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Flights to The Philippines Return from Perth $172, Sydney $189, Melb $203, Gold Coast $208 Via Scoot @ IWTF


Scoot Airlines are having a huge sale on flights to Angeles in the Philippines. Travel in Aug - Nov/18 Scoot is a budget airline so bags + meals are extra.




Gold Coast

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  • -5

    From Gold Coast to Angeles city? Wow time for some sexytime.

    • +1

      Really guys?

      Angeles city is a place for 2 things. Booz and Klunj.

      So a direct flight from sin city to badder sin city is a good thing.

  • Nuns excluded?

  • +4

    There will be more sales since the govt has closed off Boracay for 6 months

  • -7

    Stinky Boracay is turning out to be like all the other places that smell of poo poo.
    i.e Phuket,(PooKet) with the smell coming up the drains everywhere, couldnt sleep with all that smell.
    Pattaya is another big stinker.
    Best get used to it, stay away during the hotter months.
    No more "love you long time", and "Nooooo …You my boyfriend, he only my Cu-Sto-Ma"

    • +4

      That's why they closed it for 6 months to sort out sewage and waste infrastructure. Would've been neglected and left to rot under any other corrupt president.

  • +2

    Duterte gets shit done, and is not afraid to die. Yeah,as rough as he is, he has cleaned up the place.
    Shame this wasn't done 30 years ago, be a much better place today.

    • -2

      as much as the leftists scream and shout you are right, head to Davao its like you're in another country. no beggars, no crime, incredibly safe… taxi drivers always turn the meter on and even make sure to give you back every single centauvo before you leave

      as opposed to the rest of the garbage tip… duterte is doing the right thing about it

      • +1

        No beggars? No crime? You go to a different Davao than I do. The syndicates still run the beggars on the streets, there is still crime, and there are still taxi drivers that will try to rip you off. And there are a lot of opportunistic scammers around every corner… Same as most places in the world.

        It's certainly not a bad place to visit, but it isn't the crime free paradise you allude to.

    • This Duterte guy - as long as he doesn't go to the Dark Side - he seems like a good thing

      • +5

        he already said he will kill his own son if he is involved in the drug trade


        he's the only good one is a complete sea of sewerage…. everyone else just lined theirs/their families pockets with as much cash as possible

        look up dutertes house. its just a normal house, like something any of us live in

        here's a good pic


        which one is corrupt and which one just wants to help the people

      • +4

        He's already on the Dark Side. He's definitely an "End justifies the means" sort of guy. I don't think his intentions are necessarily bad, but the morality of a society is defined by the methods they deem acceptable for progress.

        Anyway, this post is about flights to Angeles. Personally I'd choose a different holiday destination.

    • +30

      Hi jd4free,

      Not to turn this post political, but I thought I'd reply to this to say I respectfully disagree with you. Just some background, I am a Filipino now living in Sydney while studying my masters, and yes, I created this account solely to reply to this post (although I do visit ozbargain quite often!).

      'Duterte gets shit done' - This isn't true. The man talks a big game, but he really hasn't delivered.

      His famous line of ending the drug scourge in the Philippines in 3-6 months. Nope, never happened. In fact, he admitted himself that it was a failure. A ton of my countrymen died for no reason other than this guy's ego thinking he could apply a 'drug war' that has failed in so many other countries. He could've heeded advice from Cesar Gaviria (former president of Colombia who had to deal with Escobar). Nope, he just called him stupid and went ahead with his failed plan.

      Another famous line about defending the Philippines claim to the Spratley islands. He said he was going to ride out there on a jetski to plant the Philippine flag, much to the delight of all his supporters during the campaign. When push came to shove, he allowed China to do what they want with the disputed islands. In fact, China has named some of the features of those islands and now the Philippines' claim to them has been diminished.

      Yet another campaign promise was to allocate government positions to the 'best and brightest' in order to progress the country. Nope, he's assigned cronies, fraternity brothers and movie stars who supported his campaign.

      '..and is not afraid to die'. The man is a coward and he flip-flops on everything he says. When the press calls him on this, he cries that it's unfair criticism. He does not have the guts to face the consequences of any of his statements. He even banned a reporter from covering presidential events because the reporter was a critic.

