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50% off All Europe Travel SIM Plans from O2 - 4G LTE Data 6GB to 60 GB, $14.99 to $34.99 Delivered @ Euro Sims


Hey Ozbargainers


due to the overwhelming positive response to this deal we have decided to extend this deal to next week Monday :) thank you so much for the support ozbargainers.

First and foremost, I would like to introduce to myself, my name is Jacob and I am the store representative for our company Euro Sims.
We're a team of 3 Sydney Sider Savvy Travelers which have explored our fair share of Europe and have had many stories and experiences
travelling in this amazing "continent", an area so small it's almost half the size of our country yet it's rich in so many cultures.

Having said that, from all our experiences and journeys through Europe, we can say that the number 1 Thing you need to sort out before you land in
this amazing continent is organising a Travel SIM card or also known as a European Pre-Paid SIM card. Being able to use Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp
while on the go without interruptions and without having to ever ask for the Wi-Fi password changes your holiday from good to BETTER and you can
take the words of many travelers who have used our Euro Sims before or travelers you know!

We guarantee that this deal we have on offer is by far the cheapest and best available for the price!

Now…in the typical ozbargain fashion:

Our First Ozbargain Deal: 50% off All Our O2 Big Bundle Plans

IMPORTANT: If you are landing in Europe or the UK before the 15th of June 2018 all the original value included in the bundles is **TRIPLED

Please use voucher code EURO50 on the checkout to claim your discount

Big Bundle 1 - What's Included **RRP: 29.99 // Discounted 1/2 Price: $14.99 (Shipped)

  • 6GB of 4G LTE Data - Works in the UK & Europe (Reverts back to 2GB of 4G LTE Data, 250 Mins, 1000 Texts, if you land after the 15th of June)
  • 750 Minutes Works in the UK & Europe
  • 3000 Texts Works in the UK & Europe
  • Valid for 30 Days
  • Mobile hotspot and Tethering is allowed!
    (must be landing in Europe before the 15th of June - Converts to original bundle value after the 15th)

Big Bundle 2 - What's Included **RRP: 49.99 // Discounted 1/2 Price: $24.99 (Shipped)

  • 18GB of 4G LTE Data - Works in the UK & Europe (Important: Data is Capped at 10GB of 4G Data in Eu - Rest of the data works in the UK)
  • 3000 minutes - Works in the UK & Europe
  • 6000 texts - Works in the UK & Europe (Reverts back to 6GB of data, 1000 Mins, 3000 Texts, if you land after the 15th of June)
  • Valid for 30 Days
  • Mobile hotspot and Tethering is allowed!
    (must be landing in Europe before the 15th of June - Converts to original bundle value after the 15th)

Big Bundle 3 - What's Included **RRP: 69.99 // Discounted 1/2 Price: $34.99 (Shipped)

  • 60GB of 4G LTE Data - Works in the UK & Europe (Important: Data is Capped at 10GB of 4G Data in Eu - Rest of the data works in the UK)
  • 9000 minutes - Works in the UK & Europe
  • 9000 texts - Works in the UK & Europe (Reverts back to 20GB of 4G LTE data, 3000 Mins, 3000 Texts, if you land after the 15th of June)
  • Valid for 30 Days
  • Mobile hotspot and Tethering is allowed!
    (must be landing in Europe before the 15th of June - Converts to original bundle value after the 15th)

  • Stock is set at 500 SIM cards and is ready to go *

How to activate the SIM

  • You must provide us with your departure date, as our automatic O2 Bundle Activation System activates the Bundle
    Immediately on the Date of Your Arrival in Europe.
  • Pop out the right SIM size from your 3in1 O2 SIM pack
  • Insert the SIM into your 3G/4G Device - and restart the device
  • turn Data roaming to "On"
  • You should have connection automatically from the moment you land - give or take about 1 hour
  • All our SIM cards come with a SIM tray opener

Destinations The SIM works In:

Austria Azores Belgium
Bulgaria Canary Islands Croatia
Cyprus* Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France
French Guiana Germany Gibraltar
Greece Guadeloupe Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Madeira Malta
Martinique Mayotte Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Reunion Romania Saint Barthelemy
Saint Martin San Marino Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden
United Kingdom Vatican City Switzerland


All our orders are dispatched from our office in Sydney
* Priority Letter Shipping - Aus Post - Free - 1 - 6 Business Days
* Express Postage - Aus Post - $7.99 - 1 - 2 Business Days
* DHL International - $10

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee:

  • if for any reason you land in any of the European destinations mentioned and the SIM does not work or activate we will refund your
    full purchase price for the SIM cards - Guaranteed.

