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expired DDR3 1GB Notebook Memory $7.5 + Shipping @BudgetPC [Out of Stock]


Samsung DDR3-1066 SODIMM 1GB Notebook Memory
Shipping to nationwide: $2 up to 3 unit, Pick-up available

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    Is this 1066 or 1333?


    any deals on 2GB?


    are these imac compatible?

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      is an imac a notebook?

      oh wait sorry, its written in pc language

      i meant, is an imac a macbook? this is "macbook" ram


        New generation imacs, use laptop ram. You probably think imacs are still using PowerPC architectures.
        Your attempt backfired, horrendously.

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          Ah, I miss the PowerPC…now that was solid real 'Apple' hardware! Intel macs are just bland IMHO. You might as well just save some money & buy outdated PC hardware upfront & run Hackintosh on it; again, IMHO! :p

          I miss my old Power Mac 6100/66 with the Intel 486dx66 daughtercard…hot switchable by keyboard, running simultaneously…damn, Apple was on a roll then! :)

          What do we have now, Steve Jobs the flim-flam man! :(


          Yeah, I remember using an iMac G5. The funny thing is that the G5 felt faster than the i3s they currently sell. Apple did a fat marketing stunt saying the core 2 duo was faster, but I very much doubt it actually was.


          Agreed, IMHO when they switched architecture they of course picked up the bloated x86 code to go along with it…PPC RISC code was speedy, lean & svelte; and apps were tiny compared to x86/64 equivalents…now the two fat cops are neck & neck waddling outside the donut shop! ;)

          I'm sure Jobs occasionally forgets his lines and breaks into "monorail, monorail, monorail!" :p

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          • Steve Ballmer

    OUT OF STOCK..please change the title thanks

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