. Booo

  • Darn it!
    These deals never, ever come true for me.
    I was about to book Economy fares to LON for wife and me today/tomorrow anyway and this came up.
    To hell with the piggy bank, I had First Class in sight for $7K for both of us, then up came the seat selection. Funny, I thought, it's not four-across in First…
    I will keep looking with fingers crossed.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Huge apologies for this. We legitimately thought it was a sale on Business Class fares and had no idea that it was an error fare. We were unaware that there were also cheap flights appearing in First as well.

    Again, sorry for wasting people's time. We have marked it as expired on our site and also put up a message that it is not available.


  • The problem is after Virgin's Business class cheap seats last year this could've been feasible. Oh well, I look at it as saving myself a bunch of money. I just hope nobody actually went through with the booking.

  • I looked at this and then went through mytrip.com

    I just paid $16 to freeze the price, seemed way too good to be true!

    $7,703 LHR to Sydney return (via SIN) in 'First'. So do you think this is business then and not first, or PE??

    Baggage says 50kg too, which is the first class allowance. I don't know the PE allowance, can anyone help please?

    If this is business I'll be delighted still.

    • Have a look at the fare rules and the classes associated with them.

    • Ifly showed 50kg bag limit even though it was PE. I doubt it would be PE for that price and as mentioned above, they were showing 1 class above what was actually sold so I suspect its business class.
      I was getting prices around 6K for business when I checked the SIA website though.

  • I just need this for 2019 and I'm set!!
    Edit: Aww geez, this is price error.