Payment Providers:

  • You can check out securely through PayPal, Master Card , Visa, AMEX, ect


Feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected], please note we take roughly 12 hours to respond to emails :)

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  • Hey Ozbargainers

    If you need any questions answering please let me know ! I will be more than happy to help you out personally with any questions you may have!


    • Will I be able to use the data in Israel, I just bought bundle 2, I will be in Poland for a week then I'm going to Israel.

    • Hi Jacob

      I have purchased a $24.95 pack for 18gb we depart tomorrow however we have recieved 2 sims that say 2gb each.

      I am super confused can you please explain?

      • Hey Champ, please message the support team, instantly and they will make sure to adjust the problem,

        Regards Jacob

    • Hey Ozbargainers,

      O2 have just confirmed that Switzerland is not part of the roaming countries, with these plans

      So please make sure if this is a problem with you, to contact our support team, so that they can assist you

      Regards Jacob

    • Hi Jacob, are you planning any more sales on these? Asking for a work colleague.

  • +3

    Hi, are these valid for 30 days? Also if activated before 15th June does the triple value revert to original value after 15th June?

    • Waiting on an answer to this

    • +1

      hi there

      just wanted to confirm they are valid for 30 days

      ill update the post now my apologies

  • Hi, I'm going to UK in July. Can I order this deal now?
    O2 are a fairly solid network, better than '3' which these deals are often for

    • hi there hen

      of coarse you can just please include your departure date,

      just letting you know they convert to the original value if you land after the 15th of June

  • Great deal I got a uk O2 sim last year cost me $30 and only got 2gb, didn't last me 2 weeks! So is this O2 making inroads over here?

    • Hi there!

      Were basically the only suppliers in Australia for the O2 SIM cards at the moment :)

      We know these SIMs have great coverage in the UK & Europe and we have had barely any negative reviews for their Big Bundle Plans.

  • Jeepers!
    I was literally opening up the laptop to book airfares to the UK for next month and this comes up.
    I was going to wrestle with the local telcos to get a UK number and now, this is better.
    Thanks OP, does the SIM pack come with the phone number, so I can pass it on to the family before I go?

    • Hi there,

      Fate is a beautiful thing :)

      Absolutely! if you look at our O2 SIM pictures you will find that the number is provided on the back of the SIM Pack!

  • Great deal. Travelling to Europe 5th June, would the triple data still be available for the 30 days?

    • Hi there!

      Absolutely! to clarify: if you land in the UK or Europe Within or before the 15th of June 2018 you will be given the triple value offer :)

      • You might need to double clarify, you just commented below saying that you can just set the departure date to before the 15th and it will still be alright while landing after the 15th. I have also commented below with the same and more questions.

  • So….if I land before June 15th and purchase Big Bundle 2 I will receive 54GB (18GB*3)? Or is the 18GB already tripled?

    • Hi Jonnoyeo

      You will receive 18GB of 4G lte data for use in the UK, 10Gb of those 18Gbs is reserved for Europe Roaming (SOMETIMES THE CARRIER IGNORES THIS, BUT IT IS DEPENDENT ON YOUR LUCK)

    • The 18gb is already tripled. If you click on their site, you’ll see the advertised value for this bundle is only 6gb.

  • Awesome. I'll land in Europe on the 16th. I'm feeling victimised.

    • Hi Risto !

      If you like, you can include your departure date 2 days earlier and you will still be eligible for the triple data offer!

      • Hi Jacob,

        Thanks for posting this deal. I have the same issue as we are arriving on 15th June in Amsterdam and will only be there for 2 weeks. Does this mean that all we have to do is enter 14th June as the departure date when buying the SIM and the SIM will be activated from 14th June onwards with the triple data offer?

        EDIT: Just tried to add two sim cards to my cart and noticed the field to add your departure date. Should I enter 13th June or 14th June as my departure date?

  • Are there options to top up data mid way? Cheers

    • Hi Hen,

      We will be releasing top up vouchers on Thursday, keep an eye out on our website!

  • So if I'm arriving in Europe mid-July, I still get the 20gb to use for the $34.99 price yes?
    I'm not going to the UK, can all 20gb be used around Europe?

