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flybuys Points Now on eBay Purchases - 1 Point Per $2 Spent - Now Open for Everyone


Deal is now active for everyone with no registration cap but you now get 1 Point Per $2 Spent.

You can also now unlink from flybuys by going to https://www.ebay.com.au/flybuys/dashboard and hitting the unlink button if you ever wanted to.

Some things to note:

  • Points will not be awarded on postage, delivery or other ancillary charges not included in the eligible item price.

  • Up to 5,000 points can be earned per transaction.

  • Some item exclusions apply, including: Services (316); Tobacciana (593) (except ‘Tobacciana > Lighters’ (951)); Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800); Tickets, Travel (11,730); Formula (20,403); Bullion (178078); Gift Cards (184,609)

  • The following sellers are excluded: Woolworths Supermarkets; Dan Murphy’s; Big W; Cellarmasters; WineMarket.

  • Points will be awarded within 4 weeks from the date of purchase.

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  • Thanks OP! Missed out first time around…

  • +48 votes

    This made me just laughed for no reason:

    The following sellers are excluded: Woolworths Supermarkets; Dan Murphy’s; Big W;

  • -3 votes

    Didn't we see this offer before? Dupe?

  • If I have this, can I also get cashrewards too?

    • I've asked this before and was not given a definitive answer, but from testing it my self it's either one or the other

    • I've been earning flybuys points as well as CR. But you won't get CR if you use an eBay voucher that you redeem via flybuys rewards.

    • +1 vote

      Yes click through cash rewards and you also get flybuys points which does not require clicking through.

  • Awesome, just $4,000 to spend to earn 870 velocity points. Win!

    • +3 votes

      Use velocity estore, that makes your $4000= 2870 points. Then pay that $4000 with a velocity card and your almost back to a $per point depending on your card

  • +7 votes

    1 Point Per $2 Spent

    Most of my purchases are less than $2… :(

  • zzz just after i brought 2x superdry jackets

  • Buy a $4000 TV and you get $10 to spend at Coles. In exchange for your data and the chance to be spammed by new spammers.

  • cashreward flyguy point with coles gift card purchase->use giftcard in coles and get additional flybuys point


    • No and yes.

      CashRewards don’t sell Coles gift card.

      You can get Flybuys points with purchase, no matter the payment method.

      • I mean cashreward to ebay website to buy gift card and use gift card to make purchase in ebay. claim flybuys twice.

        • Might work, but flybuys points are worth so little that this isn't very efficient.

          Even when they give you 5X points, spending $50 at Coles is only going to get you 250 points, which is worth $1.25.

          On ebay, it's $2 for 1 point. So if you did your gift card idea for double points and bought a $200 gift card, you're still getting only 200 points, which is $1. That's 50 cents more than you would get without your double points trick, or $1 more than you get if you don't bother with gift cards. Worth it?

        • Gift cards are within the excluded categories

    • I don't know this before but you can redeem for $10 eBay gc if you don't want the Coles one.

  • How is this remotely good value, let alone a bargain? Instead of 1 airline point per dollar, you're getting less than half an airline point for 2 dollars. Even if you converted your akelube points to gift cards you'd be twice as far ahead instead of uding the flybuys points for money off Coles.

    • Think Amos mentioned you get better value going via Velocity estore. Think I’m doing that way from now on.

    • You do understand that you can double dip right? I have no issues getting my fly buys and Qantas points.

      • Please elaborate

      • I thought most of these did not allow double dipping, either one or the other would reward you but not both? would love to know from someone that is tried as if it is free extra points then it is great. If it is instead of just about any other offer in existence at the moment it is an awful deal.

  • FYI during the trial they had bonus point promotions. For example they had if you spend at least $50 in a single transaction on eBay you collected 500 flybuys bonus points. They no doubt will run promotions from time to time.

  • Wast it already spend $2 and get 1 point?

    • That's what I thought. It's been capped, and now uncapped, so we see the post… 🤔🤔🤔

      • Some registered for 1 point per $1, some 1 point per $2. Different offers to different members. Now all 1 per $2

  • if you unlink can you link a different flybuys card then unlink that and then relink the original flybuys?

  • What is the most common flybuys card or cheapest/free?

    • Flybuys is a loyalty card in itself and is free to sign up to.

      If you're asking about a credit card, only NAB and Coles have credit cards with flybuys points

  • Spend $4000 to get $10 with of points. No deal here.

  • Why do all these deals always come along AFTER I've bought something big off ebay :(

  • Can you link two Ebay accounts to one Flybuys account?

  • I don't recall ever registering for this (saw the past deals and never seemed to be available). However I just logged in to the URL above and it shows that it already had my flybuys number and I've already earned 163 points in the last 90 days…?? Weird.

  • Flybuys are worthless. The conversion is 2000 flybuys points to 870 velocity points. But you only get 0.5 flybuys per dollar which means the effective earn rate is 0.22 velocity points per dollar.

    I mean sure, its free. But it is so miserly.

    • I agree that they are miserly but in true OZB style I use the points to replace stuff I would have bought normally. Sure I have to spend megabucks at the supermarket to earn points - but I have to eat so I have to buy food anyhow (and I don't shop exclusively in Coles).
      So if something breaks around the house I will check if I can replace it using flybuys points.

      The selection of rewards is fairly slim though and of course the flybuys site bases the cost of items on RRP+ is equal to xxx000 points so not the true OZB value of goods which is RRP-OZB discount = true market value. In the event that you are using points and not using cash it sort of doesn't matter.

      It's a great formula actually
      RRP-OZB disount = true market value
      now if you could pay that with flybuys it would be an OZB special.

    • If you rely on their normal earn rate then you are probably doing it the wrong way. Factor in their constant promos and you are much much better off.

      e.g. a recent triple dip: $50 for 1000 pts from email + 3x pts from docket deal + $40 spend for 1000 pts from paper coupon scored 2150 flybuys worth 935 velocity pts for $50 = 18.7 velocity pts per dollar, and you could add another 150 pts if paid with Amex Plat Edge.

      • I haven't had a docket deal for about a year. I thought they fazed them out. Do you still get triple point barcodes on your dockets? I used to get 1000 points or triple points.

      • stack where I can, but often not paying that much attention!

  • Any one know if you can link more than one ebay account to flybuys
    Scanned the T&c's but didnt see anything

  • There's a 10x points offer at the moment: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/376980

  • I wonder if you can triple-dip: Cashrewards, plus 5% off code, plus earn 10X FlyBuys points..

    The PULL5 5% code is listed on the CR website, so it seems you can double-dip to get the 5% discount and 1% cashback..
    I cant see any exclusion saying you cant use a cashback site or discount code when earning FB points.

  • I bought an item for $140 on eBay after linking accounts. A later smaller sale on eBay has resulted in FlyBuys but not this first transaction. The seller sent me a private offer which I accepted. Does this not track?

  • does anyone know if the points are rewarded based on the original price or discounted price?
    eg. $1000 item with 20% discount, for example using current PAMPER20 code = $800.
    Will the points awarded based on $1000 (i.e. 500 points) or $800 (i.e. 400 points)?

  • Anyone getting CR/Qantas/velocity as well as flybuys?