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LG 55" UHD 4K OLED TV B7 - OLED55B7T $1436.80 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay (Refurbished)


Pretty cheap for LG Oled TV $1436.80 delivered to your door

Don't know about refurbished unit from Graysonline..
Anyone has experience on warranty with Grays online?

LG 55" OLED TV B7 - OLED55B7T $1436.80 Delivered

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  • LG are the ones who refurbished the unit.

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  • Great price. GraysOnline and Refurbished scares me.

    Edit: chances are it’s all good, but I’m a worry wart. :’D

  • I really wish they'd tell you what was refurbished in these units. There's a world of difference between a software upgrade and replacement part and repaired part.

  • they also have the C7 refurbished 55'' for 1500. would you guys spend a little more to get the C7 instead of B7?

  • Thanks OP, I've been waiting months for a decent price on this one.

  • where can you get the c7 as this is now sold out

  • OP is this FHD UHD 4k 1080p or what?

    Can you please add some proper tags at the bottom for proper tag search archiving.

    I know it is expired now but good tagging means we get a better system for collecting same products using tagging for searching.

    • What current gen OLED would not be any of these?

      • No idea but clarification goes a long way.. It has happened before where I assumed something was something and it turned out it wasn't.

        • Information is power and a necessity in this day and age.

        • @AlienC:
          This is literally like posting a deal for a 2018 model car and telling the OP they need to include tags for power steering and air-conditioning.

  • Yeah nearly pulled the trigger on this when I saw this earlier on, but decided against it. Refurbished and with the LG burn in issues, i decided it wasn't worth the risk and I'll wait.

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    Ive purchased refurbished from Graysonline a samsung tv last year. Broke down within days.

    Luckily they refunded me

  • I bought the same tv a month or so ago for around $50 more and no regrets. Everything was packaged and looked new. Refurbished by LG with one year warranty.

  • I also bought a refurbished OLED from them a few weeks back. It had screen issues after a few days and had to be returned for a refund. Also mine only had 3 months Gray's warranty so watch for that, not 12 months like normal tvs.

    • Surely thats illegal only providing 3 months warranty. JB's refurbs even have 12 months standard

      • They had scratched off the serial number so it had no manufacturer warranty, only Grays 3mths return to base. Not worth the risk on a $3000+ TV IMO. Especially since mine developed issues after only a couple days.. was glad to get rid of it.

  • I don't know anything about Tvs but I'd recommend using your credit card extended warranty if you can.

    Bought a Tv with 3 yrs warranty years ago and it broke down year 4. And was repaired.

    And has been going strong since. Thankfully.

    However be very careful about t and Cs.

    Not sure if refurbished can be extended.

    I've had a few rejection over the years.
    My air-condition broke. But they said home appliances like these aren't included

  • Everything i have bought from Grays refurbished has broken down within days. Then they try to fix it first before refunding. Always scratches on display screens etc. Never again

  • I bought one of these brand new from JB. It's an awesome telly!!!!
    Just thought I'd give my feedback on quality of the TV itself, whether it's refurbished or not. :)