This was posted 3 years 7 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo $1279.19 (20% off) @ Australian Geographic


Saw this in-store. Not bad for local stock. Price match @JB with discounted gc will make it sweeter.

Also available online:

Thanks to @PhoenixAUS

Don’t forget to use cash rewards!.

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    Wow the productreview scores for AG are awful.

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      they are selling the ones that didn’t light up in china for the guinness book of records attemp as returns cheap ….. the fish that john west rejects.

      • I Assume a post for humours sake, but to be clear, they're selling new stock and not bad fish.

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    Same price from them online and free shipping for over $70 too:

    Makes it a very enticing deal.

  • any Marvic pro promo? The lowest price of marvic pro combo was 1333.

    Still looking for the deal like that

    • if you found one let me know otherwise i would wait for pro 2… thanks. :)

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      why getting the mavic pro? I find the air to be much better!

      • 20 min vs 30 min flight time with a single battery.

        Mavic is so much better.

        • They're both Mavics. I guess you meant the Pro.

        • Actually, the pro can never stay up to 30mins, it's always 3~4 mins short depend on the weather. So, I would assumed Air is the same!

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          @PAXA359: yeah I typically got about 23mins flight time with my Pro. My air gets about 16mins.

      • Also the range of the Pro is considerably more than the Air

        Mavic Pro: ~7km
        Mavic Air: ~4km

  • Great price, 5.20% from cashrewards brings it down to around $1213
    Better than Ebay even with the occasional 20% promos

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        Plus the TRS then yes.

      • Australian stock better than $1200 for the flymore combo, where?

  • Cheers OP, pulled the trigger! sale has tracked from Cashrewards expected cashback is $60.47 bringing the price down to $1218.72 delivered, the current best price for Australian stock, Yes

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    (profanity), bought this at 20% off on eBay for $1699 few weeks ago. TRS later would bring me down to $1200 range.

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      Isn't the TRS only refunding the 10% GST (~$154)?

      • I think AW meant $1699 minus 20% = $1360 then TRS ($169 as it’s ebay sale) = $1190

  • Great price

  • I price matched at JB as the local AG just sold the last one.
    What does the OP mean by "with discounted GC" mean though? I showed the salesman, and he couldn't guess it either?

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      GC means gift card

    • Yes, as @demere said, gift card. There are heaps of places offering discount Jb gift cards at 5% off. Earlier in the year there was 15% off when eBay launched the gift card page.

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    Great deal!! Been hanging out to get one of these and this helped me pull the trigger. If you've got any mates working for Optus, they should be able to get JB Hi-Fi vouchers with 7.5% discount. So with price match and those vouchers, this will be $1184.

    • Interesting JB only sells Telstra service. Great to know there are better options.

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    discount doesnt apply to online anymore? I see the price has been reverted back to RRP

    • deal expired,thanks

      • thanks…

        DO you think they still have this at the store? Really want the Air

        • It won’t hurt to ask but I doubt if they will do it. Hope next deal from anybody is better than this.

        • @allenhori: Yep hope so! Prices will come down eventually as a matter of time.

          Gadgets are a depreciating asset (normally) and lots of anticipation towards Mavic Pro 2.

        • @ezym0ney6: can’t agree more. I didn’t pull the trigger and hope Mavic Pro 2 has better features + most importantly longer battery life. Fingers crossed!

        • @allenhori:
          I was in the same shoe but Mavic Pro 2 Combo will cost at least $2k here judging how much the Mavic Pro Platinum Combo is at the moment…

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