    • Hi Rever

      yes that is correct

      but however when you are using your 20GB data, it is capped at 10Gb of 4G network guaranteed for Europe, to be completely honest it also depends on your luck with the carriers if they cap your data when you are travelling outside the UK.

  • Hi Op - is there an expiry date on the sim cards? Also I haven't booked in flights yet but looking for August - can I provide you with a departure date later?

    • +1

      Yup interested to know any expiry date. And Switzerland not included?

  • +2

    There is no expiry date on the sim card, i'll update this in my post, also Switzerland is included in the deal :)

    Regarding your purchase for August just please notify us on your order notes that you will travelling in August, we will then contact you in august confirming your date of departure, hope this helps

    • Thanks mate

      • your most welcome champ glad to help


  • I'll be leaving for London start of July until August and going France and Belgium. Glad to see they are covered and also looks like a good price that is hotspot enabled.

    Purchased and lets hope reception is good through out France!

    • Thank you for your purchase,

      at Euro Sims we can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed

      hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday :)

  • Hi, how do I select Express shipping? There is only one Standard FREE shipping option available.

    • +1

      Hey sorry about that we just had a team member adjust the settings and you can now select express shipping

      if you need any extra support please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will be delighted to assist!

      • Thank you. Ordered. This came just in time as I'm leaving in Friday. I was planning on buying a simcard from the vending machines at the airport for convenience. But those are expensive.

  • outside of the UK, are there specific carriers that O2 will make you connect to?

    • O2 connects to the major teleco networks in Europe

  • From O2's website:
    "You’ll get triple the normal allowance of data, minutes and texts, for the first month. It’s available on our £10, £20 and £30 Big Bundles.
    Offer ends 13 June 2018."

    From here https://www.cable.co.uk/deals/o2-pay-as-you-go/ :
    "O2 pay-as-you-go customers will get a generous extra the first time they top up - triple the usual data, minutes and texts. The offer ends 18 June."

    You say:
    "If you are landing in Europe or the UK before the 15th of June 2018 all the original value included in the bundles is TRIPLED"

    Which date is it? I would trust O2's site which says the 13th.

    Also, going by previous comments you seem to be able to set the departure date/activation date(?) to before the cutoff date for triple data even though you won't be "landing in Europe or the UK before the 15th" - does that mean you can set the departure/activation date to the 13th yet not arrive in the Europe until say the 25th and still have the triple data? Does the sim card have to connect to a tower before the cutoff date (whichever one it is) or does it simply need to be activated?
    I'd assume the 30 days starts from the departure/activation day when ordering which is fine.

  • +2


    Regarding your question, the moment we activate the bundle is when the cutoff begins, however we say June 15th because we know that you will departing Australia and arriving a day later in UK/Europe.

    We have confirmation from 02 that the offer actually ends 15th of June 12:AM UK time

    And of coarse when we activate it for you on the 13th and you land on the 25th, the triple data is still valid however the only issue is that you are loosing your days as it is valid for 30 days from activation

  • Is the date of departure the same date for activation? or is there some sort of delay? I'll be going for over 30 days and want specific dates which the sim is valid for.

    • Hi there,

      we will activate the sim card whatever date you like, from the day you specify the sim is valid for 30 days, however please put into account after June 15th the triple data deal is not valid.

  • "Mobile hotspot and Tethering is allowed!
    (must be landing in Europe before the 15th of June - Converts to original bundle value after the 15th)"

    does that mean landing post 15th June, mobile hotspot and tethering is NOT allowed?

    • +1

      Hi there

      It doesn't mean that hotspotting is restricted after the 15th - hotspotting is allowed on the device regardless of the value.

      • Jacob
      • Formatting of the OP needs to be fixed then.

  • Does it work in Switzerland? (not mentioned in your list)

    • yes I like to know to as most plans in the EU don't include Switserland as it is not in the EU

      • +1

        hey there Guys

        Switzerland is actually not included in the 02 deals

        • +1

          sorry i have confirmed with suppliers Switzerland is included

  • Hi, have not used a Travel Sim before and will be Ireland from 12Jun for 3 weeks, so a couple of questions;
    1. Will I need to use international dialing codes to make calls within Ireland on this service?
    2. Will my Irish friends need to dial an international code to call me on this service?
    thanks for your patience.

  • +3

    How do international calls work? Can I call back to Aust on the allowance for the SIM card?

    • I'd like to know this as well.