      Another thing, it's funny how all political enemies of this guy are suddenly linked to the drug trade in the Philippines. It's just ridiculous, everything has to do with drugs with this guy. Funnily enough, when the scandal broke about his son being involved in the biggest imported shipment of crystal meth into the Philippines, he had no comment. Zero, zilch, nada. Not a word even after all the bravado of him willing to shoot his son if he was involved in drugs. His son has been in photos with big time drug lords too. Of course, the issue has slowly been buried.

      He talked a lot about transparency during his campaign. Dared his then fellow presidential candidates to sign a waiver opening their bank accounts for inspection. He became president, and then some controversy came up about his own bank accounts. He refused to sign the waiver, instead insisted on a "power of attorney" which essentially wouldn't open up his bank account anyway. He still hasn't signed it and went on to accuse his main rivals of having secret bank accounts and even fabricated fake bank accounts that he told the press were real. In true Duterte fashion, he flip flopped and said they were fake.

      Finally, just on this whole Boracay being closed to clean it up business. The closure of the island caused a lot of business to shut down. Understandable since tourism is the biggest form of income on the island. Lo and behold, it was revealed that Duterte approved the construction of a Chinese Casino on the island. This guy has been in bed with China from the word go.

      Sorry for the rant, I'm just dumbfounded how this guy gets the credit he does without really doing any but running his mouth. I didn't mean to blab away at you, and I don't know if this will change your mind about the guy or even prompt you to look a bit closer, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.

      Hope you have a good evening.

      • Thanks Filo, very informative.

      • +5

        filo42, I like your incredibly in depth response. I like your critique of current circumstances and recent history. I thinks it's great as a lurker that you signed up just to leave your comment. You'll get a lot of agreement from me. Duterte is a con man. A dishonest wannabe tyrant. A hypocritical irrational weasel. I'm no expert. I love the Philippines and I've been there 20 times in the last 7 or so years. My wife lives here in Australia but she is a highly educated proud filipina and she has helped form my opinion on this man. Sometimes my stints over there have been for 3+ months at a time. I get involved there in countless ways with the regional community and I travel around, as a result I obtain a vast collection of various opinion. I really just wanted to say thanks again and your post helped me and I feel you have a realistic, accurate and well reasoned assessment of Pinas in 2018. Salamat po.

      • I would agree with the above plus more..

        There are plenty of beautiful places to discover outside of Angeles. Go to Banaue or Vigan for example.

        What ever you do, don't talk about the politics there. I have been there 3 times in the last couple of years (family) and people are afraid to speak openly about it.
        No one is safe, not even elderly Australian Catholic nuns.


      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtOAzIk6CfE

        Where did you get that information that a Chinese Casino will be built on Boracay? These are yet again slanderous claims made up by the bullshit media that are against him. Please stop helping them spread the lies. Proud Filipino myself, shame on you.

        Closing beaches for environmental recuperation is a normal procedure. They do it in Thailand 4 months a year. In fact in Thailand they have ordered the temporary closure of the beach made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach in a bid to halt environmental damage caused by too many tourists.

        • +2


          Your link is more recent, but this frames the typical Duterte move: Plans get outed by the media. One of his numerous spokespersons has to explain/defend. Public backlash occurs. Duterte backpedals despite all the information pointing the other way.

          Just on needing interpreters for what he said/says, I have never heard of a politician/public figure that's needed so many people to explain to the masses exactly what he means. It's not exactly confidence inspiring from a president.

      • -8

        To filo42, seems like you know a lot more than PRRD. You may be living in Oz now, but when you were still back home, have you done something significant to our country? I don't think so. If you want your stories to be heard, why don't you reveal yourself and post this on social media. Clearly a yellowtard, who until now, can't accept their defeat from the last election.

        • +4

          As a citizen and tax payer of the Philippines, I have every right to criticize the man because I contribute to his salary. That is my Homeland he is tasked to protect and if he's not doing a good job, I have every right to say it's not up to scratch.

