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"They Shall Not Pass" DLC Battlefield 1 PC - Free


In line with the free deals on PS4 and Xbox, Origin now has They Shall Not Pass DLC for Battlefield 1 free for a limited time (2 weeks). Was $24.99AUD.

The French army has arrived in Battlefield 1, and with the homeland at stake, this is a battle it can’t afford to lose. Take to the field with a brand new Elite class, fresh vehicles, vicious weapons and more, and battle across six new maps pulled straight out of stories from the Great War.

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    Dont bother servers have been crashing for the past month with no word from ea. Cant even finish one round and all the empty servers speak for itself atm


    I am still wondering why my server browser always only show a few local servers during peak?

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    has everyone moved over to pubg or fortnite?

    i reckon it's gonna be harder for EA to convince people to pay for these kinda games after the battlefront 2 saga and with other great games being much cheaper or free.


      Pubg was like 20$ for me to buy and already has provided me many hours of gameplay, I really want to play Titanfall 2 but sadly I think that game is dead too , nothing has a solid player base anymore not even the cods

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    "They Shall Not Pass"

    I think I'll pass


    Since when did the French army ever fight? A pretty boring game after you point a gun at them and they surrender.

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      How about forgetting the crap anti-French jokes?

      They suffered 27,000 casualties at Gallipoli, only slightly less than the Australians for a similar sized force, and about 6 million dead and wounded in total in WW1


    thanks grabbed.


    Tonight servers almost nobody playing … lol