  • Hi there - I'm in Europe for two months arriving 16 June. I understand you can activate on the 15th so I can get the triple data but what is the best idea for my second month? Should I buy another sim for 50% off instead of paying for a second month on the same sim?

    • Hey,

      that would be most ideal as triple data is the best for value and price,

      it is totally up to your preference, what you feel is more convenient


  • Great news…I'll be in the UK in two weeks time!

    I'll be mostly in the UK, but Denmark for a few days.

    Is the data capped on the "Big Bundle 1" (ie split between UK and Denmark)?

    • Hey,

      thats great to hear hope you have a safe journey

      when you are outside of UK and in Denmark the data is capped to 10GB

      • I've only gone the "Big Bundle 1" which has 6GB, so I assume I can this however I like across countries?

        I've bought 4 (one each for our group), and hoping they'll turn up before we leave next Friday.

        It looks like the can be topped up after 30 days. Is this correct?

        Also, can I add more currency to the account and make international calls?

  • Thanks Jacob, but muncans' already in Europe, and paid we more than double that for 3G

  • To be correct, the title should be updated to state $15.00 shipped, I tried a few times and it always said $15.00.
    Instead of "Big Bundle 1 - What's Included **RRP: 29.99 // Discounted 1/2 Price: $14.99 (Shipped)"

    $29.99 - $14.99 discount = $15.00 shipped, see https://imgur.com/6VfmVZU :-)

    Thanks for the deal, bought one.

    • Hey John

      perfect ill make sure to adjust that, thanks for the heads up champ

      glad to hear you liked our deals

      congratulation on the purchase, hope you enjoy your Euro Sim

  • Would these work in an iPad Pro?

    • +1


      Yes of coarse they work on the iPad

  • it says promo offer ends 13 June 2018 not the 15th https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/sim-cards/pay-as-you-go

    nevertheless this is a good deal.

    edit: switzerland is included in the EU roaming https://www.o2.co.uk/help/pay-monthly/roaming-in-europe

  • are recharges allowed and if so how much?

    • Hey there

      our recharge deals should be available on our website very soon

  • Thanks for this, OP - despite of still a long time till my departure (Dec 2018), I decided to try this SIM card. Upon checkout, it is not taking my CC and said not authorised (Check API Key). I tried two times but no luck :(
    Anyone experience similar issue?

    • Update: Paypal works :)

      • perfect !

  • Can you use 4G data outside of the UK and roaming in the EU? I was sure I read somewhere that O2 didn't have 4G roaming agreements in Europe.

    • -1

      Hey There,

      yes of coarse you can use it in the countries listed above

      the O2 Sims connect to the teleco with the best service in the region so it varies,

      • Yes I'm aware you can use the sim in the countries listed above. My question was around whether you can use 4G data while roaming in those countries listed above. A quick Google shows forum posts as recent as January 2018 suggesting 4G won't work in the EU except in Germany. Can you confirm 4G will work in the countries listed above where a 4G signal is available?

  • Can you recharge? Or do I need to use a new sim card when the 30 days expires?

    • Hey There,

      YES! we can recharge for you however the recharge service will be available on our website this week

  • Bundle 1 purchased for June 8 departure - Can keep all my insta pictures of food flowing in old blighty! :)

  • Hi Jacob
    Just to clarify, when the sims are delivered all we have to do is wait until we land in Europe and pop the sim into the mobile?

    How do we know what bundle we have from the packaging or is it all generic, only way to tell is checking balance?

    New to these travel sims.

  • Has anyone had their order delivered yet? Ordered mine a couple of days ago and it's status is still 'getting it ready'.

    • Same with mine. Im flying out on Thursday morning, so looks like wont make it in time

      • +1

        Email them. Apparently mine went in the mail two days ago, so should make it on time.

        Website is a bit confusing.

    • I received mine today. I ordered two of the O2 bundle 3 (20gb) but received 2x bundle 1 (2gb). When I emailed support I received the following response:

      "Not to worry the sims you have received are blank and once activated in December, it will give you 20G for both of the sims you have purchased."

      I'm not travelling until December so it will be a long wait to see!

    • +1

      They turned up today, so quick turnaround. The website never changed status, but otherwise all good.

      The even turned up with little 'pokers' to open SIM slot on newer phones like HTC 10, Oppo R11s, etc.

      • Hey Guys,

        Glad to see your order has arrived, rest assured we will ensure all sims are sent out as soon as possible


  • +2

    NO 4G !!

