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Kogan 20000mAh Power Bank with Type-C (PD) 36W $49 Delivered @ Kogan


Since we can't find Xiaomi ZMI 20000mAh powerbank anywhere, this Kogan one comes in handy. It boasts a respectable 36W USB-C PD output and well enough to charge Macbook Pro 13's albeit rather slowly. Even though Kogan's description says that this only output 36 Watts, 20V 2A is mentioned on the powerbank itself as seen in the pictures. So it might even output 40 Watts but input maximum is 20V 1.8A (36W).

Create a new Kogan account to get it for $39. If you can't be bothered its available on Ebay as well for $47.41 (Thanks O O)- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Kogan-Ultra-Fast-20-000mAh-Power...

Description copied from kogan -

Ultra fast charge with 36W input and output
Can charge laptop!
Massive 20,000mAh capacity
Multiple ports for rapid charging of up to 5 devices at once
Compact, portable and lightweight
Durable and efficient lithium polymer battery

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    Cheaper at eBay site with PAYBACK coupon. 😊

    • Thanks for mentioning that :-) I had $30 Kogan credits so bought from Kogan direct. Also you can get $10 off by creating new kogan account with referral code.

      • By the way, please reports back how it goes with charging the Macbook Pro.

        • Sure will :-) I'm trying to find a short USB-C to USB-C cable now lol

        • I have received mine today and my MBP reports that its getting 45Watts when plugged in to this powerbank. So it must be the same as Energizer one. I thought this might be a lower specced one because only 20V 2A is mentioned in the powerbank itself even-though energizer one mentions 20V 2.25A. Powerbank feels really solid and similar to MI 2C. Only thing thats slightly less premium would be status lights bleeding light in to each other lol

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          @oxymoron: That's a good value for an under-specs USB PD capable battery, an Energizer XP20001PD in disguise. 😊

  • USB-PD but no QC3?

  • Will this fast charge iPhone X?

  • Can this charge Dell XPS 13 9350?

    • Yes. If you are using your laptop while charging it, it will be charging slowly though. At least it would keep your battery level flat

      • I'd rather it kept my battery level even, but you're living up to your namesake. ;)

  • Thanks bought one

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    It looks like to the the OEM version of Energizer XP20001PD.

  • Can anyone confirm whether this will charge with passthrough? That is, charge via Micro USB and simultaneously output via Type C? Website mentions 'ultra fast charge… input and output' but nothing specific.

    • I have tried this for you and it seems to work. It was drawing 1-1.3A from micro USB port when doing passthrough charging. I have plugged in my MBP 13 to the USB C port. Status indicated lights up red when charging something and it alternates between red indicating power bank charging the laptop and white progress lights indicating its powerbank is charging itself.

      • Sounds like it only does one at a time, alternating

        FAQ for energizer advises not to do this

        PowerSafe Management:

        1. Do not use both Type-C and USB-A output ports simultaneously

        2. Do not use the Micro USB port when XP20001PD is charging a Type-C laptop* with the Type-C port (Red light indicates Type-C output)

        3. To recharge XP20001PD through both Micro USB and Type-C ports simultaneously, please apply 5V input to activate recharging.

        Was looking for this feature too, I don't think it works as a true pass through