          My reluctance to post this on social media? I'll be honest, I am not brave enough to put myself and people I care about at risk. That is the climate in the Philippines now. Speak out against the president? Get attacked and threatened online. The president encourages the killing of drug addicts with impunity. What's to stop some duterte fanatic from harming myself or someone I care about and framing it as a drug related incident? They'll probably get away with doing that.

          Yellowtard? I didn't even vote for that party in the last election. (To the internationals reading this, one of the opposing party's colors is yellow)

        • -1

          A citizen of Philippines? probably. But a tax payer? Nahh. How can you still be a taxpayer when in fact you have left the country. Who knows how long you've been living here in Oz to say that you have contributed to his salary. "He's not doing a good job" - have you been a President of a country to confidently say this? Clearly you have no clue.

          16M voted for him, and there's nothing you can do about that. People believed in him and still do until today. There is no point of posting this kind of rant as it cannot help your "homeland" by any means.

          Anyway, you still have 4 years to go and spread your dramas that are too idealistic but naive in nature.

    • +8

      Yep. Good research there. Genocide of at least 12,000 people in 2 years is okay when you get shit done.

      Lived in Davao for a month, the place is a hole ruled by a dictator with his death squad. The people are brainwashed.

      If you're also wondering, the data was also fudged.

      His son was in a senate hearing for traffic drugs as well.

  • +4

    Buy this and only use it for a singapore trip

    • I guess you would need to buy 2 one-way trips.

      Two lots of fees?

    • They will cancel your ticket once you miss any flight

      • Is this true? Because I was planning to do this haha

        • Do you think they don't know about this scheme? :) Of course they know and fight with it. Some airlines may even charge a fee or put you on some list if you try to cheat. You can try though, will see how Scoot deals with it :)

      • They will cancel the other 1-way booked flight which has a seperate booking number?


  • Not sure if it’s still available but from Clark you should be able to fly very close to Banaue for the rice fields. (Other way to get there is an overnight bus from Manila…. but I would hate to make the news).

    Edit: to Bagabag airport ????

  • -7

    A plane full of old men, thousands of little blue pills, and endless stories (8 hours worth) of what they're going to do to teenage girls once they get there. A do-it-yourself lobotomy sounds far more appealing.

    • +2

      Well you wont go to Clarke for the beautiful beaches or the fine dining. There are only 2 things to do in Angeles. Getting wasted and knee deep in beav

      • Pampanga is the culinary capital of Philippines for some reason….

  • +1

    Thanks Filo42,
    I was referring the cleaning up of Boracay, it's a shame it wasn't sorted before. The water had gone green n smelly,
    I noticed this about 8 years ago.
    I can't really comment on Dutertes politics, but I do laugh at some of it. A very entertaining man, but you're right, it is a big front, nothing new for leaders in that country.
    He is definitely a flipper, I think because he doesn't fully understand all the games in politics.
    I remember When he told Obama to F off, then he flipped when Russia/China obviously pulled the plug on him, ( Clearly they re-nigged on a big deal for the Islands/support or whatever it was, then Duterte had to go back to the Americans, tail between his legs.
    If the drug dealers don't shoot him someone else that has been affected will.

    Getting back to Angeles…it has hundreds of bars sure, some 85 y.o men with 18 y.o girls is tough to get used to, but the Island offers so much more than that. I passed through when I was a kid and loved it. And no I didn't go into any bars.
    Volcanoes, the beaches, 100 islands, Rice terraces and so so much more on offer.

    • +3



      • OK reneged

    • +1

      I had extensive dental work done over a week at a fraction of Aus prices in Angeles (along with many more Aussies):


      Wasn't even aware of the other "attractions" before I went.

  • great value!

  • Good prices but around 22 hours to get from Melbourne to Clarke. Not sure if I would personally endure that but some probably would do that for a bargain airfare.

  • gold coast to angeles clark 34 hours each way no thanks

  • i laterally did this exact same flight (from gold coast) a few weeks ago. and it coasted us thousands. this deal is incredible….

  • Beware it's 10 hours stop over at Singapore and 12 hours again on the return flight.

  • Nice and cheap but 30-plus hour flights (with layover) to and from the GC? That’s a hell flight timeframe if your flying to Europe.

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