    Note this from the Euro-sim-wiki http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/United_Kingdom

    "O2 [UK] generally doesn't offer any 4G/LTE roaming (except on O2 Germany) so far. "

    , and verified by this forum post: https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Pay-Monthly/4G-Roaming-with-O2...

    A pretty big gotcha, I would say.

  • Hi Jacob, Will the SIM automatically connect using 3G or H+ in areas where 4G won't be available?

    • Hey There

      Yes as promised it would connect automatically :)

  • I google and I see this
    "A number of countries will have 4G in the next few months, but we wanted to let you know that the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain now all have 4G roaming agreements in place. Many more are planned over the next few months, which include France, Italy, Australia and United States."
    Posted on 07 March 2018

    So this sim is not very useful at all…

    And when I read through all the comments of Euro Sims representative,
    He never confirms 4G's availability in EU, never uses the word "4G" or "LTE"
    He keeps saying "connect to the teleco with the best service in the region"
    pretty misleading and dishonest
    my - vote goes to the representative

    • Hey There

      We provide the information according to what we are given.
      Here at Euro Sims, we aim to always perfect ourselves and we love customers who are willing to criticize us, so that we can amend our mistakes, we will definitely check on the information you have given us and update our post accordingly

      overall price is very good, as we can guarantee cheapest deal, you can get in Australia

      have a lovely day

      kind regards Jacob

    • +2

      It does say "Important: Data is Capped at 10GB of 4G Data in Eu" in the post, if the "Eu" only includes Czech Republic, Germany and Spain then that is misleading

      • Agree. Wouldn't have bought if I knew this

  • Thanks for replying and putting in a little extra effort in answering my previous comment.

    What is the very last day that I need to put in for the departure date to get triple data? 14/06/18 or 13/06/18?
    I'm guessing its 13/06/18 as you activate the sim a day later (14/06/18) and the deal is that you need to land before the 15th. Just want to be sure as you have failed to reply to a few comments.

    Also, have you ran out of the Big Bundle 1 (2GB x3 = 6GB)? The sim cards remaining message as disappeared yet you seem to still be able to buy it.

    Going by the comments - "from the day you specify the sim is valid for 30 days", wouldn't that mean you would lose a day of the 30 days since you will only get there a day later…? I would want it for the day I land.

    I'd change or at least have the option of saying when you want the sim cards activated rather than go by departure date (+1?) for those that can work out the day they land. Would make sense for those that don't actually land in Europe the day after if they have big stopovers or spend a night elsewhere, or would like to activate the sim mid way through a trip.

    The deal should be as simple as "The day you type is the day the sim starts working" and "Type in this day (13/06/2018?) which is the last day for this deal"

    I've bought this deal for myself but I'm also trying to buy for family who are much closer to the cutoff date and the way things are worded currently is not giving me enough confidence to order. I'm a little annoyed that I won't be getting my "10GB of 4G Data in Eu" but will have to make do with 3G.

    I'll be assuming that if anything goes wrong with the triple data deal (e.g. I only receive the normal amount) that a partial refund would be in order if I follow all your steps correctly and enter the correct dates?

  • OP, I bought 2 SIM cards in the same order but only received one in the envelope today.
    Surely they should be sent together? Can you help check what's happened?

    • Hey There

      can you please message [email protected] and we will most definitely help you out

      Regards Jacob

      • got reply already - they send 1 short so will Express Post the second one


        • Hey there

          Thats good to hear, sorry for the inconvenience

          Regards Rebecca

  • +1

    I have bought

    Big Bundle 2 - What's Included **RRP: 49.99 // Discounted 1/2 Price: $24.99 (Shipped)
    But Received today
    Big Bundle 1 - What's Included **RRP: 29.99 // Discounted 1/2 Price: $14.99 (Shipped)
    why is that? could I ask OP to please investigate what is happening there?


    • Hey Champ

      Can you please send me your order number and ill have a look at what went wrong

      Regards Jacob

  • I'd like to buy this SIM but am confused what I should put as the last day of departure? 13/6/18 / 14/6/18 / 15/6/18?

    • Hey There,

      Just put the day you are departing, if you are not sure what day that is, you can always update it later from our end

      Regards Jacob

  • I also bought Big Bundle 2 and have received Big Bundle 1….

    Looks like a Big BUNGLE from reading some other comments above :/

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